2011 Post-Combine Buzz - The Tight End Issues
Florida Atlantic TE Rob Housler
Florida Atlantic TE Rob Housler
Posted Feb 28, 2011

The buzz after the weekend of the 2011 NFL Combine - The continued issues at tight end

2011 NFL Post-Combine Buzz

The Tight End Issue

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- Breaking Down the 2011 NFL Combine
This wasn't supposed to be a special tight end draft class, and the Combine didn't do anything to change that.

The one true top prospect of the lot, Notre Dame's Kyle Rudolph, didn't work out with his hamstring still a problem. It was a good move as his absence only strengthened his position as the No. 1 prospect.

There were some nice workouts, and several players helped themselves, but few came up with anything eye-popping and none of the top players showed anything everyone didn't already know.

The one big winner was Nevada's Virgil Green, who was supposed to be athletic and was supposed to be smooth, but he was even better than hoped for. He only ran a 4.64 40, but he moved and looked like a wide receiver. With a 42.5" vertical and a 10'10" broad jump, he sent everyone back to look at the tape.

Northern Iowa's Schuylar Oordt was very big – almost 6'6" and 261 pounds – fast, and agile. He was decent enough in the ball drills and quick enough in the short runs to become a much stronger prospect. While he still might not be anyone's No. 1 target, he could be a whale of a tight end in a rotation.

Michigan State's Charlie Gantt was more athletic than expected, considering he's supposed to be a physical prospect; Tulsa's Charles Clay was slow in the 40, but showed enough to be a tight end instead of a fullback; and Florida Atlantic's Rob Housler was fantastic with a 4.55 40 while looking like a wide receiver in the ball drills. But those three are mid-round picks who'll have to fight to make a team.

Wisconsin's Lance Kendricks was big at 243 pounds and he was quick in the shuttle and came up with a great broad jump of 10'2", but he seemed like he was angry at the ball every time it came his way. He's a far better receiver than he showed and he didn't grab the spotlight when he had the chance.

Tennessee's Luke Stocker came up with a nice workout and solid measurables, including a 4.79 40 and 27 reps on the bench, but he was stiff, a bit upright, and didn't shed the tag that he's just a tight end and nothing more. However, he was a good enough athlete to open up a few eyes.

Out of the top prospects, D.J. Williams of Arkansas came up with the exact workout that everyone expected, and everyone wanted to see. He still looks like a fullback, but his 4.67 40 was strong, he was quick, and he was among the most natural of receivers. Was it enough to be the No. 2 tight end? It might have been, but that still might mean he doesn't go until the third round.