2011 Post-Combine Buzz - The Julio Show
Alabama WR Julio Jones
Alabama WR Julio Jones
Posted Feb 28, 2011

It was an interesting weekend at the 2011 NFL Combine, and while Cam Newton might have been the big storyline, Alabama WR Julio Jones stole the show with a workout for the ages. Was it enough to possible get past A.J. Green to be the No. 1 receiver off the board. How did Newton do? Who's the No. 3 receiver? Check out the buzz after the weekend of the 2011 NFL Combine.

2011 NFL Post-Combine Buzz

Julio Jones vs. A.J. Green

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As the line goes, the only person who was ever able to keep Michael Jordan in check was Dean Smith. After what happened on Sunday, there's a chance that the only person who can stop Alabama WR Julio Jones is Nick Saban.

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It was pretty much an afterthought that Georgia's A.J. Green was the top receiver in the 2011 Draft. He has all the tools to be a star with the size, the speed, and the college production that should make him a can't-miss prospect. The only problem is that now, after this weekend, Jones proved to be far faster and a far, far better athlete than Green, and just about any other receiver in Combine history.

Jones wasn't exactly a disappointment for the Tide, but he didn't have to do nearly as much as most elite receiver prospects because of the offense he was in and the role he played. There were injury issues, and he did have his moments, but he was hardly a special collegian in terms of production. Now, after this workout, some are going to see him as a Randy Moss without the baggage or attitude.

If there was an MVP of the Combine, at least from the offensive side, it was Jones by a mile. Not only did he measure close to 6'3", but he also checked in at 220 pounds and tore off a shocking 4.39  in the 40. But what had everyone buzzing was his standing broad jump of 11'3", a full six inches better than everyone else but Edmund Gates (and had he stuck the landing on one of his misfires, he was probably closer to 11'7"). He wasn't just athletic; he was athletic and seemed to want to do even more. He relished the workout and competed at a high level.

The crazy part about The Julio Show was that Green was rock solid. Green didn't do all the drills like Jones did, but he measured at a tall 6'4" and a big 211 pounds, had longer arms than the former Bama star, did 18 reps on the bench compared to Jones' 17, and ran a good-enough 4.5 and broad jumped a better-than-average 10'6". For anyone who considered Green a top five pick before, and possibly No. 4 overall to Cincinnati, nothing changed. His workout confirmed that he really is a great athlete and with the body of work at Georgia also in consideration, there's no reason to downgrade him in any way. For Jones, though, he just made a ton of dough.

Before the Combine, Jones was slotted in around the 14 to St. Louis and absolutely no later than 16 to Jacksonville. Those dreams for teams in the teens probably went bye-bye with the 4.39, and now it might take a trade up to secure the clear No. 2 receiver. Now, Cleveland might have its go-to receiver for Colt McCoy at the six, or Dallas, at the nine, could make its already great receiving corps devastating with Jones combining with Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. If nothing else, now Jones became the sexy, must-have player who's going to be expected to blow up from Day One.

Now that the constraints of the Alabama offense are off, it's time to see what Jones can really do.