Recruiting 2011 - 5 C-USA Recruits To Know
East Carolina DE John Lattimore
East Carolina DE John Lattimore
Posted Feb 2, 2011

Along with the league's ten most important new recruits (for now), here are every Conference USA team's five new recruits you should care about.

Recruiting 2011 

5 C-USA Recruits To Care About

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Five East Carolina Recruits You Should Care About

The 10 Conference USA Recruits You Should Care About

1.  DE John Lattimore, East Carolina

2. LB Armonze Daniel, Marshall

3. WR Jhyryn Taylor, Southern Miss

4. LB Devon Marshall, SMU

5. LB Zeek Bigger, East Carolina

6. LB Deon Meadows, Marshall

7. DE Toby Jackson, UCF

8. DT Terry Redden, Memphis

9. LB Josh Fely, UTEP

10. QB Bram Kohlhausen, Houston  

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1. DE John Lattimore
6-3, 250, three-star JUCO transfer

2. LB Zeek Bigger
6-2, 205,'s 55th ranked middle linebacker

3. S Danny Webster
5-11, 170,'s 103rd ranked safety

4. S Domonique Lennon
6-2, 190,'s 104th ranked safety

5. DE Leroy Vick
6-6, 275, two-star JUCO transfer 

Five Marshall Recruits You Should Care About
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1. LB Armonze Daniel
6-4, 230,'s 26th ranked outside linebacker

2. LB Deon Meadows
6-0, 215,'s 48th ranked middle linebacker

3. RB Remi Watson
5-11, 190,'s 73rd ranked running back

4. DE Robert Mincey
5-11, 190,'s 80th ranked defensive end

5. TE Rakim Reed
6-4, 215,'s 56th ranked tight end 

Five Memphis Recruits You Should Care About
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1. DT Terry Redden
6-3, 285,'s 46th ranked defensive tackle

2. RB Artaves Gibson
6-1, 210,'s 61st ranked running back

3. WR Ryan Byrd
6-2, 175,'s 136th ranked receiver

4. WR Jermaine Johnson
6-3, 170,'s 146th ranked receiver

5. DE Zach Golson
6-4, 255, two-star JUCO transfer 

Five Southern Miss Recruits You Should Care About
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1. WR Jhyryn Taylor
6-0, 175, three-star JUCO transfer

2. QB Ricky Lloyd
Not quite a dual-threat quarterback, Lloyd does appear to have uncanny athleticism in the pocket. Lloyd has a nice set of measurables that college coaches will be able to work with including his long, athletic build. He transfers weight easily and throws well on the move. Lloyd also throws a nice deep ball to accompany his abilities.

3. DE Michael Brinson
6-4, 250,'s 132nd ranked defensive end

4. TE Collin Jarbo
6-4, 220,'s 64th ranked tight end

5. DT Cortez Hartzog
6-4, 270,'s 109th ranked defensive tackle 

Five UAB Recruits You Should Care About
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1. LB Shaquille Roberson
6-4, 220,'s 94th ranked outside linebacker

2. TE Kennard Backman
6-3, 218,'s 54th ranked tight end

3. OG Uneik Crumbley
6-3, 343's 81st ranked guard

4. S Lamar Johnson
6-2, 200, two-star JUCO transfer

5. CB Calvin Jones
5-10, 175, two-star JUCO transfer 

Five UCF Recruits You Should Care About
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1. DE Toby Jackson
Jackson is a big, athletic defensive end prospect that excels when his options are limited. Jackson is at his best when he's able to pin his ears back and use his athleticism to rush the passer. When he's asked to read and react to a play, he becomes a liability. He's best in space as he can go inside or outside on a tackle that's on an island with him, but the closer to the center, the easier he becomes to block.

2. C Tarik Cook
Cook is an ideal center when it comes to build, strength, smarts, technique, and experience. He can still improve his footwork and getting off the ball, but he is very powerful, he moves around well, and he understands the position. One of the most impressive things about Cook is how he finishes off his blocks. He has that intensity you look for in an OL.

3. CB Jeremy Davis
5-11, 190, three-star prospect.

4. LB Miles Pace
6-0, 235,'s 43rd ranked middle linebacker

5. DT Demetris Anderson
6-2, 285,'s 59th ranked defensive tackle 

Conference USA West

Five Houston Recruits You Should Care About

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1. QB Bram Kohlhausen
Really has a great fastball and can throw across his body with zip. You can tell he plays baseball and tends to wind up a bit on his passes but he throws with some serious speed. Good field leader and is a selfless player who is more concerned about the team doing well than stacking up stats. He is a pocket-passer but is a darn good one.

2. RB Kenny Farrow
Farrow is a grinder who will give you 20 carries a game in between the hashes. He is a tough in between the tackles runner who looks good running behind a lead blocker or out of the spread. He has nice moves and seems to make quick cuts, but he is not a home-run back. He is a strong runner and seems to always pick up yards after first contact. Because of his tough running style durability could be an issue.

3. WR Daniel Spencer
6-0, 185,'s 120th ranked receiver

4. OT Daniel Campbell
6-5, 345, three-star JUCO transfer

5. WR Jafus Gaines
6-1, 175,'s 139th ranked receiver 

Five Rice Recruits You Should Care About
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1. LB Nick Elder
6-1, 208,'s 76th ranked outside linebacker

2. WR Driphus Jackson
6-0, 182,'s 101st ranked receiver

3. WR Lovett Gibson
6-1, 175,'s 149th ranked receiver

4. DE Michael Sam
6-2, 230,'s 94th ranked defensive end

5. CB Jaylon Finner
5-10, 185,'s 87th ranked cornerback

Five SMU Recruits You Should Care About
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1. LB Devon Marshall
More of a pass-rusher than a pass-cover guy. Good quickness off the ball, an aggressive player with good agility and lateral movement. Needs to refine his pass coverage skills.

2. LB Jonathan Yenga
Good build for a linebacker, he plays very aggressive football and likes to attack the plays. He will make plays behind the line of scrimmage but it is more guessing than instinctual, his great athleticism allows him to make adjustments while attacking the play. Good in coverage, he can drop back and make some plays.

3. RB K.C. Nlemchi
6-1, 195,'s 64th ranked running back

4. OG Dontae Levingston
Started for two years at Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne at left tackle, helping them to the City Section title game in 2009 and a co-championship in 2008.

5. WR Arrius Holleman
6-3, 170,'s 111th ranked receiver 

Five Tulane Recruits You Should Care About
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1. QB Nick SanGiacomo
6-4, 195,'s 74th ranked quarterback

2. WR Mark Edwards
6-0, 180,'s 191st ranked receiver

3. S Renaldo Thomas
6-4, 205,'s 84th ranked safety

4. RB Dante Butler
5-9, 184,'s 124th ranked running back

5. CB Matt Bailey
5-10, 175,'s 166th ranked cornerback

Five Tulsa Recruits You Should Care About
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1. CB Kwame Sexton
5-11, 170,'s 54th ranked cornerback

2. RB Gus Johnson
5-10, 205,'s 108th ranked running back

3. QB Joseph Calcagni
6-2, 190,'s 132nd ranked quarterback

4. LB Trent Martin
6-2, 215,'s 64th ranked outside linebacker

5. OG Garrett Gladd
6-4, 295,'s 66th ranked guard 

Five UTEP Recruits You Should Care About
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1. LB Josh Fely
An instinctive middle linebacker, Fely doesn't just rack up a bunch of stats hopping on piles from his middle linebacker position, he makes plays. He sees the play early and has the athleticism to get in the backfield or go sideline to sideline for a tackle. Because of his vision and instincts, he's also solid in pass protection. He has average speed, but his anticipation and quickness get him in on nearly every play.

2. CB Zoey Williams
Williams is a competitive player that despite being pretty new to the corner position has some natural abilities and instincts that you just can't coach. A combination of strength and hip flexibility allows him to stay in the hip pocket of receivers.

3. RB Roy Robertson
6-5, 240,'s 151st ranked defensive end.

4. QB Antavius Sims
6-2, 205, two-star JUCO transfer

5. QB Nick Lamaison
6-1, 200, two-star JUCO transfer c