2011 Sugar Bowl S.O.C. Notes - 4th Quarter

Posted Jan 5, 2011

Ohio State held on by the skin of its teeth, overcoming a blocked punt and a depleted defense to finally get by an SEC team. It was almost an all-timer of a choke, but instead, the Buckeyes survived to win the Sugar Bowl to give the Big Ten a little bit of a break. Check out the fourth quarter Stream of Consciousness Notes for the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 Sugar Bowl - 4th Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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Ohio State 31 ... Arkansas 21

Arkansas on its own 49

- Hogs, don't panic. You're in it now and you have an entire quarter to go. Just take your time, relax, and try to keep running. Knile Davis is averaging six yards per crack.

- Mallett throws a dart for a first down to D.J. Williams. Ohio State is finding players out of the stands now. The defense is banged u, and Mallett is taking advantage.

- He's so good when he has time to throw, and he's so good when he can sling it. It's just when he gets pressured that there's a problem.

- Like there. Cameron Heyward and Dexter Larimore didn't give Mallett time to do anything to get rid of the ball. If OSU pulls this out, the Buckeye defensive tackles have to be the MVPs.

- With so many banged up defensive backs, Ohio State has to keep taking chances on the pass rush.

- Arkansas punter Dylan Breeding is having himself a seriously great night. He put it perfectly down inside the five.

Ohio State on its own 3

- I said this earlier in the game. OSU, you have a mobile quarterback. Take one shot down the field to DeVier Posey and see if you can catch the Hogs selling out to stop the ...

- How in the wide, wide, world of sports is that a safety?! Dan Herron's forward progress was at the two, he got pushed into the end zone, and it's a safety?!

- HOW?! Is it because he disengaged in the end zone? I've never seen that before where the runner got zero benefit of the doubt.

- That was a phenomenal stop by Arkansas LB Anthony Leon.

- Jim Tressel is trying to have an argument. I'd like to see Bo Pelini if he got hosed by a call like that.

Ohio State 31 ... Arkansas 23

- GGgggghhhhhhh ACCCKKKKKK! Woo-dee, I'm going to steal your Sugar Bowl!

Arkansas on its own 47

- Again, Arkansas, there's 11 minutes to play. There's no need to get weird.

- Everything, EVERYTHING is going the Hogs' way. Mallett's pass get tipped, Jarius Wright gets it, Brian Rolle whiffs on the tackle, and the Hogs are down to the 34.

- Oooooh. Time out Arkansas. This is too tight a game to give away time outs now.

- Hogs, for me. Please. Knile Davis.

- Thank you.

- He's going to get over 150 yards for the fourth straight game.

- All things considered, the backup Buckeye defensive backs are holding up well. Corner Devon Torrence came up with a next-level open-field tackle on Davis to make it third and 12.

- Todd Blackledge is having a strong game. He's doing a nice job of pointing out the subtleties, like where Heyward is lining up.

- Chip, chip, chip, chip, chip.

- Field goal. The Hogs go from being within a touchdown and a two, to a touchdown for the win.

- GGggggghhhhhhh. Accccckkkkkkk.

- I'm not sure how Jim Tressel was able to pat that defender on the butt with both hands around his neck.

Ohio State 31 ... Arkansas 26

Ohio State on its own 14

- The nightmare continues. The Buckeyes couldn't be playing any worse right now. Arkansas is seriously flying around right now.

- Listen to the Hog crowd. Seriously, how much did the Orange Bowl suck?

- OSU, act as if. Act is if you're one of the top teams in America. Act as if you're full of next-level talent. Act as if you're Ohio freakin' State.

- The Buckeyes aren't even thinking of going down the field with the passing game. Arkansas doesn't seem to care a lick about the deep ball ...

- And it proves costly. Pryor is dead-to-rights in the backfield, but he takes off for a first down that might turn out to be the biggest play of the game getting nine yards on third and five with under seven minutes to play.

- Ohio State can not, not play an interesting bowl game ... unless it involves Florida.

- And then the ultra-conservative calls kick in. Pryor is having a great game, but he can't continue to be put in situations where he has to push the ball deep through the air.

- Pryor almost does it again. He takes off, but he just misses and comes up just short. Fourth and one from their own 40, no ... you don't. No, Jim, you don't. NO, Jim, you don't. You kick it deep and make Mallett go the distance ....

- Ohio State is going for it. I get it, but if this doesn't work ....

- Ggggggghhhhhhh. Accccckkkkkk.

- Herron has it with a ...

- No, he doesn't. He put the ball on the ground! It's behind the line, and there's no way that's a first down now ...

- Gggggggggghhhhhh. Acccccckkkkk.

- There's no way that's a first down ...

- And it's not.

- Arkansas, you've gotten this high up the mountain ...

Arkansas on the Ohio State 39

- Tonight, Cameron Heyward has gone from a first rounder to a must-have first rounder.

- Mallett is having an awful, AWFUL night when he's trying to avoid the rush. He's better laterally than he is when he has to move up and fire.

- This almost feels like a basketball game when the team makes the big comeback but it's missing the extra reserve tank to finish the job.

- ANOTHER dropped pass. Lance Ray had it right in his hands in a great position to allow the offense to go for it on third and manageable, but now you have to kick it.

- Yes another outstanding punt for Dylan Breeding. He's killing the OSU field position.

Ohio State on its own 4

- Time to take a different approach, OSU. You're up five with five minutes to play. You're a Big Ten team with a great line and a fantastic running game. Time to act like it.

- And there it goes. Herron hangs on to the ball for a huge gain. That might turn out to be the play of the game running the team out of trouble.

- You can't clock-bleed. You've GOT to keep pressing and you've GOT to run the offense. The conservative play hasn't worked.

- Huge stop by the Hogs to force third and inches ...

- Pryor sneaks over and gets it.

- Two minutes to play. OSU is certainly making the Big Ten earn it's one shining moment.

- Herron is a half step away from busting out a game-sealing run. Arkansas is bringing the house to try and come up with a stop. Any stop.

- OSU is one more first down from ending this. The Hogs have had to bleed the clock.

- Pryor is limping badly. BADLY, and Joe Bauserman is warming up. Pryor is getting a lightning-fast tape job.

- GGGghhhhhhh. ACCKKKKK.

- Uh, no. No. 2, unless your leg has fallen off, you get back in that game.

- YEEEEEEEESH. Bauserman is in the game on second and seven.

- Arkansas, send all 11 players, Dan Hampton and Billy Ray Smith at Dan Herron.

- If Tressel really has some stones, he does a little play action pass. Bauserman, you're on scholarship. You can be a legend with one throw.

- Handoff, time out. Third and five, but the Hugs are out of time outs.

- Mallett will get the ball back with about a minute to play.


- Ohio State is hoping to win this game. It didn't want to win it. Not on this drive.

- 1:15 to play.

- Three words: Cobi Hamilton LSU

- Too bad Greg Childs isn't healthy.

- Ben Buchanon, it's time to come up with the punt of your ....


- Why didn't the Hogs take the punt into the end zone?! What .. wha? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! JULIAN HORTON COULD'VE WALKED IT IN FOR THE SUGAR BOWL WIN!

- This will be one of the greatest gags in college football history if Mallett can come up with one more big play.

Arkansas on the Ohio State 14

- D.J. Williams dropped a pass?! The Hogs are going to be kicking themselves if they give away the comeback with all the dropped passes.

- OSU, enough is enough. If you're going to go down, go down with all guns blazing. You're injured, you're playing a slew of reserves, and the D is getting slugged in the mouth ... you bring the house. You send everyone. You pressure Mallett and you dare him to be ...

- Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Ryan Mallett in the face of a pass rush, and this is why he'll be the No. 5 quarterback taken, at best, if he comes out this year. Ohio State brings it, Mallett throws a pick, and Ohio State can finally take the 4,000-pound SEC gorilla off its back.

- Of course it was Solomon Thomas who made the final pick. He was the No. 5 guy in the scandal. You can't make this stuff up.


FINAL SCORE: Ohio State 31 ... Arkansas 26

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