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2011 Rose Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 2nd Quarter
TCU QB Andy Dalton
TCU QB Andy Dalton
Posted Jan 1, 2011

The game settled down a little bit in the second quarter with Wisconsin going on a long, sustained scoring drive at the end of the half. TCU only got the ball once and stalled, but the Badgers still pulled out the stops (with a fake punt). Check out the second quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Rose Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Rose Bowl - 2nd Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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- TCU's defensive line is on its back. That whole speedy, aggressive thing isn't working as the Badger backs are getting ten-mile wide holes to run through.

- Even so, TCU is doing just enough to force third downs. Both defenses have been awful, but TCU has at least been close. Wisconsin's hasn't shown a thing.

- 3rd and 3 and Ball looks like he's a yard short. If you're Wisconsin, and this is your O line, and this is your attitude, of course you go for it on the TCU 45.

- Clay dives over the top and gets it with ease, but for the first time, TCU wins the battle up front.

- It wouldn't be a bad thing for Wisconsin to slow things down.

- Oooooooh. Tolzien panicked. He had James White wide open on a wheel route and over shot him. That could've gone the distance.

- Yeeeeeeesh. Center Peter Konz just pantsed LB Tank Carder and Ball wasn't touched for nine yards.

- At this point, TCU has to sell out with the safeties and take chances. The Badger O line can do this all day.

- Wisconsin doesn't turn the ball over, but it almost screwed up with Tolzien dropping the ball.

- Sheer hubris runs amok. On 2nd and 11, the Badgers run wide and Carder blows the play up forcing 3rd and 12.

- Interesting. Tolzien hits Isaac Anderson for ten yards, but Bret Bielema goes for the 39-yard field goal instead of going for it ...

- Welch yanks it.

- The Badgers are flinching.

TCU on its own 23

- OOOOH. Dalton got away with one. He had all day to throw and he made a poor decision trying to put it in between double coverage and it could've and should've been picks.

- Where's Jeremy Kerley?

- Asked and answered. TCU throws a little screen to Kerley but the Badgers have it sniffed out.

- A stop? A real, live stop? 

- I love Brent Musburger. He almost fired out a "You are looking liiiiive" at the gut of TCU P Anson Kenton.

- Crap. My New Year's Resolution to be Kevin James free has just been broken.

Wisconsin on its own 34

- Ooops. Nice Nike ad for the Cleats that Slip. TCU has to start taping or has to change their shoes in a hurry.

- 3rd and 4 and the game is being put in the hands of Tolzien.

- WR Nick Toon is finally healthy, but he's off. He should've made the play to get the first down.

- DO ... NOT ... KICK ... THE ... BALL ... TO ... KERLEY.

- False start on Wisconsin, but it looked like Brad Nortman was about to fake it. TCU was releasing everyone, and the Badgers might have just tipped their hand. Did the TCU coaches catch this?

- Nope. The Horned Frog coaching staff up in the booth just blew it. The only rushed one guy and he was a sitting duck as three Badgers erased him. Nortman rumbled for the first down. Great, great run. He had to make a move and a hop to get the first down.

- Does this pump the Badgers back up? The TCU defense is starting to win its share of battles.

- Tank Carder fought through the trash and blew up the play. UW offensive coordinator Paul Chryst will take advantage of this with Kendrick soon enough, but it's not going to happen on third downs.

- It was called an incomplete pass, but Toon made a phenomena grab that needs to be reviewed. The ball did hit the ground but only after he made the grab. That has to be overturned. The hand hit first.

- The college football version of instant replay is so vastly superior to the NFL version. They got the call right.

- Tolzien is waiting way too long for the plays to develop, and he has got to get rid of that little ball-pat thing before he gets a look in an NFL camp.

- This is the drive the Badgers need. It's not exactly rolling, but it's taking time off the clock.

- The Badger O line give Tolzien ten days to throw, and he lets it rip for a first down play.

- The TCU linebackers are starting to dominate. The Badger O line is killing the TCU defensive front, but they're not laying a hat on Carder.

- Don't ignore the length of this drive. The Badger ran out the clock in the first half with TCU only getting the ball once. 

- Field goal.

SECOND QUARTER SCORE: TCU 14 ... Wisconsin 13