2011 Combine Buzz - The QBs Are Out Of Luck
Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert
Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert
Posted Feb 22, 2011

What are the storylines that matter going into this week's 2011 NFL Combine? What's the best position? What's the worst? Who's the unknown who might be the star of the 40-yard dash, and who are the prospects with the potential to rock in workouts? Most importantly, are the quarterbacks, specifically Missouri's Blaine Gabbert going to be able to make up for the absence of Andrew Luck?

2011 NFL Combine Buzz

Where are you, Andrew?

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As young men start to parade in their underwear in front of old guys with notepads, here are ten things that all the NFL types are talking about before the fun and merriment of the Combine in Indianapolis kicks in this weekend.

Andrew Luck wants to be an architect.

The possible answer to the question of who the best quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft might really be None Of The Above.

Andrew Luck could've and should've been a Carolina Panther. He's the one quarterback prospect out there right now with the talent, the potential, the smarts, and the floor on his bust potential, to be the type of franchise player who's the reason a team wins a Super Bowl. Of course, he's keeping his talents in Palo Alto for at least another year making the microscope and the scrutiny on players like Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Mallett, and Cam Newton that much more intense.

Is Gabbert really a strong enough prospect to be a leader of a Super Bowl champion? He has the tools, and he'll certainly be a favorite in the interview rooms in Indianapolis, but it's not like he was a special, game-changing college player who had the world buzzing. As the likely first quarterback taken, this is when he has to start showing that he really might be worth the attention. This is when he has to provide the wow factor that isn't currently there, and it's not going to happen since he's not going to throw in Indy.

As much as Gabbert will be a story, the Combine will be when Jake Locker has to show why so many liked him as the possible No. 1 overall pick had he come out last year. With his passing skills exposed at times throughout the 2010 season, Locker has to be so special and so amazing in workouts that his tools can make up for his inability to throw on a consistent basis. At 6-3 and 230 pounds, and with great mobility, strength, and speed, it's all there to be a Combine god and get back up the draft boards. If he's not a workout warrior, he could slip out of the first round.

Arkansas star Ryan Mallett has to win in the interviews. He needs work on better handling a pass rush, but his size and arm are too intriguing to not be on the front burner for teams in the top 15 in need of a quarterback. He has to prove he has the temperament, the humility, and the right attitude, and he also needs to rock when questioned about his defense-reading ability.

Iowa's Ricky Stanzi also has to be fantastic in interviews and has to shed the tag of being a goofy, somewhat nutty type of leader. Florida State's Christian Ponder will be poked and prodded, needing to come through the medical examinations with flying colors. Nevada's Colin Kaepernick has to look the part when working under center, and he has to be accurate.