2011 Rose Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 4th Quarter
TCU LB Tank Carder
TCU LB Tank Carder
Posted Jan 1, 2011

Wisconsin imposed its will late in the game with John Clay rumbling on a brutal scoring drive, but Tank Carder came up with the tipped pass on the two point conversion to save the game and give the Horned Frogs the Rose Bowl win. Check out the fourth quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Rose Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Rose Bowl - 4th Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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TCU on its own 49

- The Badgers need to get pressure on Dalton. After three quarters, the linebackers aren't making the right decisions on the short passes.

- That's what TCU can't do. Penalties could be the one thing that slows this down.

- ANOTHER new look for the TCU offense. The Pistol formation didn't work, but the coaching staff is mixing it up extremely well.

- That was almost the break the Badgers needed. Dalton made a wrong read, and Conor O'Neill would've had the pick if he didn't get hit by his own man.

- The Badgers can't get a break on field position. TCU P Anson Kelton is having a special game.

Wisconsin on its own 10

- There's still 13:13 left. This is when Wisconsin has start pounding and pounding some more to see if TCU's defensive front is getting worn down. This should be John Clay time.

- And it is. Here comes the rested and ready hammer.

- Kendricks is back in.

- Tolzien is taking a beating. He keeps getting up without a problem, but he's taking some monster shots.

- 3rd and ten deep in his own territory, Tolzien can't take any chances.

- He gets time and he finds David Gilreath for the first down. Great throw.

- The deep ball isn't there because the TCU corners are all over the patterns. Gilreath couldn't get free.

- Tolzien might be deadly accurate, but why are the Badgers throwing it? The ground game wasn't being stopped cold, and now it's 3rd and ten.

- Three throws, and that's the drive. That's inexcusable for an offense that can run like this.

TCU on its own 27

- Ed Wesley is out.

- Busted play and Wisconsin pounces. With the way the defense is playing, there's no reason to take any chances.

- 3rd and 8, this is UW's chance to finally get decent field position.

- And Dalton puts an end to that. No pass rush, Dalton gets a lane, and he has an easy pitch and catch to Kerley.

- TCU can grind out a little bit of clock now.

- But the Badger defense makes two big plays and forces a punt. With just over seven minutes left, Wisconsin has to bring the A material or TCU is going to grind it out.

Wisconsin on its own 23

- Clay just ran like a back who has been missing carrying the ball for the last two months. The Badger offensive line is coming up with some serious hits.

- And there goes Clay on a 30-yard dash into the open field. This is the drive when the UW offense is saying enough is enough.

- Disastrous. Just as the offense is on a roll and the TCU D is on its heels, Wisconsin has to take a time out.

- Huge fan of the Verizon ad remix of Bust a Move.

- Running wide on TCU hasn't worked all day. What would the Badgers try now?

- 3rd and 6. TCU, don't get caught napping against the run.

- Tolzien hooks up with Kendricks for the first down, and the Badgers caught a bit of a break as Gilreath comes up with a block in the back that should've been called. The penalty breaks have no evened out.

- It almost seems like there's a bit more energy when Clay is in.

- The Badgers need to hurry this up a bit. They still need to go for two even if they score, and with just one time out left and under four minutes to play, TCU will end this if it has the ball with a two point lead.

- 1st and goal, watch out for Kendricks.

- With 2:40 to play, if UW doesn't get a TD and the two, then it's onside kick time.

- Ball comes in with fresh legs for a slippery two point conversion with two minutes to play. Now, do you put Clay in to give TCU the thought of a running play?

- Tank Carder bats down the ball. If he doesn't Tolzien had a wide open target for two. Now it all comes down to an onside kick.

- There are a lot of people out there who have no problems with Wisconsin being down by fewer than 2.5 points.

TCU 21 ... Wisconsin 19

TCU on the Wisconsin 45

- It never had a chance. The ball popped up way too far and the Badgers didn't get a shot.

- And thus ends the Big Ten's all-timer of a disastrous day.

- Wisconsin uses its final timeout with 1:52 to play. At best, Wisconsin will probably have the ball inside its 20 with about 25 seconds to play.

- No, no, NO! Brent, TCU isn't a "little guy," at least as far as a football program.

- In a game that was supposed to feature the best offensive line in the country, Wisconsin's, it was TCU's offensive line that blasted away on 3rd and four for the first down and the Rose Bowl.

- No, TCU isn't going to be in the national title discussion. If it had blown away the Badgers, it would've been different.

FINAL SCORE: TCU 21 ... Wisconsin 19