2011 NFL Combine - Offensive Guard Analysis
Florida State OG/C Rodney Hudson
Florida State OG/C Rodney Hudson
Posted Feb 27, 2011

Combine quick looks at the offensive guards invited to Indy.

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2011 NFL Combine Quick Looks & Post-Combine Rankings

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1. Rodney Hudson, Florida State, (C) 6-2, 291
Positives: Ultra-productive four-year starter who got the call in 48 of 51 career games. … Extremely athletic who moves well and can be used in a variety of ways. He fires off the ball with terrific agility. … Doesn't make mistakes and doesn't need any work. Ready to start from Day One. Polished. … Could be a center.
Negatives: Not big enough. He's going to have to fight to get to over 300 pounds and stay there. … Not a mauler. He needs to be in the right system where he can shine in a zone-blocking scheme. … Could get overwhelmed by the monster defensive tackles with big bulk.

2. Orlando Franklin, Miami (OT) 6-6, 315
Positives: Athletic enough to possibly be a right tackle after moving outside in his final year. Looked the part in college, but he could be a far stronger regular at guard. … Great for the running game. Goes to the whistle and has a great motor. … Buries blockers and never gives up ground when he has control.
Negatives: Might be a tweener. He's not necessarily a strong tackle prospect and he's not exactly built to be a guard. … Not quick enough on the outside and could struggle a bit in pass protection inside. … Can he stay in shape? He was all over the map with his weight over his career.

3. Marcus Cannon, TCU (OT) 6-5,, 363
Positives: A tackle with the size to be a guard. He moves extremely well for his size and he should be able to do a little of everything for a line. He'll find a starting job. … Insane strength. He should be a dominant guard for the ground game. … Has all the tools. He has the potential to be a special guard.
Negatives: He needs a fire lit under him to become a special blocker. It's all there to be a great guard or an okay right tackle, but he needs to harness all his talent. … Doesn't seem to have the jerkweed trait needed to destroy defenders. … Right tackle only if he ends up on the outside. The feet aren't quite there to be a left tackle.

4. Clint Boling, Georgia (OT) 6-5, 310
Positives: A veteran. He started four years in the SEC and did it all at a high level against great talents. He knows what he's doing. … Smart, heady, and wants to be better. He'll do whatever it takes to get on the field. … He's an NFL guard, but he could move out to right tackle if needed.
Negatives: Not the greatest of athletes. Yeah, he can play tackle, but he's a guard. … Okay against athletic pass rushers, but he's not going to be a rock. He'll have to be next to an athletic stud of a tackle. … Not a blaster. He's a good blocker, but he's not going to put anyone in the fourth row.

5. James Carpenter, Alabama (OT) 6-4, 313
Positives: Versatile enough to play tackle or guard. Unlike the rest of the guard/tackle combos in the draft, he can play left tackle if needed. … Was a rock for a national title program. Was a stalwart of a good line. … Moves well for a guard and is strong for a tackle. There's a spot for him somewhere.
Negatives: Isn't all that strong and didn't bury enough people to be ready to roll out as a guard. … Makes mistakes and wasn't always consistent. Gave up a few big plays. … Despite all his time logged in, he needs work at guard and needs to do far more to learn how to beat up defenders.

6. Danny Watkins, Baylor (OT), 6-4, 312
Positives: Physically ready to go right now. What you see is what you get, and he can be plugged in to start right away in terms of his maturity. … Versatile. Might be a right tackle because of his athleticism, but he should be a whale of a guard. … Likes to hit. A very nasty, very physical blocker who likes to flatten defenders.
Negatives: OLD. Will be a 27-year-old rookie and only has about five years in him even though he has only been playing the game for four years. … Physically mature, but he still needs work on pass protection if he's going to be a tackle. … Not polished. Do you want to wait for him to become a 30-year-old rock? He'll work for it, but there's a hard ceiling on what he'll do.

7. John Moffitt, Wisconsin 6-4, 313
Positives: A terrific producer at a high level. An elite road grater of a run blocker who loves to hit. … Can play center if absolutely needed. He's a simple player: create a hole, bury the man, do it again. … Doesn't make a lot of mistakes. Sound.
Negatives: Not all that athletic. Lived on brute strength and being a part of a great line. … Not necessarily a sure-thing starter. He's going to be a good part of the mix, but he's not going to be an anchor. … Doesn't get off the line fast or with a burst. At his best when he locks on and keeps moving.

8. Zach Hurd, Connecticut (OT) 6-7, 324
Positives: Very tall, very lean for his weight. He carries it well. … Buries defenders as a run blocker. Was the one the Husky offense ran behind for the hard yards. … Tough as nails. Doesn't have a problem playing through the bumps and bruises.
Negatives: A tackle who might be tried out at right tackle, but he'll work at guard. He's not built like a guard, though. … Not all that athletic. He might be big, but he's lumbering. … He'll struggle to get leverage. His height might be a negative as an NFL run blocker.

9. Andrew Jackson, Fresno State (C) 6-5, 302
Positives: A nice-looking blocker. He's big, but doesn't have a ton of excess bulk. … Just versatile enough to get a shot at center, even though he's a guard at the next level. … Is the type of player you want for your line. He'll work hard and he'll do the little things to be better.
Negatives: Not athletic enough to move outside, and he might not be seen as an elite guard when it comes to quickness. … Hurt. An ankle problem kept him out of most of last year and struggled through a back problem a few seasons ago. … Didn't look the part in offseason workouts. Got beaten way too much in East-West drills.

10. Justin Boren, Ohio State 6-3, 318
Positives: Has the attitude of a blasting run blocker. Goes full tilt all the time and wants to bury people. … Extremely strong. He won't get moved around and he'll do the pushing. … Great leverage. Has the body to get underneath defenders and control the play.
Negatives: No athleticism. He has to work only in a phone booth. … Quit Michigan and went to Ohio State partly because he didn't like the workouts or what was needed to handle the offense. He's not built for an up-tempo attack. … Struggled through a knee problem last year.

11. Will Rackley, Lehigh 6-3, 306
Positives: Extremely quick for his size. Moves well and shouldn't have a problem pulling. … Great for the ground game. A tough run blocker who flattened defenders on a regular basis. … Will do what it takes to be better. He'll battle to become a starter. Dominated the East-West practices.
Negatives: Got by on his physical skills at Lehigh and needs NFL polish and technique work. … Will have to go from being a killer left tackle to an inside blaster. It could take a little while. … Not really built to be a guard and might have to be in a zone blocking scheme.

12. David Arkin, Missouri State 6-4, 296
Positives: A tough run blocker for his size. Plows over defenders. … A leader. He was the anchor and star of the line and he played and acted like it. … Can move to right tackle if absolutely necessary. Decent quickness.
Negatives: Not all that big to be a guard. He's tall, but he's not bulky. … Not quick enough to be a regular pass protector against any NFL speed pass rusher. … Wasn't great in offseason workouts. Was okay, not elite.

13. Bryant Browning, Ohio State (OT) 6-4, 319
Positives: Very big and very versatile. He just as much of a right tackle prospect as he is as a guard. … Has the look and the tools. He can move inside or out without a problem. … Works at it. He'll do whatever the coaches tell him to do and will pay the price to be better.
Negatives: He was a good blocker, but not a special one in college. He didn't quite matchup to his skills. … Not quick. He needs to battle in short spaces and isn't going to handle a speed rusher. … A better football player than a prospect. He'll be good, but there's a hard ceiling on what he can do.

14. Tim Barnes, Missouri (C) 6-3, 297
Positives: An extremely productive center who managed to control the Tiger line for several years. A smart veteran. … Versatile. He'll get his shot at center, even though he'll likely end up at guard. … If he's in a zone-blocking scheme, he could shine and be a star. He'll work at it and will be at his best when on the move.
Negatives: Not big. He's not going to push anyone around and has to be able to wall off defenders. … Quicker than strong. He'll get held up and won't dominate at the next level. … A hard worker more than a top player. He's a try-hard type with limited upside.

15. Caleb Schlauderaff, Utah 6-4, 311
Positives: Ultra-productive, long-time starter who went through all the wars. He was one of the keys to Utah's offensive success. … Keeps hitting all the time. He's never one to shy away from contact. … Smart both in the classroom and on the field. Doesn't make any mental mistakes.
Negatives: Struggled in drills in post-season all-star practices. Had problems against real, live NFL prospect. … Not a special NFL blocker and won't move all that well to work on the outside. … A better football player than a prospect. Doesn't look well anywhere but in games.

16. Julian Vandervelde, Iowa (C) 6-2, 292
Positives: Extremely smart and a strong worker. He does everything the coaching staff asks and will keep doing what's needed to improve. … A nice enough athlete to handle the speedy interior pass rushers. Good lateral movement. … Great leader. Great character.
Negatives: Small. He won't be for everyone and might have to b in a finesse offense to get by. … While his technique is great, he's not built to be a dominant NFL blocker. … Lots of tread on the tires. Got banged up way too much.

17. Carl Johnson, Florida (OG) 6-5, 355
Positives: Massive. He has the bulk and the body to be a run blocker and to blot out the sun. … Despite being bulky, he hasn't had many injury issues and has been able to stay on the field. … A destroyer of a blocker when he gets his mitts on a defender.
Negatives: He can move about two inches. He doesn't have the feet or the athleticism to be a decent pass protector. … Can't move. Stiff as a board because of his girth. … Despite his size, he's not an elite run blocker. Needs work to do everything well.

18. Keith Williams, Nebraska 6-5, 312
Positives: Athletic enough to handle any interior pass rusher. He has no problem dealing with the quicker defenders. … Has been around for forever. He was a long time starter and a steady producer. … A natural guard. Has the bulk and the size to be a pounding run blocker.
Negatives: Not fluid. He doesn't look all that smooth despite his athleticism. … Not known for being a gym rat. His desire has been questioned. … Was a good starter, but not a special one. He didn't quite produce up to his talents.

19. Ray Dominguez, Arkansas 6-4, 334
Positives: Really strong and gets a great push. Fights hard to make the big block. … Massive. He has the NFL body that can be plugged into a line right away. … Shoves people around. Opens holes and is one to run behind.
Negatives: Not exactly built. He's big, but there's a lot of bad weight. … Not an athlete. He might be tested out at guard, but that's not going to work. … Might only have a role as a phone booth blocker and won't work in every offense. Needs to go straight ahead.

20. Ricky Henry, Nebraska 6-3, 310
Positives: A blaster of a run blocker who'll beat people up when he gets a chance. … A fighter. Will push to the whistle and beyond. … Great when he gets his hands on a defender. He'll bury his man.
Negatives: Not athletic. He might be limited in where he can be and might only have a shot at right guard. … Doesn't move well and will struggle with the quicker pass rushers. … He's an effort blocker with a hard ceiling.

21. Bradley Thorson, Kansas (OT) 6-4, 309
Positives: Just versatile enough to be a right tackle if needed. … A solid pass protector who could be terrific on the inside against the stronger pass rushers. … Extremely smart. He graduated from Wisconsin in less than three years before transferring to Kansas.
Negatives: Not an athlete. He'll get tried out at right guard and he'll struggle. … Not a blaster. He isn't a road grader who'll bury a defender. … Doesn't necessarily look the part and might struggle to find a niche if he doesn't show up and shine as a right guard.

22 Stephen Schilling, Michigan (OT) 6-4, 302
Positives: Versatile enough to be a right tackle if needed, but he has the potential to be a strong guard if he can get more physical. … Fit the Rich Rodriguez system and showed nice athleticism. Could be great for a zone-blocking system. … Moves well. He gets around effortlessly.
Negatives: A disaster at times during Senior Bowl week. He was put on the turf way too easily. … Too much of a finesse player to be a top NFL guard and isn't athletic enough to be a tackle. … Way, way too tall a blocker and doesn't get consistent leverage.

23. Garrett Chisolm, South Carolina 6-6, 300
Positives: Huge frame. He has the upper body of an NFL offensive lineman. … Moves extremely well for a player of his size. Moves without a problem. … Tough and will work to be a player. He'll take the job seriously and has the work ethic to improve.
Negatives: Injured. Suffered a torn ACL at the end of 2010 and could be a year away from being a factor. … Needs time to develop as a steady blocker. He's just scratching the surface, and that's not necessarily a plus in his case. … A project. Is someone going to have the patience to hope his knee is ready?

24. Maurice Hurt, Florida (OT) 6-3, 319
Positives: A strong run blocker who destroys defenders. He sits on his man's head. … A smart player who won't make a ton of mistakes. … While he's not tall, he's an imposing force.
Negatives: Not an athlete, even though some might think he could be a right tackle. … Almost undraftable because of a knee injury. He was a late pick anyway, and now someone will have to wait a year before knowing what he can do. … He'll never be a regular starter. He's a reserve at best.

25. Isaiah Thompson, Houston 6-3, 300
Positives: Good in pass protection, he's used to moving his feet. … Just scratching the surface. He's a diamond in the rough with the size and athleticism for a potentially strong payoff. … Still learning the job. He's a tough player who isn't afraid to get physical and aggressive.
Negatives: He's a former defensive lineman who occasionally blocks like it. He's in the mix because he has the tools to potentially be a factor. … Not the quickest of blockers. Needs to be far more efficient in his moves. … Still learning. Really, really, raw.