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Arkansas OT Tony Ugoh
Arkansas OT Tony Ugoh
Posted Feb 1, 2011

We've unearthed some of the old CFN pieces, and with a few minor tweaks, we've kept them intact to show what the thoughts were at the time. Originally published in February of 2002, here was the always groan-inducing piece highlighting the coolest and best names in the 2002 recruiting class.

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CFN Archives - 2002 All-Name Team

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By Pete Fiutak 

Ajenavi Eziemefe, RB Georgia Tech

Bless you.

I-Perfection Harris, DB Georgia Tech

1) He'd better not just be good, not just great, but really, really something special when covering the top ACC receivers. ... 2) Because I-Above Average Harris just didn't have a nice ring to it. ... 3) His brother, U-Dumbass Harris, got beaten up a lot. 

Ian Firestone, WR North Carolina

If the football thing doesn't work out, he can become great Canadian special agent. Firestone, Ian Firestone.

D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OL Virginia
He's D'Bricka (da na na) shaw (da da da da) He's mightee mightee, letting it awwwl hang out.

Tony Franklin, RB Virgina

His barefoot kicking style doesn't translate to running back.

Kyle Van Winkle, QB Iowa State

Older brother Rip had a great arm, decent vision, but flunked out after crashing during classes.

Nick Rhodes, WR Texas A&M

With Duran Duran's career over, the Aggies made a late push for Simon LeBon, too.

Fletcher Session, LB Texas Tech

Ended his career to go on to become a couples therapist.

Micah Sweats, S Texas Tech

No one wants the locker next to his.

Vernon Botts, LB Pittsburgh

Also the name of an obscure Comedy Central show where dorks battle it out in a cage.

Joshua Veal, OL Houston

Brother Parmesan Veal is a little more tender and plays with more of saucy streak.

Gavin Smart, WR Louisville and Jimmy Strong, CB Louisville

These two should wage some interesting battles in practice.

James Taylor, WR Louisville

Positives: Saw fire, rain and sunny days he thought would never end. Negatives: Saw lonely times when he could not find a friend.

John Douchette, TE Memphis

You can only pass it to him on the left hand side

Favian Bean, TE/DL Missouri
Goes well with liver and a nice Chianti ... have the Huskers stopped screaming, Clarice?

Marcus Guerrero-Bacon, WR/DB Missouri

Let's see ... Marcus Guerrero Bacon will play for Missouri, Missouri lost to Colorado, Colorado lost to Oregon, the Oregon campus was where Animal House was filmed, Kevin Bacon was in Animal House. Less than six moves! 

Michael DePriest, WR Texas Christian

Should've been a lock for Notre Dame or Boston College

Reggie La'Mothe, FB Texas Christian

Lucky he isn't a bad defensive back or La'Mothe would be called La'Flame

Ziggy Goryn, TE Connecticut
Lacks size, hair and luck. 

Dominique Bacon, DE Troy State

Dominique Bacon plays for Troy State, Troy State lost to Nebraska, Nebraska lost to Colorado ... 

Tank Tunstalle, RB Marshall

He's not exactly allowed to be a slasher with this name.

Joe Chapple, WR Western Michigan and Christian Hodges, S Western Michigan and Willie Pope, DB Western Michigan

TCU WR Michael DePriest should've joined this group.

Paul Tithof, LB Western Michigan

His sister was teased a lot

Manasse Zaphir, DB Eastern Michigan
The master of the pan flute takes his talents to Ypsilanti.

Ferron Fonoimoana, WR BYU
Isn't that the stuff they like to sell on sports radio ads that's supposed to attract chicks?

Juan Valentine, WR Arizona

The perfect Latin porn star name

Tim Fa'aita, OL Arizona State

The Sun Devils need the 315 pounder to get Ski'innia

Ishmael Thrower, DL Arizona State

Wrong position. He needs to be Ishmael Tackler.

Flamingo Malone, TE/DB Washington State

A classic movie character played by Matt Dillon?

Nick Mihlhauser, OL Washington State

Has blue hair, glasses and gets picks on by Nelson Muntz.

Wes Rainwater, RB/DB Washington State

He HAD to play in the Pacific Northwest.

Tony Ugoh, OL Arkansas

His sister had better be hot.

Chaffin Brock, DB Arkansas State

A little talcum powder should take care of that.

Prince Ogbekile, DL Arkansas State

You have to bow when you block him.