SEC Bloggers Week Thirteen Review
Week Thirteen under the gun
Week Thirteen under the gun
Posted Nov 29, 2010

Each Monday, CFN's SEC Bloggers put the previous weekend under the microscope, looking for the Lucky 7

BG is Billy Gomila, BH is Brian Harbach, GH is Gabe Harris , RM is Russ Mitchell, and BS is Barrett Sallee.

BG: Greg McElroy; QB, Alabama – He admittedly fell apart down the stretch (along with the rest of his team), but his final home game was the game of Greg McElroy's life for three quarters.
BH: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn – With so much on the line, Auburn put its BCS hopes in Newton's arm and not his legs… And he delivered once again.
GH: Cameron Newton; QB, Auburn – Wrapped up the Heisman Trophy as he led Auburn to an Iron Bowl victory for the ages.
RM: Knile Davis; RB, Arkansas – Minus two bonehead mistakes by the usually stout Tiger secondary, Ryan Mallett had an off day Saturday. If not for Davis' performance, particularly in the 2H, LSU might have picked off another game it didn't richly deserve. 30 carries for 152 yards, plus a TD. And a likely Sugar Bowl invitation.
BS: Knile Davis; RB, Arkansas – For the second straight week, Davis gets my vote. Arkansas has been has gone from great to phenomenal since he took over as the every-down running back.

BG: Jerico Nelson; LB, Arkansas – Was everywhere on defense for the Razorbacks.
BH: Nick Fairley; DT, Auburn – Fairley's performance was unstoppable this weekend as he racked up sacks, forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, and other mayhem in the Tide backfield.
GH: Nick Fairley; DL, Auburn – Wrapped up SEC Defensive POY as he once again controlled the line and caused the red zone sack/fumble (and recovery!) that kept Auburn within striking distance.
RM: Nick Fairley; DL, Auburn – Without question the most undeserving unsportsmanlike penalty I've witnessed in years. Given what was at stake, it was significantly worse than the excessive celebration calls in the UGA/LSU game last season.
BS: Nick Fairley ; DT, Auburn – Fairley didn't let the bogus first quarter unsportsmanlike conduct call alter his game. Dude's a monster.

BG: Patrick Peterson; KR/PR, LSU – It was a for-better-or-worse situation, but Peterson kept LSU in quality field position most of the day against Arkansas.
BH: Patrick Peterson; KR/PR, LSU – Why anyone continues to kick to Peterson is beyond me… Might be smarter just to kick the ball out of bounds, then you know it can be no worse than the 40.
GH: Ryan Shoemaker; P, Auburn – I'm going off grid with this pick, but as bad as AU's punting has been this year, Shoemaker came up with his best game on the biggest stage yet. Up only one point, his last punt that pinned Alabama inside the 20 was huge.
RM: Patrick Peterson; KR/PR, LSU – He made some mistakes at CB, but as a P/KOR, he alone is worth the price of admission. Going to sell a few jerseys at the next level…
BS: Spencer Lanning; PK/P, South Carolina – Made 3-of-4 field goal attempts and pinned Clemson inside the 20 four times.

BG: Gene Chizik – As bad as that start was for Auburn, Chizik kept his charges ready to take off once Alabama gave them the opportunity.
BH: Gene Chizik – It hurts sometimes to be wrong but most Auburn fans are thrilled to be proven wrong about the hiring of Chizik..
GH: Gene Chizik – Won the biggest Iron Bowl since the early 1990s (at least) and continues his amazing run of great halftime adjustments.
RM: Bobby Petrino – As long as Auburn takes care of business, Arkansas is likely playing in its first BCS game with the complete game victory over LSU. Nicely coached in almost all facets.
BS: Ted Roof - Despite having stats that make you cringe, Auburn's defense has stood tall and won games for the Tigers at least five times this year. Saturday's performance in the second half vs. Alabama was amazing, and the credit goes to Roof for making the proper adjustments.

5. BEST GAME OF THE WEEK: Auburn vs. Alabama
BG: Auburn vs. Alabama – A heroic comeback or a heroic choke-job? It all depends on your point of view.
BH: Auburn vs. Alabama – The Comeback or the Collapse… It depends what color your visor is.
GH: Auburn vs. Alabama – I can't add anything that hasn't already been written, but this was probably the National Game of the Year. It also drew the highest TV rating of any game this season.
RM: Auburn vs. Alabama – Shouldn't take you more than a heartbeat to figure this one out.
BS: Auburn vs. Alabama - With so much on the line for both teams, the 28-27 Auburn win will go down in Iron Bowl history as one of the all-timers.

BG: LSU's Defense – Two 80-yard touchdowns given up by the same safety. Wowsers.
BH: Georgia not taking a knee – In what has been years of questionable coaching in Athens… Paul Johnson almost got one over on Richt by allowing a touchdown late in the fourth to get the ball back.
GH: Auburn's 24 point comeback – The largest comeback in Auburn history and the largest collapse in Alabama's. That this was against the defending National Champions to break a 20-game home winning streak, AND might propel Auburn to Glendale, is an amazing twist in this historic rivalry.
RM: Vandy losing to Wake – Yes, it's been a long season for the Dores, and we have been riding them as hard as they have deserved it. But this still is an SEC team, with close to SEC talent. Playing at home! Against a Wake Forest program that had lost NINE STRAIGHT! Wake's only two wins came in early September to Presbyterian (we're not making that up) and Duke. Vandy closes the book on 2010 with seven straight losses. We have been an advocate for keeping Caldwell, but this was a particularly poor November, Turkey-man. And resigning before the game takes the focus off the seniors… Just an ugly finish all around. (Nod to UT's Tyler Bray. 1,537 yards are a Vol Freshman record. 4-0 as a starter. Yes, but 4-0 is still 4-0. Looking forward to seeing him in 2011 – hopefully a bit thicker.)
BS: Robbie Caldwell resigning - SEC Media Days won't be the same without the turkey inseminator…unless Vandy hires Mike Leach. In that case, it will be even better (and weirder).

BG: Alabama – A near-perfect first-half explosion, a near-perfect second-half collapse. The Tide played as though they knew defeat was inevitable.
BH: Alabama – There are few worse ways to lose a game than what Alabama experienced Friday. The Tide coached "not to lose" instead of "to win", though Saban has done this before in big games (2009 and 2003 National Championship game second halves).
GH: LSU's defense – Not for their total defense but for the last play of the first half. There is no reason to go for a knockout blow, just make the tackle and go to the locker room.
RM: LSU's secondary – From Peterson blowing the chuck on Hamilton's first TD (85 yards), to not having a prevent defense set with 0:06 to go in the first half (80 yard TD)… There is enough blame on the defense to go around, and the offense failed to convert on several opportunities. But those 14 points at the end of the first half enabled the Razorbacks to play with the upper hand throughout the second.
BS: Florida's offense - Under offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, the Gator offense is about as predictable as the sunrise. It's sad.

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