Recruiting 2011 Team Rankings - 41 to 50
UCLA QB Brett Hundley
UCLA QB Brett Hundley
Posted Feb 7, 2011

Ranking the 2011 recruiting classes from 1 to 120 ... Here are the classes ranked No. 41 to 50 (based on talent level, potential, bulk prospects, and filling needs).

Recruiting 2011 ... The Rankings

CFN's Class Rankings ... 41 to 50

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50. Baylor | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Running backs. With Jay Finley gone, Baylor might be hoping one of its young new recruits can shine right away. B.J. Allen, Jermichael Selders, and Anthony Webb aren’t thumpers, but they’re slick speedsters who can tear off yards in chunks. The passing game got a big pickup with Jonathan Lee, a big target who has No. 1 potential. The instant help is for the secondary with three JUCO transfers and good-looking prep safety Jermarcus Johnson all to be thrown into the rotation immediately.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 51. That Class Was Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Art Briles was looking to build up on the front lines and signed a few nice defensive line prospects in tackle Dominique Jones and end Kedrick Dial. On the offensive side, tackle Troy Baker needs to be a starter within three years, while JUCO transfer Robert Griffin will be needed at tackle to protect the other Robert Griffin, the team's star quarterback. Guard Xavier Ruben is a good athlete for his size and could be the unsung signing for the offense. Helping out the passing game will be Eddie Johnson, a tall, talented wide receiver, and Antwan Goodley, a speedy target who'll get time to develop.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 42. That Class Was Heavy On ... the passing game. Being in the Big 12 South with all the big-time passing attacks, head coach Art Briles wasted no time in going hard after defensive backs, bringing in several decent safeties, but his reputation as a top offensive head coach helped land a ton of really good, really surprising prospect. Do the receivers want to play with star sophomore QB Robert Griffin? Oh yeah. Darius Jones is a smallish, quick playmaker who could be a No. 1 target right away, but Skyler Scott, Tevin Reese, Willie Jefferson and Glasco Martin are all good enough to emerge as future stars in the system. QB Bryce Petty will be a superstar in a few years.

49. UCLA | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Brett Hundley. The 2010 class was the big one in the Rick Neuheisel area, so this one was about getting a few decent players here and there. There aren’t any stars, especially compared to last year, except for Hundley, a 6-4, versatile passer who can run as well as wing it around the yard. For a program desperate to get something going offensively, Hundley will be seen as a savior. For the Neuheisel era, he had better be. The hope will be for Devin Lucien to quickly develop into a consistent target, while the defense will look to tackles Kvin McReynolds and Brandon Tuliaupupu to soon become anchors inside.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 7. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defense. Last year's class was terrific, but this one is even better. RB Malcolm Jones is the centerpiece of the offensive class and Paul Richardson is a good-looking receiver, but the focus was defense, defense, defense. Getting safety Dietrich Riley away from USC was a major coup, but that was nothing compared to getting top end prospect Owamagbe Odighizuwa to put on the Bruin hat instead of USC or Nebraska. Cassius Marsh doesn't make up for the loss of Brian Price at defensive tackle right away, but it eventually will. Locking down the secondary will be Anthony Jefferson, Tevin McDonald, and Shaquille Richardson, three talented corner prospects.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 6. That Class Was Heavy On ... cornerbacks. In a Pac-10 that’s usually flush with quality passers, the Bruins wisely answered with a quartet of really good cornerbacks. All four earned no less than three stars and were ranked in the top 50 at the position. The best of the bunch is Marlon Pollard, who fielded a slew of offers, and has an enormous upside to match his leaping ability.

48. Cincinnati | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Receivers. If head coach Butch Jones wants to bomb away, he has the class to do it. The defensive line got the biggest stars with Demetrius Alston, Silverberry Mouhon and Chad West three dangerous ends who can all get into the backfield. Throw in 300-pound Daniel Murray for the inside, and the line is set. Patrick Coyne should be the team’s star quarterback down the road, and Jameel Poteat is a speedy back who’ll be the focal point of the attack sooner than later. The big offensive push is at receiver with Shaquille Washington leading a loaded corps of seven prospects.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 52. That Class Was Heavy On ...
Receivers. Butch Jones had to try to keep Brian Kelly's recruits coming to Cincinnati. Only three receivers were signed, but they'll be the key to the class with Dyjuan Lewis, a 6-2 target with 4.4 speed, the likely No. 1 man in the near future. The line got the most help for the defense with five prospects signed and needing Josh Russ and Cameron Beard to grow into roles on the end by 2013. Safety Arryn Chenault is too good to not get an early look at playing time.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 51. That Class Was Heavy On ... tight ends. Can you say overkill? Cincinnati has signed four of the country’s top 100 tight ends, providing plenty of depth for Ben Guidugli and Kazeem Alli. From the program that turned Connor Barwin into the Big East’s sack leader a year ago, you can count on one or two of these tight ends, like Will Saddler and Mitch Kessel, to switch position at some point in their ‘Cat careers.

47. Missouri | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On …
Defensive linemen. The last two classes brought in the skill players, but Gary Pinkel didn’t ignore the stars this year with another great quarterback prospect in Corbin Berkstresser and big, Tiger-like targets in Wesley Leftwich and Brandon Hannah. The offensive line got stronger at guard, and the secondary got some reinforcements, but the strength is on the defensive front where JUCO transfer Sheldon Richardson will be an All-Big 12 star now, and end Shane Ray will soon be another Aldon Smith. Gerrand Johnson will be a monster of an inside presence once he hits the weights.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 39. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill players. It was a bit of a strange class considering Gary Pinkel and his staff signed a slew of skill players last year, but this year's haul might be even more talented. Quarterbacks James Franklin and Tyler Gabbert will have years to work and develop behind Tyler's brother, Blaine Gabbert. WR Marcus Lucas won't fill the hole left by Danario Alexander, but he's another big, fast target with NFL upside. Up front, Nick Demien is a great offensive tackle prospect who should be the anchor by 2013. End Kony Ealy leads the defensive side as the team's top end prospect.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 39. That Class Was Heavy On ... offensive reinforcements. The defense was hardly ignored with DT Sheldon Richardson a sure-thing All-Big 12 talent and JUCO transfer Josh Tatum is a plug-n-play linebacker, but with all the superstars gone off the offense, head coach Gary Pinkel had to find a new wave of offensive prospects to develop. Blaine Dalton is a smallish quarterback who can move, while RB Kendial Lawrence and receivers Jaleel Clark and Kerwin Stricker are going to be counted on to shine by 2011.

46. West Virginia | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Defensive backs. While all the talk about the coaching changes helped bring in offensive stars who want to be a part of the Dana Holgorsen attack, led by running backs Andrew Buie and Vernard Roberts and receivers Dante Caldwell and K.J. Myers, but the defense got the best all-around talents with JUCO transfer Shaq Rowell ready to roll right away at defensive tackle and linebacker Joshua Francis a strong JUCO transfer who’ll be used in a variety of ways. Safeties Terrell Chestnut, Shaquille Petteway, and Nick Kwiatkoski are all going to be factors in the next three years.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 35. That Class Was Heavy On ... Receivers. West Virginia? Wide Receivers? Bill Stewart came up with several excellent, dangerous targets led by Ivan McCartney out of Florida. The 6-1, 175-pound playmaker spurned Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee to come to Morgantown, but Deon Long might end up playing earlier on. The Mountaineers also came up with several good defensive back prospects starting with safety Latwan Anderson, a flash of lightning who hits like a ton of bricks and chose WVU over Ohio State.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 24. That Class Was Heavy On ... Skill position players. The Mountaineers have roped in a slew of speedy, dynamic backs and receivers, who can go a long with the ball. What else is new? This class, which is particularly heavy on outstanding wideouts, is tailored-made for an offense that hopes to throw the ball more than in the past. Logan Heastie was fielding interest from the likes of Florida and USC, so he might waste little time getting on the field.

45. Kentucky | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Receiver. The secondary gets a huge boost with safety Glen Faulkner a find and corners Eric Dixon and Daylen Hall, and the offensive line got help with tackle Darrian Miller a future All-SEC factor, but the bulk is at receiver. Rich Brooks focused on skill players a few years ago, and Joker Phillips loaded up with this class with six good receivers and tight end Alvin Dupree to boost the depth right away, but speedsters like Demarco Robinson and Daryl Collins should be stars in the future.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 38. That Class Was Heavy On ... The running game. Last year Rich Brooks made sure the future of the passing game was set by bringing in three quarterbacks, five wide receivers and two tight ends. The future became the present with so many issues at quarterback last season. this year, new head man Joker Phillips made sure the running game was secure with four very good prospects led by Brandon Gainer out of Miami and Raymond Sanders out of Georgia. In an interesting move, Phillips also loaded up on tight ends bringing in four with Alex Smith a big blocker and Tyler Brause like a big receiver. Don't dismiss the big signing of Joe Mansour, one of the nation's top punting prospects.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 32. That Class Was Heavy On ... the passing game. Three quarterbacks, five wide receivers and two tight ends … head coach Rich Brooks is looking for more out of a passing attack that was supposed to feature Curtis Pulley, before he was booted off the team. There aren’t any stars at receiver, but Anthony Kendrick, Ridge Wilson, LaRod King and Chris Matthews are big. Really big. 6-3 and up big. The quarterback battle will be tremendous with Morgan Newton, Ryan Mossakowski and Brian Adams all starting-quality prospects.

44 Georgia Tech | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Quarterbacks. The offense needs options to run the Paul Johnson attack, and while there’s an eye towards doing more for the passing game, Vad Lee, Demontevious Smith, and Jamal Golden are runners who’ll be moved around where needed. Broderick Snoddy was the only true tailback brought in, and while he’s not big, he’s fast enough to be a gamebreaker. Defensively, the bulk is at linebacker with Tremayne McNair and Anthony Harrell for the middle and three nice prospects for the outside in Jamari Hunt-Days, Nick Menocal, and Chaz Cheeks all athletic big hitters.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 37. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive backs. Paul Johnson loaded up on linemen last year, he has a few solid quarterbacks in place to run his attack, and several other decent pieces are in place offensively. This year he wanted help for the secondary and he got it with seven defensive backs including Louis Young, a fine corner out of Maryland, and Ryan Ayers, a speedster with lockdown ability. Safety Isaiah Johnson has the build and the potential to be a difference maker, an All-ACC difference maker, while Fred Holton, speedy Synjyn Days, and Jake Skole beefed up the safety depth.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 34. That Class Was Heavy On ... linemen. For Paul Johnson, success starts on the lines, and he recruited with that thought in mind. With both sides of the ball being hurt by graduation, the Yellow Jackets added four big bodies to the offense and five on defense. The front four returns just one starter, creating an opening for 345-pound tackle J.C. Lanier to avoid a redshirt and make a quick ascent up the depth chart.

43. Vanderbilt | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Skill players. New head coach James Franklin did a magnificent job of bringing in one of Vanderbilt’s best recruiting classes in years. Signing Day pickups of WR Lafonte Thourogood, a 6-3, 225-pound former quarterback, and QB Josh Grady should be a big help in the near future for the always middling offense. The running backs got better with speedy Mitchell Hester and small, quick Jerron Seymoure to add more pizzazz to the attack. Tight end Dillon van der Wal out of California was a big-time coup, taking him away from Arkansas and Arizona State.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 55. That Class Was Heavy On ...
Defensive linemen. The Commodores got a little bit of everything for both sides of the ball and came up with some good defensive back prospects, led by corners Andre Hall and Karl Butler, and some intriguing receivers with 6-5 Chris Boyd and lightning-fast Jonathan Krause leading the way. But the need was the defensive front and that's where the stars are with tackles Vince Taylor, Kyle Woestmann, and Jared Morse leading the way. Thomas Ryan and James Kittredge might be needed right away on the end.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 67. That Class Was Heavy On ... running backs. The Commodores lived off the ground game ever since Jay Cutler left, but that was mostly because of the mobility at quarterback. The running backs needed to be upgraded, and Bobby Johnson did that, at least for down the road, with Eric Samuels a speedy option, Warren Norman a quick player, and Zach Stacy a bit of a do-it-all prospect.

42. Oregon State | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Defensive ends. Oregon State can’t get the players that Oregon and other Pac 12 programs can get, so it has to go bulky in numbers when it has to fill a hole. This year, the goal was to improve the defensive front, and with ten linemen brought in including JUCO transfers Rusty Fernando, Rudolf Fifta, and Blake Harrah, the Beavers are hoping for instant depth. Dylan Wynn is the star of the class and could end up being the team’s next great pass rusher. The strength of the offensive class is at receiver with Richard Mullaney a big target and Brandin Cooks and Tyrequek Zimmerman field stretching speedsters.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 60. That Class Was Heavy On ... Defensive tackles. The Beavers loaded up on offensive linemen last year, and this year Mike Riley concentrated on the defensive front. QB Sean Mannion is the crown jewel of the class and LB Shaydon Akuna is a nice get, but 280-pound Thomas Molesi, 290-pound Fred Thompson, and 290-pound Mana Tuivailala will be the key to the class. Throw in pass rushers in Dominic Glover, who'd be an ideal end in a 3-4, and Scott Crichton and OSU is loaded on the line for the next few years.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 48. That Class Was Heavy On ... offensive linemen. With so much turnover going on here, it was time for Mike Riley to replenish in the trenches, a key to the program’s success in recent years. A half-dozen new linemen are set to hit Corvallis, hoping to open holes for Jacquizz Rodgers as soon as possible. The name to remember in the short term is Michael Philipp, a can’t-miss guard, who had offers from everyone in the Pac-10 and is physically ready to play right now.

41. Mississippi State | Scout List

The 2011 Class Is Heavy On … Defensive backs. It wasn’t a great overall class considering the killers the rest of the league kept up with, but there are some nice gets like WR Joe Morrow and running backs Josh Robinson and Derek Milton. The secondary got the most help with 6-2, 200-pound Dee Arrington a potential All-SEC safety and Zachary Johnson a fast, promising hitter. JUCO transfer corner Darius Slay should see time right away, while Justin Cox is a big, fast defender who can play anywhere in the secondary.

2010 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 40. That Class Was Heavy On ... Running back. Dan Mullen got the receivers for his offense last year, and this year he worked on the ground game with 6-8, 330-pound Damien Robinson one of the nation's top offensive tackle recruits to go along with four running backs to try to replace Anthony Davis. Matthew Wells is the best of the lot, but JUCO transfer Vick Ballard might make the most immediate impact with a physical style and good quickness. Nick Griffin and Jay Hughes could've been toting the rock at several other big name schools. Defensively, 6-7, 370-pound James Carmon and 6-4, 330-pound Jeffrey Howie are massive JUCO transfers brought in to clog things up right away, while Kaleb Eulls, an end, is one of the best players in the class.

2009 CFN Recruiting Ranking: 22. That Class Was Heavy On ... receivers. What do you get a team that’s been among the worst in America in passing over the last few years? Targets. Tyler Russell was a must-get quarterback for new head coach Dan Mullen to develop over the next year or two, and he needs guys to throw to. Seven receiver prospects were brought in with JUCO transfers Maurice Langston and Leon Berry looking to add help right away. Chad Bumphis is the best prospect of the lot.