2011 Sugar Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 3rd Quarter
Arkansas WR Jarius Wright
Arkansas WR Jarius Wright
Posted Jan 5, 2011

Ohio State kept a lead, but the game has totally changed. All the momentum is on the Arkansas side of the field as the Ohio State offense has gone cold. Can the Buckeyes hold on and finally give the Big Ten something positive, or will this be an epic, all-timer of a gag? Check out the third quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Sugar Bowl - 3rd Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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- Ohio State. KEEP ... YOUR ... FOOT ... ON ... THE ... GAS. You're not 0-9 against the SEC for nothing.

Ohio State 28 ... Arkansas 10

Ohio State on its own 33

- Does OSU still have the fire it had in the first half? It can't slow down in any way and has to show it has the killer instinct to put the game away. Now.

- Arkansas tries to help early with an onside call.

- No, no, no, no, no. Jim, I know you have a lead, but don't duck in your shell and go into Tressel Ball mode now. Stay with what worked.

- Terrelle Pryor was so good on third and eight in the first half ...

- And then he's Terrelle Pryor. Roll him to his left and he'll hang the ball up for grabs. He does it, and Arkansas is hit with yet another dropped pass, but now it's on an interception.

Arkansas on its own 19

- The defense did its job. Now it's time for Ryan Mallett to really and truly become a legend.

- Mallett gets time, he loads up the gun, and he misfires whiffing on a wide open Cobi Hamilton. ...

- OOOF. Knile Davis just got kissed by Brian Rolle on a big shot.

- Going physical, the Hogs plow for the first down. Davis is gobbling up huge yards in chunks every time he touches the ball.

- Mallett gets pressured, and he throws a panic ball that should've gone the other way for a pick six. Devon Torrence flat out missed on the interception that would've ended the game.

- OSU is sending house against Mallett, but it keeps getting gashed by Davis.

- Joe Adams catches the ball! Joe Adams catches the ball! Mallett, for the first time all game long, handles the blitz without a problem and delivers a strike. That was an NFL caliber play to keep the offense marching.

- Arkansas keeps moving the ball, but it's settling for field goals.

- Chip, chip, chip, chip, chip.

- Ohio State, you need to score. You're getting a little lucky against this attack.

Ohio State 28 ... Arkansas 13

Ohio State on its own 24

- Uh oh, Buckeyes. Ohio State appears to have lost its mojo a bit, and Arkansas has a bit of an energy surge.

- Again .... Jimmmmmm. It's not time to pack it in quite yet. Go with what got you to a 28-point first half.

- And there's the Terrelle Pryor we all know and love on third downs. He gets time, he stars down his target, and he misfires.

- If' I'm a Buckeye fan, I'm starting to get a little queasy with how this game is starting to look.

- Joe Adams, seriously, it's called stick um. He lucked out on a fumbled punt.

Arkansas on its own 11

- Backed up deep, Knile Dvis, your table is ready.

- ANOTHER dropped pass. That's going to kill this drive.

- And it does. Third and long becomes three and out, and the Buckeyes should get terrific field position.

Ohio State on its own 40

- The clock is starting to bleed a bit. There are only six minutes left in the third. OSU has to stay aggressive, but the tempo has slowwwwwwed down since the first half.

- Dan Herron isn't cranking out the yards he was rolling for in the first half. Arkansas is tackling far, far better.

- Third and two, and OSU wasn't even close handing off to Herron far too deep. That play never had a chance, and now it's Devin Barclay fora 47-yard field goal ....

- Got it. 31-13. Ohio State, You have an 18-point lead late in the third quarter. This is what you wanted.

Ohio State 31 ... Arkansas 13

Arkansas on its own 25

- Alright, Hogs, Speed it up a bit. Four minutes left in the first half, and you're not out of it. Start catching the ball, get Mallettin a groove, and you can get back in this.

- Mallett is doing a nice job of spreading it around now, and just when OSU has to freak out about the short to midrange passes, Knile Davis rips of yet another big run.

- OSU isn't getting the same pressure it did in the first half and Mallett is getting more time.

- BALL ... And there's the problem with Davis. He cranks out another big run, and then gets stripped ...

- The Hogs come up with it. The breaks are tilting toward the other side of the field.

- IN ... TO ... A ... BUCKET. Mallett connects on another brilliant NFL throw, finding Jarius Wright for a score. The Arkansas line is taking over, and it's showing with the was the Hog attack moved.

- Now, Arkansas has a shot at two to make this ten ....

- Mallett slides over ..

- ... hits D.J. Williams ..

- Two. Williams reaches his hand over for two and ....

- GGGGggggggghhh. ACKKKKKK. That collar is going to start getting tight for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State 31 ... Arkansas 21

Ohio State on its own 26

- Buckeyes, you might want to think about scoring here. That defense of yours isn't quite working.

- The Hog defense is HUMMING. It's almost like there's no bounce in Ohio State's step. No energy. One defensive stop, and all of a sudden, this is going to get really, really interesting.

- Nothing is working. OSU is totally out of sync.

- What happened to the deep ball? OSU has completely abandoned its first half game plan.

- GGGGgggggghhhhh.. ACCCKKKKK.

THIRD QUARTER SCORE: Ohio State 31 ... Arkansas 21

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