2011 Rose Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 3rd Quarter
TCU RB Matthew Tucker
TCU RB Matthew Tucker
Posted Jan 1, 2011

TCU was able to increase its lead and held on as Wisconsin moved the ball, but couldn't come up with any points. Field position has been a problem for the Badgers thanks to some brilliant special teams play from the Horned Frogs. It all sets up for what should be a fantastic fourth quarter. Check out the third quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Rose Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Rose Bowl - 3rd Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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- The Badger had the ball for over 21 minutes in the first half.

- The Badgers blew it by going into the locker room with time outs in their pocket.

- Andy Dalton accounted for 140 of 141 of TCU's yards.

- And enough of that. Wisconsin doesn't go deep to Jeremy Kerley and goes short.

TCU on its own 30

- TCU, it's time to introduce Ed Wesley to the game.

- Exactly what TCU didn't want, starting with a false start and a short pass to Kerley that didn't work.

- NOOOO!!! No. No. No. No. No. The flag was thrown on Devin Smith on pass interference but Kerley fell down. The ball was uncatchable, but the Badgers got hosed by a poor call without the ball sailing into the third row.

- That's the biggest break of the game so far, and TCU has to take advantage.

- Why is TCU getting away from what worked in the first quarter?

- Dalton hooks up with Wesley, Niles Brinkley makes a miserable attempt at a tackle, and it goes for huge yards.

- Dalton isn't missing. He's making every throw and he's making every right read on the option. It's this simple: He's beating the Badgers.

- TCU gets physical and Luke Shivers barrels in for a score. Six plays for 71 yards, but it was all sparked by the poor penalty. The Badgers lost their mojo after that.

- The all-timer of a bad day for the Big Ten could get a whole bunch worse if Wisconsin's defense doesn't come up with something else in the bag.

- J.J. Watt, the second half has started.

TCU 21 ... Wisconsin 13

- By the way, Wheel of Fortune is about to come on my local ABC station.

- Disastrous. David Gilreath can't control the ball and he gets dropped deep in Badger territory on the kickoff. Making matters worse, there's an illegal block in the back starting the drive inside the five.

- No pressure, offense. Score, or else you're going to be down two scores the next time Dalton gets the ball in his hands.

- One thing has been made very, very, very clear. No way, no how would Wisconsin have had any chance against Cam Newton or Oregon's spread attack.

Wisconsin on its own 4

- If there's any team in America you'd want starting a drive like this, it's Wisconsin.

- Montee Ball hammers for five and a first down. It's interesting that John Clay isn't getting the nod in a key spot like this.

- It almost seems like Wisconsin is setting things up for one big pass play. TCU is sending EVERYONE into the backfield and soon Tolzien has to go over the top.

- Tolzien is a stone cold killer. He's a fearless passer as he and Nick Toon are hot. Toon was locked on over the last two plays by TCU, and Tolzien threaded the needle, including a brilliant, ballsy throw for an 18-yard play against TCU's best corner, Jason Teague.

- Someone's way, way overdue for a turnover.

- Now James White comes in. Clay has four carries for 12 yards. Is he being saved for the fourth quarter when the O needs to drop a hammer?

- And there's the deep ball and it just misses. PHENOMENAL play by TCU's Greg McCoy to break it up from Toon.

- Again, Wisconsin is bleeding the clock. This is the only thing stopping the TCU offense, but the rested UW defense has to take advantage.

- The TCU D has to hold up after ...

- OOOOOOOFFFFF!!! Tank Carder destroys Tolzien who never saw him coming. TCU needed a third down stop, and it got it. Now it's time to drop the hammer.

- Wisconsin defense, the Rose Bowl probably comes down to this drive.

TCU on its own 18

- Wisconsin sniffed out the first down play, had it dead, and Ed Wesley made something happen on his own for a nine-yard play.

- The Badgers HAVE to make plays when their in the position.

- Dalton is human. That might be the first misread he has made all game log, but it's still 3rd and 1.

- Wow. Jay Valai lit up Wesley, but it was still a first down. The Badger D is playing a bit saltier, but TCU is still moving the ball.

- 1st and 15, and Dalton is bleeding the Badgers to death. If he played like this against Boise State, TCU would be on a 27-game winning streak.

- Again, someone is way overdue for a turnover. Dalton is too sharp, but the game has been overdue for someone to screw up.

- Finally, Wisconsin comes up with a stop with Dalton having nowhere to go on a third down play. Watt gets held and Wisconsin forces a punt.

- The little things. The TCU special teams pin the Badgers deep with a brilliant job done by the coverage teams.

Wisconsin on its own 2

- Wisconsin gets cute going to a pass play without Lance Kendricks, who's in the locker room getting an IV. Nice idea, but it didn't work.

- Considering Montee Ball used to have fumbling problems, it's impressive that he's getting such critical carries deep in its own end zone.

- Now the first down call is a big mistake as the Badgers come up a yard short. Now Kerley is going to get a shot.

- Tremendous punt by Brad Nortman to get the team out of a jam

TCU on its own 36

- TCU is mixing it up so nicely. Wisconsin is guessing, and it's guessing wrong.

- Neither team took over in the third quarter, but TCU appears ready to deliver a knockout punch on this drive.

THIRD QUARTER SCORE: TCU 21 ... Wisconsin 13