2011 BCS Champ..S.O.C. Notes - 3rd Quarter
Auburn QB Cam Newton
Auburn QB Cam Newton
Posted Jan 10, 2011

11 points? After three quarters? Oregon's offense is getting stuffed, and while Auburn isn't blowing up, it was able to increase its lead a bit. The Tiger power game is starting to dominate, but can the SEC hold on for another title? Check out the Stream of Consciousness Notes for third quarter of the 2011 BCS Championship.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2011 BCS Championship

Third Quarter

By Pete Fiutak

- Auburn Wins The National Title
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- Nice halftime. Welcome to the Tostitos Exploitation of the Raw Human Emotion of our Servicemen and Their Families.

- Urban Meyer, I'm begging you ... forget the coaching thing and become an analyst. He's terrific at quickly explaining what's happening without dumbing anything down.

- That seemed like a faster halftime than normal. No Up With Everything halftime show?

Auburn on its own 30

- The Tigers start out allowing Cam Newton to be Cam Newton and runs it up the gut for five. That will be there the rest of the night if he wants it.

- Uh oh. Oregon DE Terrell Turner is down. It looks like just a cramp, but the Ducks can't afford to lose 261 pounds off its D line.

- Newton also looks a bit banged up. He dove too early before the first down and he appears a bit off.

- Turner is walking off the field.

- 3rd and 1. Again, like at the end of the first half, Oregon, here's the fastball ...

- And it can't hit it this time. Newton pounds for the first down.

- It seems like Auburn knows it can throw at any time and is running now just to soften things up a bit.

- Getting five yards a crack helps.

- OC Gus Malzahn is doing a killing the Duck defense by exploiting the matchups. TE Philip Lutzenkirchen blows past DE Kenny Rowe for a big play.

- Oregon hasn't made a defensive play since the first quarter ...

- OOOOOH. Cliff Harris gambled and would've had a pick six. Auburn got lucky on that.

- And then the drive fizzles. NICE stop for Oregon. The Tigers moved the ball without a problem, but it's only up eight.

Auburn 19 ... Oregon 11

Oregon on its own 21

- See, look honey. Tostitos are healthy! The Tostitos ad says so, and if you can't believe the nice-looking, earthy people of Tostitos ...

- The Auburn defense has to be fully charged again.

- Gus Malzahn is FIRING on Newton. Cam missed something on his third down throw.

- Basically, the Oregon offense isn't working. It came up with one big throw, but that was it. Now the attack needs to come up with something to neutralize the front four.

- Oregon, that misdirection isn't going to work against a disciplined team with time to prepare.

- Darron Thomas, time to get vertical. Jeff Mahel, the second half has to be yours.

- It seems like Oregon is getting under Auburn's skin. LaMichael James jaws at Nick Fairley, and Fairley gets nailed with a persona foul call.

- Oregon is trying to move it up the middle, but that only seems to be to see if something works. The Auburn defense line is destroying the Oregon offensive line ...

- But James makes up for it. He slips through three tackles for a first down, and now the Oregon offense is working.

- Fairley and James are JACKED. James makes a play, and then Fairley destroys center Jordan Holmes to sack Thomas and force a fumble.

- HOLDING!!! There were at least three Duck holding calls that could've been flagged on a Thomas scramble. Antonio Carter got tackled.

- 2nd and 16, and Oregon is trying to

- No, Oregon fans, you can't boo Josh Bynes getting hurt. He's walking off the field; he's not trying to stall.

- 3rd and 11. Maehl, it's time to make a play.

- He catches it, slips, and the Auburn defensive front gets all over Thomas. This might be four down territory.

- Nope ... punt. Jackson Rice puts it in the end zone.

- 7:48 in the third quarter and Oregon, basically, has come up with one big play.

Auburn on its own 20

- A brand new field was brought in for this game, and it needs more wearing in.

- Nice job addressing this, Tom Rinaldi.

- Again, five yards, five yards, five yards. ...

- Until now. Dion Jordan says enough of that. He flies into the backfield and he eats up Newton.

- That might be Oregon's biggest defensive play of the night ...

- Newton had a wide open Darvin Adams and overshot him. If Newton puts ANY air under it, it's a home run and the national title.

- Auburn, KICK IT OUT OF BOUNDS. Don't give Cliff Harris a chance.

- Terrific kick by Ryan Shoemaker. Harris never had a play.

Oregon on its own 24

- Alright, Oregon, it's not working. Time to go with what got you here. Run it up tempo, try going wide, and try gassing the Auburn defensive front a bit. The drive won't go anywhere, it might be a body blow to the Auburn defensive front that might come back to help in the fourth quarter.

- And there goes James on the outside for a huge gain. Time to go with the Heisman finalist.

- But here's the problem. Again, Oregon's up tempo attack is great, but if it doesn't hit on 3rd and 6, the offense is off the field in a heartbeat.

- Okay, so the Auburn line didn't exactly get tired.

- Auburn sort of had the fake sniffed out and the fake punt still works.

- That's fine, but the offense still has to ...

- OHHHH. Lavasier Tuinei makes a marvelous grab to get down to the three. Thomas connects on a terrific throw.

- This drives me nuts ... THROW A PASS INTO THE END ZONE. Kenjon Barner gets swallowed up.

- Chip, Oregon. THROW ... A ... PASS ... INTO ... THE ... END ... ZONE. You can't run it this close to the goal line on this D.

- Down to the one. Nick Fairley makes a brilliant effort play to stop the touchdown on the one.

- A goal line stand for the ages. Four plays starting from the two and the soft attack didn't try one throw into the end zone. 

- I know, I know, I'm questioning the best offense in America, but that's ego run amok with four poor play calls.

- Oregon fans, when I call your attack finesse, this is what I mean.

Auburn on its own 1

- Cam for three. He just can't get free in the open with just 14 rushing yards.

- Good read to Phillip Lutzinkirchen for a first down. Newton isn't getting breathed on.

- Now is when Auburn is going Wisconsin and pounding on the smallish Oregon defensive front.

- Big break ... holding on Lee Ziemba. He didn't need to  with the way Newton got free. 2nd and 13 from the ten ... that was a killer.

- Oregon, you have to take a few chances. Newton got all day and he decided to take off for an easy, easy first down dash.

- Auburn is going to get through the third quarter holding Oregon to 11 points.

- How's that over looking?

Third Quarter Score: Auburn 19 ... Oregon 11

- Auburn Wins The National Title
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