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Stream-of-Consciousness - 2011 Rose Bowl
Wisconsin RB John Clay
Wisconsin RB John Clay
Posted Jan 1, 2011

The BCS Championship is obviously the most important game of the bowl season, but the 2011 Rose Bowl could be the most intriguing. Can TCU hold up against the big, bad, Badgers? How will the return of John Clay help the already nasty Wisconsin offense? Check out Pete Fiutak's play-by-play, quarter by quarter analysis of the 2011 Rose Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Rose Bowl - Wisconsin vs. TCU

By Pete Fiutak

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- Let’s get this straight from the start. This isn’t David vs. Goliath. This isn’t Us against The World. This isn’t going to be an upset or a shocker if TCU pulls this off. TCU IS THE FAVORITE. The betting public obviously sees something in this game, even if it just seems like the big, bad, Badgers are too much, too big and too good. TCU was in a BCS game last year and was within a Texas field goal of probably playing Alabama for the national title. Wisconsin was in the Champs Sports Bowl.

- TCU isn’t exactly tiny on the defensive front, but many keep making it out to seem like the front four is full of beanpoles. Nose tackle Cory Grant is 305 pounds, end Stansly Maponga is 260 pounds, and end Wayne Daniels is 250 pounds. TCU isn’t huge up front, but it’s normal.

- Going into this game, I’m not 100% convinced that the winner might not be the best team in America. With the way the Big Ten is sucking in the bowls today, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of a statement is made by the winner.

- Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, and Penn State … Wisconsin, the entire weight of the Big Ten is on your shoulders.

- The key matchup to watch: Wisconsin DE J.J. Watt against TCU OT Marcus Cannon. This is an NFL tryout for both players as the high-energy Watt has to avoid getting engulfed by the 6-6, 350-pound Cannon. TCU QB Andy Dalton can’t get time to throw.

- What kind of shape is John Clay in? He doesn’t have to handle the ball 30 times, but it’ll be interesting to see how the coaching staff uses him in the rotation.

- Badger QB Scott Tolzien is the nation’s most accurate quarterback. He has to hit on a few early passes to keep Tank Carder and the Horned Frog linebackers from teeing off on the ground game.

- The Outback Bowl is good enough for ABC, but the Rose gets stuck on cable? Yes, ESPN, there is a difference between network and cable, and it does matter from a prestige factor. What is my local ABC affiliate showing instead of the Rose Bowl? The American Athlete, with Byron Allen. No, Love American Style, with Skip Stephenson, isn’t coming on after.

- Oh will you STOP with the “we’re representing the little guy crap,” TCU? No, you’re not. Boise State already won a BCS game. Utah has won two. Hawaii got to a BCS game. There are ten BCS slots now and a non-BCS team is almost always going to get in.

- I didn’t think it was in good taste that Andy Dalton tried to throw a ham to 2011 Rose Bowl Parade Grand Marshal, Paula Deen.