2011 BCS Champ ... S.O.C. Notes - 1st Quarter

Posted Jan 10, 2011

The first quarter goes to the defenses as the two high-powered attacks struggle to find their groove. The Oregon offense is working, but two turnovers prove costly, while Cam Newton can't seem to do anything right early on. Check out the Stream of Consciousness Notes for the first quarter of the 2011 BCS Championship.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 BCS Championship

First Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

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- The first penalty of the game is against Oregon ... for being too sexy, of course!

- I was hoping for more out of the Oregon uniforms. I demanded a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show-like angel wing thing happening, bubbles, lasers, something funkier than the highlighter shoe/sock thing.

- Oregon, or "Ore-gone, as the referee says, won the toss. Of course you take the ball first. Show right away that the offense can roll.

- Erin Andrews totally blew off Chip Kelly after getting a few cocky answers. "Alright, then, over to you, Tom."

- Oregon, insult the Tigers right away with the left hand jab. Try to go up the middle to show that you can.

- Josh Huff slipped twice. Other Ducks were sliding around, too. Was it the field or the ridiculous shoes?

- Nike, this is your team and your program. No player should slip. Ever.

- Auburn corner Chris Davis is down. The Tiger secondary is already thin depth-wise.

- No, Auburn, you're supposed to be injured on defense to slow it down ... defense.

- It's the BCS Championship game, but the ads are hardly at a Super Bowl level. I'm waiting to see something for a dating service and someone else trying to buy my gold.

Oregon on its own 15

- Doing these notes is going to be a race typing-wise.

- Quick pass on first down. The Tiger corners can tackle.

- Bad decision by Darron Thomas to make a pitch on the option rather than go for the first down by lowering his shoulder.

- And Kenjon Barner gets blasted for no gain.

- And that's the greatest Oregon nightmare coming true. The up-tempo attack is a disaster if it goes three-and-out.

- AWFUL punt. Oregon is supposed to

- "That didn't work out." Understatement of the night by Brent Musburger in reference to Newton's time at Florida.

Auburn on its own 38

Uh oh. The right side of the Auburn line destroys the left side of the Oregon defensive front and Onterio McCalebb rolls for a first down.


- Newton doesn't have any feel for Kenny Rowe, who picks up where he left off after the Rose Bowl and whacks Newton for a huge loss.

- 3rd and 17 and Darvin Adams makes an awful, awful attempt at the ball. Newton put it on Adams' hands (no, Kirk, it wasn't overthrown).

- That was a phenomenal ball from Newton that should've been a first down. No one wants to believe me, but he's the No. 1 pick.


Oregon on its own 19

- Here's the problem. Each offense wants to be up tempo and flying, but they need to settle down and get their own houses in order.

- HORSE COLLAR! LaMichael James gets a little pass up the middle and Daren Bates, totally horse collared him down.

- Oregon is trying to work the middle, but the Auburn DTs are destroying the Oregon interior.

- That's the third time Oregon has tried an option and it's not even close. The Ducks are going to have to scrap it early on.

- 3rd and 8 and the second miserable play of the game by a receiver Barner should've made the catch on a tough throw, and it goes right into the hands of Demond Washington. Oregon can't lose the turnover battle and not get blown out.

- Darron Thomas isn't right. If he's not too hyped up, he's certainly playing like it.

Auburn on the Oregon 48

- Auburn, settle down, don't worry about tempo and hammer No. 2 up the middle.

- You just know that 15 seconds after Beyonce stops dancing and grooving on a daily basis, she's Aretha Franklin.

- Newton gets wrapped up by Casey Mathews for just a one yards gain, but the Tigers have to keep trying it ...

- Interception, Cliff Harris. Newton had time, he fired a bullet, and his receiver, Terrell Zachery didn't appear interested in running the route.

- I'm not making excuses for Newton, but he hasn't gotten any help. Neither has Thomas.

Oregon on its own 45

- How's that 76.5 over looking right now?

- Auburn has its backup linemen in. Third and five, the Tigers could desperately use a stop to get away with this for one drive.

- James was bottled up, Auburn had it stopped, and No. 21 made a first down all on his own.

- Oregon, Auburn is dialed in on the outside. You've GOT to get Darron Thomas throwing.

- THAT'S how this will work. Thomas rolls out, throws it to James in space, first down.

- Even the backup Tiger tackles are killing the middle of the Duck line.

- Oregon is doing a terrific job of taking advantage of the interior Auburn pass rush with little dump-offs.

- And then Auburn wins one. Nick Fairley sits on Thomas's head, and Zac Etheridge picks it off. Oregon, you have to pray the Auburn DTs start to die, or this won't be the last mistake.

- And in the red zone, too. Disastrous.

Auburn on its own 14

- I'm not sure why Auburn isn't running the bal and isn't using the power running game. Gus, you can Wisconsin this Oregon defensive front to death.

- Of course, if Wisconsin had run the ball as much as it should've.

- As soon as Newton settles down ...

- That will happen. He takes his time, makes the sure throw, and first down.

- Oregon might be fast. McCalebb is faster.


- Newton is confused. the Oregon defensive front doesn't give No. 2 any room to get free, and he's stuffed trying to make something happen that isn't there.

- It looks like each D has 13 players on the field.

- One thing Oregon can do at an SEC level ... cheerleaders.

Oregon on its own 29

- LaMichael James has been the only thing that has worked for either offense. He appears to be the only one settled in.

- Lavasier Tuinei gets the pass, blows through the tackle, and gets a big gain.

- Here's what the Ducks have figured out. The offense will work on the outside, way on the outside, but it can't get there fast enough on the ground. Now it's Thomas trying to come up with quick hitters to challenge the lagging off Tiger corners, and it's working.

- For the first time all game long, the Duck offensive line blasts away on the Auburn defensive interior. The holes are growing open now.

- Oregon has sped up the attack to warp level now, and Auburn gets nailed for 12 men on the field.

- The Tigers are gassed and the rotation isn't working.

- In real time, the penalty gave the Tigers over a minute, and ...

- Michael Goggans is shot out of a cannon and blows up the reverse.

- Ducks are on the 14.

- Blown coverage, and Auburn gets lucky. D.J. Davis should've gotten into the end zone.

- Round One to the defenses.

First Quarter Score: Auburn 0, Oregon 0

- Auburn Wins The National Title
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