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Tennessee LB Jerod Mayo
Tennessee LB Jerod Mayo
Posted Feb 1, 2011

We've unearthed some of the old CFN pieces, and with a few minor tweaks, we've kept them intact to show what the thoughts were at the time. Originally published in February of 2004, here was the always groan-inducing piece highlighting the coolest and best names in the 2004 recruiting class.

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CFN Archives - 2004 All-Name Team

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By Pete Fiutak 

Scott Haverkamp, OL Kansas
His grandparents are longtime members of Bushwood Country Club. Scott has a bad habit of telling the quarterback, "that's a peach hon," after every completed pass.

J.J. Justice, DB Maryland
What the stutterer with the faulty hot tub got against a local pool and spa distributor on Tuesday's Judge Judy.

Sam Swank, PK Wake Forest
My porn star name when I finally succumb to the will of my public and get back in the game. Unfortunately, my career will be cut short ...  

Twanell Spread, QB Baylor
... because I'm not limber enough to do this move anymore. Even so, I'll try and fool the porn producers by auditioning for parts with ... 

Roderick Johnson, LB Oklahoma State
... my other porn name. I'll say I had totally unaware parents who named my brothers Peter and Richard. When that fails, desperately trying to stay in the business, I'll have to ... 

Dan Gay, DL Baylor
... explore the final frontier by reinventing my career.
Lame line No. 2 - Brother Ben was a running back for Baylor in the mid-80s. He took a few carries to warm up and always smelled bad. 
Lame line No. 3 - The politically correct alternative to Florida State recruit, Decody Fagg.
Lame line No. 4 - President Bush, in an attempt to deflect attention away from the embarrassment of the Iraq war intelligence gaffe and slumping support, tried to get his groove back by declaring the Bear recruit an affront to wholesome family values. Massachusetts is willing to let the defensive lineman play for the Minutemen.

Chancellor Young, WR Duke
He was going to play for Texas Tech, but got scared off after Bobby Knight yelled at him in a grocery store.

Tearrius George, DL Kansas State
Wildcat head coach Bill Snyder is also going after Tearrius's brother Curious, but he was too worried about the potential for mischief. 

John Hafferty, OL Kansas State
Hafferty and his Beaver Brown Band rode the wave of Bruce Springsteen popularity in the 80s highlighted by the soundtrack for Eddie and the Cruisers.

Guy Hurt, LB Kent State 
You can't be a football player with this name. You might as well be named Linebacker Questionable. 

Nathan Swift, WR Nebraska & Fred Strong, WR Oklahoma
The two former Big 8 powerhouse programs are going in different directions with their receiving corps.

Robert Reid, QB Oklahoma State
A Shakespearean trained actor, he'll forever be known for playing the father of America's all-time favorite TV family.

Philip Morris, WR Clemson
He's still known for being a cancer despite efforts to reshape the company and corporate image.

Yami Babolola, OL Texas A&M
1) What you say when you put the right toppings on the store bought crust. 2) "Well I'm not the world's most masculine man, but I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man, and so is Babolola"

Brett Bischofberger, DL Texas Tech
The newest California fad in fast food dining and the healthy alternative chain to the Roethlisberger in Oxford, OH.

Marquis Johnson, WR Texas Tech
The longtime Milwaukee Buck great is giving football a shot after never got his movie career off the ground even after his performance in White Men Can't Jump.

L.A. Reed, WR Texas Tech
Dominated the R&B charts for over a decade when he combined forces with Babyface.

Octavious Balkcom, LB Auburn 
Several people lost their shirts in the late 1990s by holding on to this tech stock too long.  

Kevin Atkins, RB Boston College 
He lost a ton of weight in a hurry eating 14 chickens a day, but the loose skin was disgusting. He gained it all back after eating a banana. 

Shurkee Barfield, DL Rutgers 
August 18, 1998, I did this several times after getting food poisoning by eating a bad batch of ...

Rice Moss, WR Syracuse 
... this discontinued Boston Market side item.  

Mortty Ivy, DB West Virginia 
Some calamine lotion clears this up.

Merci Falaise, OL NC State
French for "thank you for eating my shorts."   

George Bell, RB Virginia Tech 
White Sox and Hokie fans will never accept him after for being traded for the pre-steroid Sammy Sosa. However, he does have a terrific Jheri curl. 

Kisan Flakes, QB Illinois
A crisp passer, he gets soggy when it rains. 

Leslie Majors, DB Indiana 
We can rebuild it. We have the technology. Through this recruit, we can make the Hoosiers bigger, stronger, faster.

Chauncey Incarnato, OL Notre Dame 
If his middle name was Re, the Irish wouldn't believe in him.

Keston Cheathem, DB Michigan 
His dad is the number two man in a law firm with partners Dewey and Howe. 

Akeem Hunter, RB Northwestern 
The obnoxious guy on the Discovery Channel with an annoying voice who isn't afraid to get up close to Houston centers. 

Desmond Tardy, WR Purdue 
Boilermaker head coach Joe Tiller will have to work hard to make sure this recruit gets to class. 

Dane King, QB Baylor
He's not much of a prospect, but he's better than French Queen. 

Brendan Pahulu, LB Houston
The Cougars might have won the Hawaii Bowl if they didn't spend so much time before the game doing this. 

Cedrick Maxwell, LB Kent State
Someone needs to be fired if his nickname isn't Cornbread five minutes into the first practice. 

Londen Fryar, WR Western Michigan 
You can get one of these on a stick from a street vendor just outside of Big Ben along with a bag of candied peanuts for about two pounds.

Michael Myers, RB Colorado State
His Austin Powers movies were the stuff of legend until his third one turned into a desperate cry for a hug from his dad. Now he's reduced to making horrible Dr. Suess movies. 

Michael Speed, DL Oregon 
Mike Belotti told his recruiters to get more speed and was taken literally.

Jordan White-Frisbee, DL Washington 
All the Huskies need is Shaquille Green-Slinky and they'll have the nucleus of a defensive line. 

Cameron Mayo, OL Tennessee
and Jerod Mayo, LB Tennessee
1) If Jerod starts to blitz well, opponents will have to hold the Mayo ... sorry. 2) Cameron, at 260 pounds, is the full-cholesterol version. At 215 pounds, Jerod is lite-Mayo. ... I'm really, really sorry. 

Fred Brown, DB Arkansas State
His nickname had better be Downtown, but that might not be a good thing for a defensive back.

Rolly Lambala, RB Idaho 
The forbidden dance. 

Amara Koroma, DE Ball State 

The B-side to the most annoying song of all-time, The Lion King's "Hakuna Matata". 

Evan Ruud, DL Idaho 
Excellent acceleration and good horsepower, but he quickly runs out of gas.  

Honorable Mention All-Recruiting Names 
Sir Darean Adams, WR Michigan State 
Austin Addington-Strapp, LB Ohio
Nader Abdallah, DL Ohio State 
Afa Anoai, DL Connecticut
Nyere Aumaitre, OL Iowa
Mozell Axson, LB Houston
Leyon Azubuike, DL Temple 
Keaunea Bankhead, DB Washington
Gonzalo Barinaga, LB Ball State
Jariette Buie, DL South Florida 
Jovens Degage, RB Ball State 
Bretn Deladurantey, OL Utah State
Nollis Dewar, WR Connecticut
Hugh D'Imperio, LB Michigan State 
Leger Douzable, DL UCF 
Pannel Egboh, TE Stanford 
Javier Estopinan, LB Florida 
Angelo Fobbs-Valentino, DB Arizona State 
Mesphin Forrester, DB Washington 
Greyson Gunheim, DL Washington
Renovell Hill, DB Tulane 
Immanuel Hutcherson, OL Connecticut
Ben Iannocchione, OL West Virginia 
Inquoris Johnson, DB Tennessee
Tony Fiammetta, RB Syracuse 
Prishod Koonce, DL Kent State
TiQuintin Modell, LB Memphis
Brouce Mompremier, LB South Florida 
Turmarian Moreland, DB Hawaii
Emeka Okammor, DL UCF 
Emeka Okosa, OL Troy State 
Wopamo Osasai, DB Stanford
Everette Pedescleaux, DL Minnesota 
Domata Peko, DL Michigan State 
Thor Pili, DL Oregon 
Chilo Rachal, OL USC 
Cleannord Saintil, WR MTSU
Jerrickus Speights, DL UAB
Purnell Sturdivant, DB Virginia Tech 
Octavious Sumbry, DB Troy State
Adeboye Tuyo, RB Tulane 
Siosifa Vave, OL New Mexico
Mike Vlahogeorge, QB Indiana 
Jeremy Zollarcoffer, DL New Mexico State