2011 Combine Buzz - Cam Expected To Do It All
Auburn QB Cam Newton
Auburn QB Cam Newton
Posted Feb 22, 2011

The buzz around the 2011 NFL Combine - Cam Newton Is Expected To Work Out

2011 NFL Combine Buzz

Cam Newton Will Workout

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As young men start to parade in their underwear in front of old guys with notepads, here are ten things that all the NFL types are talking about before the fun and merriment of the Combine in Indianapolis kicks in this weekend.

This is Cam Newton's Combine to win.

Sorry to use the suddenly overused phrase all in, but that's what Newton will be in Indy. He says he's not going to wait until his Pro Day or any private workouts; he's supposedly going to go through all the drills and do all the little things to show off. And why not? There's no one player with more to win, and less to lose, than Newton, and there's absolutely no downside to going through all the Combine motions.

Everyone knows he'll need a little bit of time and everyone knows he needs tweaking on his mechanics, but he doesn't need to be completely broken down, like Tim Tebow, and from all indications – pre-fabricated San Diego media workouts aside – he isn't going to take all that long to learn how to operate from under center. He could bomb the Wonderlic – the most important part of his next few days – and he could time a bit slower in the 40, not be silky-smooth through the cones, and he could misfire on his passes, and none of it will matter after everyone finally realizes how HUGE the guy is.

All the concerns about his game can be fixed, but the positives in his favor are undeniable and can't be taken away. He's a legitimate 6-6 and 250 pounds with the arm to make all the throws and the athleticism that would make him a dream of a receiving tight end prospect. He's going to work out because he has nothing to hide, and he's going to work out because this is the time when the buzz now turns into cash. Newton is an extremely easy sell for any struggling team in need of a franchise quarterback. Players with Ryan Mallett's size, Jake Locker's arm, and running back-like open-field running ability haven't been seen since Daunte Culpepper.

And the character issue? How many NFL general managers and scouts give a lick about whether or not Newton was telling the truth about Cecil Newton's shenanigans? Zero, nada, and anyone who says otherwise either doesn't like Newton's game or doesn't have a chance to get him. The NCAA bullspit rules and whether or not Newton broke them doesn't mean anything in the pros as long as he wins games. In a lemons into lemonade deal, considering he went through as much in-season adversity and scrutiny as any player has ever dealt with, and considering he still came up with the greatest year of any quarterback in college football history, the drama and controversy is now as big a positive as his size.

Newton is a rock star now. He was seen around NBA all-star weekend and he's doing the circuit as the Heisman winning/national championship quarterback he is, but now it's all about business. Some NFL team is going to love to make a splash with Newton, and with two great days in Indianapolis, Carolina, Buffalo, and Cincinnati could suddenly be more in the discussion rather than Tennessee, Washington, and Minnesota.