2011 Combine Buzz - Da'Quan Bowers' Knee
Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers
Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers
Posted Feb 22, 2011

The buzz around the 2011 NFL Combine - Da'Quan Bowers' Knee Surgery

2011 NFL Combine Buzz

Da'Quan Bowers' Knee

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As young men start to parade in their underwear in front of old guys with notepads, here are ten things that all the NFL types are talking about before the fun and merriment of the Combine in Indianapolis kicks in this weekend.

Da'Quan Bowers' knee

It shouldn't be that big a deal that a player gets a little clean up surgery following a season, but when it's the possible No. 1 overall pick who gets his knee scoped, it becomes a thing.

Clemson's Da'Quan Bowers is a certain top five overall pick, at the reasonable least a top three pick, and in a best case scenario he's a Carolina Panther depending on what the defensive tackles do and how they work out. Bowers had the surgery over six weeks ago and is expected to be just fine, but he's still not likely to do all the drills and could opt to wait a little longer before showing off what he can do in private workouts. The only problem is that some might be a bit concerned that he wasn't quite willing and able to go full-tilt so long after a relatively minor surgery.

No, Bowers' draft stock probably won't be affected even if he doesn't end up working out, but for the scouts and GMs in the testosterone-fueled week coming up, they want to see run-through-a-wall football players, and when splitting hairs between a Nick Fairley, a Marcell Dareus, or a Bowers, something like a relatively innocuous knee surgery could make a wee bit of a difference. That difference between being the No. 2 and the No. 3 pick means plenty of dollars.