2011 Sugar Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 2nd Quarter
Arkansas RB Knile Davis
Arkansas RB Knile Davis
Posted Jan 4, 2011

Ohio State couldn't be stopped as Terrelle Pryor was nearly perfect and the defensive front dominated Ryan Mallett and the Hog offense. Arkansas would be fine if the receivers could hang on to the ball, but that's a big if so far. Can the Hogs come back? Check out the second quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Sugar Bowl - 2nd Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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Ohio State 14 ... Arkansas 7

Arkansas on its own 44, 3rd ad 11

- Mallett isn't good in the face of a pass rush, but he's excellent at moving out of the pocket to create a throw. He found the hole with and nailed Chris Gragg for a first down.

- OSU still hasn't stopped Knile Davis. The OSU linebackers are looking stupid trying to stop him.

- Third downs don't seem to mean anything to Arkansas.

- Fourth and one ... yeah, on the OSU 30, with Davis, you go for it.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You don't drop back and thrown on 4th and 1. Not even with Mallett.

- It was batted down by Cameron Heyward. He's having a monster first half, even if the stats won't showit

Ohio State on its own 30

- Give the OSU coaching staff credit; it's being aggressive. The deep play was open, but Pryor missed him.

- But that works, too. A quick hit to tight end Reid Fragel goes down to the Arkansas 30. The Hogs weren't even close.

- All the talk was about the Arkansas offense, but the OSU attack has been crisper.

- Obviously it's hard to tell just by a television broadcast, but OSU appears to have a nastier edge than normal.

- Game-saving tackle by Rudell Crim. He shoestringed Dan Herron or it would've been another easy rushing score.

- Pryor has been uncharacteristically fantastic on third and long.

- Touchdown, and that was simply bad luck for the Hogs. Pryor was dancing, he didn't get his feet set, and he throw a beauty of a pass low and away that Dane Sanzenbacher was able to come up with for the score..

- If only Arkansas had a high-octane passing offense to possibly come up with a comeback.

Ohio State 21 ... Arkansas 7

Arkansas on its own 20

- Don't panic, Hogs. Keep mixing it up, keep going with Davis, and keep running the normal offense.

- Oooof. Joe Adams just got broken in half, but he managed to hang on to the ball on a deadly shot from Orhian Johnson.

- The loss of Chimdi Chekwa. Apparently he's really, really hurt.

- Now that's what Sweet Cakes, Erin Andrews, and the rest of them should be doing on a regular basis. Holly Rowe just did the perfect job as a sideline reporter, giving a detailed description of what it happening with Chekwa, explained the concern on the Ohio State sideline, and then described how the Arkansas receivers are taking advantage. She just added to the game-watching experience.

- Mallett is doing a terrific job of getting the ball out of his hands in a hurry. OSU is slowing down the Hog offense, but it's still making a lot of noise.

- What a shock. Arkansas TE D.J. Williams hasn't been heard from in the passing game since the one pass play early on. His career numbers are nice, but the Mackey was on reputation this year.

- Cameron Heyward is a man. He's making a ton of money tonight.

- But it's not coming from the sale of Pryor and Herron items.

- Joe Adams is killing the OSU secondary, but he's also hurting the Hogs with drops.

Ohio State on its own 17

- Pryor isn't really running by design. His moves and runs might not work at the NFL level, but he's deadly as a college playmaker.

- Arkansas isn't even close defensively. Yeah, I'm saying it, SEC fans. Arkansas can't handle the speed and athleticism of Ohio State.

- Not helping the cause is the Hogs' tackling-optional approach to your 2011 Sugar Bowl.

- It's almost like Arkansas is trying too hard to make the big play, and isn't doing enough to do the basics. Especially on third down.

- There's no truth to the rumor that DeVier Posey actually was suspended. He has been a rumor so far.

- Devin Barclay from 50 ...

- Nope. Pushed left.

- Arkansas only down 14 with just over five minutes to play. Score here, and it's just a seven point game going into halftime.

Arkansas on its own 32

- But Cameron Heyward has decided to have his day about that.

- After struggling early, Dexter Larimore is getting to Mallett.

- Again, Mallett has to deal with a wee bit of pressure, and he pulls a Jim Everett and hits the deck.

Ohio State on its own 32

- Flip it. Three minutes to play, if OSU gets in the end zone here, it's up 28-7 and it might be game over.

- This is where Pryor's mobility will take over. He'll glide his way moving the ball down the field.

- No. That wasn't pass interference on a deep ball, but ...

- Pryor comes back with a nice throw on third down to move the chains.

- Pryor has been outstanding. He's in total command.

- If appears that Heyward hurt his elbow.

- Two minutes to play, OSU on the Arkansas 43.

- OSU appears to think it can hit the deep ball in the first half. Watch out for ...

- I should play the lotto. Deep ball, Posey, touchdown, Sugar Bowl.

- Pryor got the mismatch he needed. Posey got by Hog safety Tramain Thomas, and he made the NFL play.

- And then he sold the ball for a tattoo of a pony.

Ohio State 28 ... Arkansas 7

- How utterly moronic does that weird OSU kickoff early in the first half look now?

- Can we get Alabama in here?

Arkansas on its own 14

- Again. Another killer penalty pushing the Hogs deep.

- 1:44 to play. With any other team, and almost any other quarterback, you pack it in and go to halftime.

- The OSU defensive line is frothing at the mouth.

- Mallett is so good throwing on the move. Now he has to learn to do it even more since he struggles so much under pressure in the pockiet.

- Arkansas is probably going to pull a Wisconsin and go into the locker room with timeouts in its pocket.

- OHHHHH. Orhian Johnson almost had the pick on a bad Mallett throw.

- That's the first really big Arkansas break of the game.

- Knile Davis rumbles through for a 35-yard run. He can play on my NFL team right now.

- Arkansas is moving the ball, but with only 33 seconds to play, there plays have to go even deeper.

- Mallett is trying, but the drive is still hanging around midfield.

- Adams hangs on to a pass! Holiday, celebration ...

- And then Adams drops a touchdown pass. D.J. Williams was overshot by Mallett, and Adams drops it.

- Mallett keeps on pressing. He's a nightmare for corners when he gets time. He got five days and he hit Cobi Hamilton with a perfect 21-yard pass that maybe ten NFL quarterbacks can throw.

- Four seconds to play on the four. Down 28-7, you rely on your NFL quarterback to come up with one more throw to get you back in the game.

- Bobby Petrino goes gutless and goes for the field goal. His offense will have to heat up big time in the second half and the receivers will have to catch everything.

SECOND QUARTER SCORE: Ohio State 28 ... Arkansas 10

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