2011 Sugar Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 1st Quarter
Ohio State WR Dane Sanzenbacher
Ohio State WR Dane Sanzenbacher
Posted Jan 4, 2011

Amazingly enough, the first quarter is over in a Big Ten-SEC game, and the Big Ten isn't down by three scores. Ohio State is looking great on offense, but the defense is struggling a bit to keep Ryan Mallett and the Hog offense in check. Check out the first quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

22011 Sugar Bowl - 1st Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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- How do you know you've made it as an official big-time head coach? You don't need to wear a pass around your neck. Petrino has one, Tressel doesn't.

Arkansas on its own 20

- Hogs, start bombing away from the start. OSU is coming into this game fired up about its pass defense. Take away its will right away.

- Buckeyes, get to Ryan Mallett. Now. Breathe on him and he'll misfire. Give him time and he'll go ballistic ...

- OOHHHHHH. Mallett gets time and he hits Joe Adams right in the hands. Adams would've been gone.

- Great sign, though, for the Hogs. Thank you, Mr. Cowboy, I'll take it under advisement, hit it again.

- Todd Blackledge isn't quite right in saying that OSU hasn't faced a quarterback as good as Mallett. Talent-wise, yeah, but Wisconsin's Scott Tolzien did with the Johnny U.

- Mallett gets time again, he hits another receiver right in the hands, and Julian Horton drops it.

- No, Julian, you can't complain about a late hit when you drop the ball.

- Welcome to the new group, Mallett and the New Year's Receiving Corps. This group drops more balls than Times Square ... BING, POW.

- And there it is. Ohio State lightly passed by Mallett and he bounce passed a throw.

- Fortunately for Ryan, they play flag football in the NFL.

- "Uncomfortable throws," as Blackledge just termed them, are what the NFL is all about.

Ohio State on its own 26

- OSU tries to hammer is with Dan Herron from the start. Terrelle Pryor sold the fake well ... BING, POW.

- Arkansas, force Pryor to roll to his left. He'll throw back across his body and will hang it up nice and easy for you.

- Is Arkansas DE Jake Bequette lining up offsides? The officials don't seem to care.

- Pryor's NFL throwing mechanics make Tim Tebow look like Tom Brady.

- Arkansas has to tackle better. The defenders can't seem to get their hands on Herron.

- See, Wisconsin, you CAN run the ball over and over again if it's working.

- Arkansas, get OSU in third and longs and you'll have a good day.

- Michigan, if you're really going to deny the reports that RichRod is fired, how can you can him now?

- Third and nine and Pryor glides like he's ...


- Dane Sanzenbacher falls on it in the end zone for a Buckeye TD. Ohio State, Big Ten, this might be your day.

- Does Arkansas LB Tenarius Wright get credit for a forced fumble on his own guy?

- Sanzenbacher's whacked out helmet hair is exactly what I look like from roughly September 1 to three days from now.

Ohio State 7 ... Arkansas 0

- So, the chicks are ticked that the alien chicks dare want to schmeplicate with their males, they're ticked that the males leave to save the planet, and then they're ready to party once they leave just because they get some beer? Could happen.

- Fortunately, ABC is allowing America the privilege of watching Detroit 1-8-7 instead of one of the biggest college football games of the season.

- Did Drew Basil do that on purpose? Did he miss? It looked like OSU tried to pop it up for a pseudo onside kick. That's sheer hubris run amok on Tressel

- You pull a stunt like that and your defense had better hold.

Arkansas on its own 49

- Welcome to the Knile Davis party. Arkansas is trying to get physical, and Davis can pound as well as any back the Buckeyes have seen.

- WOW ... no, that has to come back, but what a phenomenally athletic play from D.J. Williams to roll over the OSU defender and run into the end zone. But his elbow HAD to have hit.

- Yeah, it's under review. It looked like his wrist hit.

- No man has ever picked up a hot chick in Taco Bell. Believe me, I know. But a La Bamba ...

- Check that. No hot chick has ever, or will ever, be hot for a man eating a Taco Bell burrito. I know that from experience, too.

- Yeah, it was ruled his wrist hit. It's only putting off the inevitable the way the Hog offense is moving.

- WHAT A THROW. Mallett gets time and he lofts up a perfect toss in the bucket, and Adams scorches Travis Howard for a score. That will be on Mallett's NFL highlight reel.

- The word you're looking for, OSU fans, is yeeeeeesh.

- It takes a special kind of dork to make a sign and hold it up to a game while wearing a plastic pig on your head. Spelling his name Mallet takes it to another level.

Arkansas 7 ... Ohio State 7

Ohio State on its own 31

- With time to throw, watch Mallett and then watch Pryor. I know he can run, but Pryor has 19 miles to go before he's ready to think about the NFL.

- Third and ten. Cue the clown music ...

- Dork on me. Pryor makes a terrific play to scramble to find Jake Stoneburner for a first down.

- OSU is doing a nice job of mixing it up, but there's no reason to not stick with Herron and the ground game.

- The Hogs have the entire secondary sitting on DeVier Posey's head.

- Pryor is on. He gets time, Sanzenbacher gets open, and No. 2 throws a dart.

- OSU is playing relatively up-tempo. This isn't Tressel Ball.

- What a freaking block by Justin Boren. The OSU left guard just obliterated the Hog DT so Herron could walk into the end zone.

- In the be careful what you wish for department, Arkansas wanted to play OSU with Pryor, Herron, Posey, and Mike Adams. 

Ohio State 14 ... Arkansas 7

Arkansas on its own 9

- The Hogs get pushed back on a penalty. All that means is more yards for Mallett to crank out.

- Keep pounding with Davis. Mallett might be the meal ticket, but OSU wasn't stopping Davis.

- OSU hasn't been close to stopping Adams. He's wide open on every play.

- The Buckeye defensive front had better get a hand on Mallett soon.

- I really, really like Davis. His cutback move to break Ross Homan's ankles will be adored by the NFL types.

- OSU DT Dexter Larimore is getting destroyed ...

- Just as I write that, No. 72 uses Mallett as a hat

- Now the Buckeye D line is humming. If it knows the pass is coming, it pins its ears back and Mallett is dead.

- Mallett is awful, AWFUL when there's even the slightest hint of a pass rush.

- Tremendous punt to put OSU down at the one. br />
-  The girl in the Don't Be Silly, Adrian Peterson ad just makes me feel like Christmas

Ohio State on its own 1

- OSU, you have a mobile quarterback who can avoid the sack. Take a shot deep with Posey.

- The Hog defensive line was able to attack and get penetration with OSU not even pretending to throw, and it forced a three-and-out.

- Terrific punt coverage to get out of a jam.

Arkansas on its own 46

- Mallett has such a fantastic arm, but he dared to test Chimdi Chekwa. Ryan, you're going to lose that battle.

- Ooooooh. Chekwa is hurt. Get ready for Travis Howard to get thrown at over and over again. SWEEP THE LEG.

- Chekwa looks like he broke his arm.

- The Hogs are killing themselves with penalties and ill-timed allowed sacks.

- It's taking everything in the bag for the Arkansas O line to keep Cameron Heyward in check.

- Wow. An SEC-Big Ten game that isn't over after 15 minutes.

FIRST QUARTER SCORE: Ohio State 14 ... Arkansas 7

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