2011 Rose Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 1st Quarter
Wisconsin RB Montee Ball
Wisconsin RB Montee Ball
Posted Jan 1, 2011

What more could you want from a first quarter? Both offenses rolled up and down the field, Andy Dalton was unstoppable, as the TCU attack moved at will, and the Badgers beat up the Horned Frog defensive front as the offensive line dominated on its first few chances. Check out the first quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Rose Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Rose Bowl - 1st Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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Wisconsin on its own 31

- The Badgers need Scott Tolzien to start out throwing well. As soon as the defense loosens up a bit, the running game will work.

- Or you can just do that. Montee Ball gets the start, and the right side of the Badger line erases the TCU defensive front for a 40-yard dash.

- If the right side of the Wisconsin line is working - the left side with Gabe Carimi is better - this will be a long, long, long day for the Horned Frogs.

- Play Two, and TCU's defensive front is getting completely and totally destroyed. The TCU DBs are cheating up.

- This is Wisconsin saying, "Screw you. We're going to run the ball. Stop it."

- That 40-yard Ball dash was the biggest run TCU has allowed all year.

- Third and short, and another run. With nine men up for TCU, TE Lance Kendricks is going to be wide open whenever the Badgers ant to spring him.

- TCU is already taking chances, shooting FS Tejay Johnson into the backfield. If he doesn't make the stop, Ball walks into the end zone.

- James White barrels down to the 13. 3rd and 8 ...

- Tozien throws a dart, but Nick Toon wasn't ready for the ball and the great drive stalls.

- Philip Welch nails the field goal. Credit Tejay Johnson with four points.

Wisconsin 3 ... TCU 0

- Wisconsin's coverage team sucks. While the Badgers are trying to man up to start the game, putting the ball in Jeremy Kerley's hands would be insane.

- They get it to him and he was one step away from being gone.

TCU on its own 22

- TCU needs to return the favor. Start slugging the Badgers in the mouth with the strong ground game.

- Instead, Andy Dalton throws a quick pass to Jimmy Young for nine yards. I'm not a believer in the Badger corners in any way. They could get torched if Dalton gets time.

- Dalton runs for 11 yards as the TCU offensive line doesn't some pushing of its own.

- UW's Devin Smith gets nailed for pass interference. The defense is 0-for-3 on doing anything to slow down the TCU offense ...

- And then Louis Nzegwu stays at home and blasts Dalton on a run.

- J.J. Watt 1, Marcus Cannon 0. Watt bats down a Dalton pass when he gets free.

- And then Cannon scores one by pushing Watt around, Dalton gets time, and a 3rd-and-10 is converted to Jimmy Young.

- This isn't the Dalton of the 2010 Fiesta Bowl. He seems far more calm and far more decisive.

- The TCU offensive line is doing a great job so far. Dalton isn't getting breathed on.

- Watt forces a false start.

- Dalton gets time to throw again, and Dalton throws another strike to Young. This has shades of the Michigan State game for the Badgers with the way the efficient passer is converting on third down chances.

- Meanwhile, the Badger offense is on the sidelines with six minutes left in the quarter.

- Helped by a hold that wasn't called as Nzegwu was tackled, Dalton gets time and connects with Bart Johnson for a score. That was a brilliant, brilliant drive by Dalton.

TCU 7, Wisconsin 3

- Kerley is the star returner, but Wisconsin's David Gilreath is dangerous, too.

Wisconsin on is own 32

- The Badgers have to be patient. The running game has to keep pounding away to keep the body blows coming.

- It's all about the pass rush for these two quarterbacks. Tolzien drops back, bounces, pats the ball, and fires to Kendrick for a first down.

- As Kirk Herbstreit keeps pointing out, TCU is slipping all over the place.

- John Clay checks in, TCU focuses on crowding the line, and Tolzien makes him pay with a great throw ...

- Twice. The play action freezes the TCU linebackers and Bradie Ewing is wide open for a big play down to the one.

- The nation's No. 1 defense doesn't have an answer.

- John Clay, touchdown. A bowling ball through tissue paper.

- How awesome is this first quarter? These are two true heavyweight powerhouse teams.

Wisconsin 10 ... TCU 7 

- Wisconsin is going to figure this out. YOU DON'T LET KERLEY HAVE THE BALL. He gets it and tears it to almost midfield.

TCU on its own 41

- Wisconsin has to start getting more creative on its pass rush. The UW corners don't have it, and Niles Brinkley just showed why getting beaten on a double move for a big pass play down to the 13.

- I know Dalton is a runner, but TCU needs to get Ed Wesley and the backs involved. The Horned Frogs can't afford to lose their star.

- Traditionally, Wisconsin has never done well against good spread attacks and smart quarterbacks. The Badgers aren't even close.

- The Badgers haven't even come close to coming up with a stop ...

- Dalton runs for a score. He is playing at a special level right now and Wisconsin needs to try something different. Watt is getting fooled.

TCU 14 ... Wisconsin 10

Wisconsin on its own 23

- And right back at it. The Badgers run Ball to the left side and he cranks out five yards.

- You can't ask for a better, more fun start.

FIRST QUARTER: TCU 14 ... Wisconsin 10