SEC Bloggers Week Five Review
Week Five under the gun
Week Five under the gun
Posted Oct 4, 2010

Each Monday, CFN's SEC Bloggers put the previous weekend under the microscope, looking for the Lucky 7

BG is Billy Gomila, BH is Brian Harbach, GH is Gabe Harris , RM is Russ Mitchell, and BS is Barrett Sallee.

BG: Stevan Ridley; RB, LSU – 123 yards and a TD. Imagine what he could do if you really rode him, Gary Crowton.
BH: Jeremiah Masoli; QB, Ole Miss – You have to give the guy credit when it is due, he totaled 4 TDs against Kentucky .
GH: Stevan Ridley; RB, LSU – Scored the game-winning TD in spite of Les Miles and Gary Crowton's worst/best efforts.
RM: Stevan Ridley; RB, LSU – By default; who else are you taking? Can't take Hartline or Cobb – they lost. Masoli was hit/miss. Lee did nicely off the bench with completion % and final drive, but still 0 TDs, 1 INT. And you can't take anyone from Bama's O.
BS: Stevan Ridley; RB, LSU – An LSU player has to be listed in this category at some point, right? Ridley's 123-yard, one TD performance might be the highlight of the season for the Tiger O.

BG: Nick Reveiz; LB, Tennessee – Made plays all over the field and led UT's efforts.
BH: Courtney Upshaw; LB, Alabama – Every time there was a big play on D it seemed that Upshaw was the man responsible.
GH: Courtney Upshaw; LB, Alabama – 4 TFL's, 2 pass breakups, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery. ‘Nuff said.
RM: Mark Barron; S, Alabama – Check the Box Score – Bama won that game with some nasty, dominating D, and Barron led the charge with 11 tackles (9 solo), one for a sack, and 2 pass breakups. Plus a whole can of whipass.
BS: Courtney Upshaw; LB, Alabama – 4 TFL's in the win over Florida, when Bama was averaging 3 TFL's as a team coming in.

BG: Jesse Grandy; PR, Ole Miss – The Rebel O needed all the help Kentucky could give them, but its own ST set them up with a key return.
BH: Jesse Grandy; PR, Ole Miss Special teams means a lot in a close game and his 73 yarder was just what the Rebels needed.
GH: Jesse Grandy; PR, Ole Miss – Flipped the field on a huge PR in a one score game. Also threw in 39 KR yards, 24 yards rushing and 9 receiving.
RM: Jesse Grandy ; PR, Ole Miss – I hate it when we all agree. (Nod to Kentucky's punter R. Tydlacka – 4 boots for 202 yards (50.2 avg), with 2 of those downed inside the 20.)
BS: Jesse Grandy; PR, Ole Miss – 73-yard punt return to the Kentucky 7-yard-line sets up TD to put Rebs up 12.

BG: Houston Nutt – It wasn't pretty, but he kept his team's emotion up and the Rebels fought back when Kentucky struck early.
BH: Nick Saban – Two different coaching approaches in this game; Alabama was prepared and it showed play after play.
GH: Nick Saban/Kirby Smart – Alabama was prepared for everything FL did, exemplified by Smart calling out to his D that the ill-fated jump pass on the Gator's first drive was coming.
RM: Nick Saban – Again, who else? Nutt? For squeaking past Kentucky at home? Miles or Dooley, just for the entertainment value? Saban's D scheme dominated the Gators, and as per form, he wouldn't allow his O the chance to make mistakes.
BS: Nick Saban – One step ahead of Urban Meyer throughout the entire game.

BG: Tennessee at LSU – Like you ever imagined you'd see an ending like that.
BH: Kentucky at Ole Miss – Two teams in desperate need of a win and it showed with a highly contested game.
GH: Georgia at Colorado – Exciting game that went down to the wire between two teams that needed a win against a quality opponent; though it's questionable whether or not UGA is.
RM: Tennessee at LSU – Exciting right up to the last second. And then one. (Looks like Miles found that second he lost in Oxford last year.)
BS: Georgia at Colorado – Back-n-forth nail-biter went down to the last 2 mins. I would pick Tennessee at LSU, but nobody really "won" that game.

BG: LSU – Admit it, you never thought Les Miles would top the ending to the 2009 Ole Miss game, did you?
BH: Urban Meyer – Mailed it in against Alabama by making zero adjustments during the week for a very strong Tide team.
GH: Urban Meyer – The jump pass on 4th down told us Meyer was desperate, and did not think his team could play Alabama straight up.
RM: Florida – Offense and Defense. And coaching for that matter. Shockingly poor. Check out the Box Score in this one, folks; disgraceful that the Gators were so dominated in a contest where Bama's offense was relatively pedestrian. (Nod to Bama's amazing D – how can it be this dominating and still nearly last in the country in Sacks?).
BS: Ole Miss – The Rebs live and die on emotion; when things are going right, they can be competitive.

BG: Florida – Watching John Brantley in that offense gives me flashbacks to Chris Leak – a square peg of a solid passing QB getting hammered into the round hole of an option O . No TDs despite multiple red zone appearances vs. Alabama .
BH: Derek Dooley – The refs didn't cheat you, you screwed up… Shake your opponents hand at midfield and complain off the field. Vols should be embarrassed by that mistake, and by the actions of their coach.
GH: Colorado's fans storming the field – You thought I'd say the ending to LSU-UT, didn't you? CO must have really fallen far to storm the field after beating a 1-4 team. It's D-1 Football! Go play intramurals, brother.
RM: Jeff Brantley – It wasn't horrific, but you gotta do better than that, son. Particularly this season, this team, needs you to do better. (Nod to Dooley for not shaking hands at midfield; poor form, coach.)
BS: LSU's coaching staff – When is a win not a win? When you're LSU. What a complete joke of a coaching staff Les Miles and Co. have become.

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