2011 NFL Combine - Center Analysis
Floirda C Mike Pouncey
Floirda C Mike Pouncey
Posted Feb 27, 2011

Combine quick looks at the centers invited to Indy.

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1. Mike Pouncey, Florida (OG) 6-5, 311
Positives: Extremely versatile. Could be a great starter at guard or center. … Very big, very physical, and athletic in games. Moves extremely well and doesn't get beat on the inside. … Doesn't get knocked off his base and never, ever gets pushed. He'll be a road grader.
Negatives: He's not his brother. Maukice is far better. … Struggled way too much in shotgun snaps. He got better as the season went on, but he's not a natural. … Not the greatest of athletes, but his brother didn't exactly light up the workouts.

2. Stefen Wisniewski, Penn State (OG) 6-3, 295
Positives: An athletic blocker who could be a whale of a player in a zone blocking scheme. He could play center or guard. … Always working and always going full tilt. He did everything to be the main man for average Penn State lines. … Very tough. Can't get him off the field.
Negatives: Not big. He doesn't look the part of a guard and struggled at times this year. Is a far better center prospect. … He's not going to beat anyone up. He's a finesse blocker at the next level and won't bury anyone. … There's a limit on what he can become unless he's a center in the right system.

3. Kristofer O'Dowd, USC 6-4, 303
Positives: A good veteran who was the main man for the USC line. He might not have been the best player up front, but that was his line. … Very athletic, very smart, and very sound. He's a leader who won't miss any calls. … Strong. Holds his own against the bigger defenders.
Negatives: A center only. He doesn't have the body type or the skill to be a guard. … Banged up. He had a hard time staying on the field thanks to a variety of issues. … Doesn't get low and struggles with his leverage.

4. Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU 6-2, 301
Positives: Won the Rimington Award as the nation's top center. Very strong, very sound. Doesn't make mistakes. … Held his own against top competition. Was great against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl and was tremendous in the win over Baylor. … Looked strong in post-season workouts. Had no problems in the Senior Bowl practices.
Negatives: Doesn't do much on the move. He's only a center and he can't get out and do much. … Not a blaster of a blocker. He gets the job done, but he isn't going to bury anyone. … Not big. He's not a huge blocker.

5. Chase Beeler, Stanford 6-2, 276
Positives: A zone-blocking, finesse-offense technician who was a strong run blocker at the collegiate level. … Always working, always moving, and always coming up with the key block. … Never misses a line call and doesn't' make mistakes. Very smart, he can be the leader of a line.
Negatives: Way too small. He doesn't have much room to get any bigger. … Not quick enough to be an elite center. He doesn't have the athleticism to necessarily make up for his size. … Saw time at guard, but forget it. If he doesn't rock at center, he's out of the league in a hurry.

6. Alex Linnenkohl, Oregon State 6-2, 301
Positives: Always pushing forward. No one ever seems to get a good push on him. … Busts his tail and will do whatever is needed to get stronger and better. … Runs surprisingly well, but he's mostly a mauler who owns the phone booth.
Negatives: Not a great athlete and doesn't move all that well. He needs to be going forward and he needs to be in a power ground game. … Doesn't really look the part. He's not going to win any beauty contests with his body-type. … Doesn't bury his man. Limited in what he can do, but he could be a marginal starting center.

7. Jason Kelce, Cincinnati (OG) 6-3, 284
Positives: In the right system, he could be terrific as either a center or guard. He can do everything in the interior. … Great on the move. Runs extremely well and can get out and make the key downfield block. … The ultimate worker. A former walk-on inside linebacker who turned himself into an offensive lineman.
Negatives: Very, very light with no room to bulk up. If he's not in a zone-blocking scheme, he's nothing more than a backup. … He's not going to pop anyone. He's not a mauler in any way.

8. Brandon Fusco 6.4, 302
Positives: Versatile. He can play anywhere on the line if needed. … Looked like he belonged against better competition at the Senior Bowl. He was more than fine in practices against the big boys. … Moves well. Has the feet to go along with the size to be a solid center.
Negatives: Slippery Rock. He didn't exactly have to deal with the SEC West on a weekly basis. … Not a pounder. He needs to discover a mean streak and he needs to start burying more defenders. … Doesn't get enough of a push for the ground game considering his competition level and size.

9. Zane Taylor, Utah 6-1, 300
Positives: There were several good players on the Ute line, but Taylor was the leader. … Busts his tail to get better. He'll work to stay on a team. … Great in a phone booth. Physical in a short area and is a good hitter.
Negatives: Not big. He's undersized and will be a center only. … Isn't a road grader. He gets bumped around way too easily. … Doesn't get the leverage he should for a player of his size. Not an athlete.

10. Ryan Bartholomew, Syracuse 6-1, 300
Positives: An excellent athlete who moves extremely well. … Built well for leverage and can get out on the move in a hurry. … Strong. Has no problems in the weight room or functionally. for the position. Has long arms, the right frame, and the athleticism to get up and into his block in a hurry.
Negatives: Doesn't look as good on tape as he does in workouts. He's not consistent. … Not a blaster. He doesn't bury defenders like he should. … Just a center. Lack of height eliminates any hope of being a guard.

11. Kevin Kowalski, Toledo 6-3, 300
Positives: A four-year starter who was great from the start. He was often the best player on some good MAC lines. … Versatile to move to guard as long as he's not asked to move much. … Tough as nails. He doesn't get knocked out with minor injuries.
Negatives: Not an athlete. Was exposed a bit too often in Senior Bowl practices. … Small arms. He's not going to keep too many decent pass rushers off balance. … Not strong enough to be a road grader. He doesn't have NFL blocking skills to be anything more than a backup.

12. Ryan McMahon, Florida State 6-2, 295
Positives: A four-year starter who knows what he's doing and doesn't make a slew of mistakes. … A former defensive lineman with the same sort of aggressive mentality. He looks to hit people. … A tough as they come and a worker who can battle to get better.
Negatives: Way too small and doesn't have the room to get bigger. This is it for him. … More of a try-hard type than a talent. He'll have to outwork everyone to get a shot at time. … Might have maxed out on his skills. He's never going to be anything more than a decent zone-blocking backup.

13. Ryan Pugh, Auburn 6-1, 295
Positives: A long-time starter and leader for a good Auburn line. Did everything well in the SEC wars. … Very smart and does all the little things right. He makes all the right calls. … Doesn't make mistakes. He held up extremely well against several top-shelf talents.
Negatives: Way too small. Doesn't have the raw bulk needed to last an NFL season. … Short arms aren't going to help the cause as a pass protector. … Not strong enough. He's a decent blocker, and he's functionally strong, but he doesn't have the pop to be a force.

14. Colin Baxter, Arizona 6-3, 305
Positives: A true mauler. A wrestler who brought his skills to the football field and the running game. … Started for all four years with a school-record 48 straight starts, and grew into a stronger and stronger leader. … A smart leader and ran the line. It was his line and he became a fantastic college player.
Negatives: Not all that big. He's not small, but he's not a bulky enough option to work at guard. … Not the best of athletes. He needs to work in a phone booth. … A good quarterback for a line, but he doesn't have the NFL ability to be a leader. He needs to be in the right system.

15. J.C. Brignone, Mississippi State 6-1, 304
Positives: Came up with a fantastic East-West Shrine week to get on the map. He was a standout who held his own against the top competition. … Could play guard if needed. He has the strength to handle the position. … A nice pass protector, but he's at his best on the move for the ground game.
Negatives: Not a top athlete and isn't going to get out to the second level too often. … Okay in pass protection, but hardly great. He has been tried out at guard in post-season workouts and he's just a center. … Not tall. He doesn't necessarily look the part.