2011 Combine Buzz - The 40 Star Will Be ...
Abilene Christian WR Edmund Gates
Abilene Christian WR Edmund Gates
Posted Feb 22, 2011

The buzz around the 2011 NFL Combine - Who'll be the speedster everyone will be talking about?

2011 NFL Combine Buzz

The 40 Star Speedster Will Be ...

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As young men start to parade in their underwear in front of old guys with notepads, here are ten things that all the NFL types are talking about before the fun and merriment of the Combine in Indianapolis kicks in this weekend.

The 40 star that everyone will generate the biggest buzz will be …

WR Edmund Gates of Abilene Christian. Along with a great name that makes him sound like a world-famous explorer (Headline: Sir Edmund Gates has made his base camp just 50 miles from the South Pole), the Division II star ripped up the 2010 season with 66 catches for 1,182 yards and 13 touchdowns, but that was D-II.

He'll be called this year's Johnny Knox, but he's stronger than the current Chicago Bear, has better upside, and could be even faster. Gates will start out his career as a one-trick pony being used almost exclusively as a home run hitter, but that might be good enough considering he'll threaten to come up with a sub-4.4 run.

The former basketball player is old (25), is going to be pushed around a bit, and needs a lot of developmental time for a receiver with just a few years of NFL production in him because of his age, but he's going to jump out of the stadium, will rock in the quickness drills, and should put up the type of numbers that earn him a third round pick. However, if he disappoints and is out of the 4.4 range, he'll be there for the taking in the fifth.