2011 NFL Combine - Defensive End Analysis
Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan
Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan
Posted Mar 1, 2011

Combine quick looks at the defensive ends invited to Indy.

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1. Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson 6-3, 280
Positives: The ultimate combination of size, quickness, and pass rushing ability. Once he decided he wanted to be great and dedicated himself to his craft, he became one of the best players in college football and lived up to all the immense prep hype. … Figured out how to close. He was able to get into the backfield in his first two years, but he found an extra step and ended up becoming a sack machine. … Versatile. He could be put anywhere on any line and he'd be productive. He has the total skill set.
Negatives: It took the death of his father and former Clemson star Gaines Adams to kick Bowers into gear. He could quickly slip back into a fleshy-big body if he doesn't keep at it. He's not nearly the same player if he hits 300 pounds. … He could stand to get a bit more creative. He was able to get by simply by being far more athletic and skilled than anyone else. … He isn't going to put up whopping NFL sack totals and shouldn't be drafted if anyone is hoping for a machine.

2. Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue 6-4, 267
Positives: A pure pass rusher who's always working and always going 100 miles per hour. He has a relentless motor and makes plays on effort. … Produced even when keyed on. He was the focus of every blocking scheme and always came through against the better teams. … He's built like a hybrid and can be a strong defensive end in a 4-3. He'll do whatever it takes to be better.
Negatives: He's not the most fluid of athletes and isn't really an outside linebacker. He needs to be able to carry a bit more weight and put his hand on the ground. … Not fast off the ball. He gets into the backfield by being relentless. … Needs to learn how to do a bit more and get more moves. He's not going to be able to get around the end on a consistent basis as a speed rusher.

3. Robert Quinn, North Carolina 6-4, 265
Positives: A phenomenal athlete, he moves like an outside linebacker and can get into the backfield in a blur. Fluid and water-skis around the edge with the best of them. … Smooth as glass. He can run around linemen and has the strength and the punch to provide a pop like a much bigger lineman. … Scratching the surface. He could blow up once he learns how to be a defensive end. A good coach could create a monster.
Negatives: He needs a lot of work and missing the 2010 season after being suspended didn't exactly help the cause. He might need a year before he comes close to reaching his potential. … More of a workout warrior than a top-shelf football player. He needs to be an all-around playmaker. … Benefitted by being a part of a great defensive front. He has to hold up far better against the run.

4. J.J. Watt, Wisconsin 6-5, 290
Positives: The ultimate motor. A former walk-on who plays every play like his life is depending on it. He's always working and he's always flying around. … Great athlete for his size. A former tight end who moves like a much smaller player. He carries his weight extremely well on a long frame. … Strong and tough. The ideal 5-technique end and can work in any scheme.
Negatives: It's always important to be a wary any time a player goes from being a walk-on to a special NFL prospect in a hiccup. … While he's an athlete, he has to prove he can consistently produce when going against players who work as much as he does. … Not a flash off the ball. He gets his production in the backfield by working.

5. Cameron Heyward, Ohio State 6-5, 294
Positives: Great size and great athleticism. He's the ideal 3-4 end and can be strong against the run while also fighting to make plays in the interior. … When he's on, he's unstoppable. He destroyed Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl and controlled the game when things got tight. …. A good character guy. A natural leader who'll make sure he and the rest of his line are always working. Almost no bust potential.
Negatives: Not the greatest of athletes. He might be versatile, but he's not a speed rusher in any way and he's not an elite pass rusher. … He doesn't get off the ball in a hurry. He gets blocked easily and he'll disappear for stretches. … A hard ceiling on what he can do and what he can become. He'll be rock solid, but he doesn't have the raw tools to be special.

6. Cameron Jordan, California 6-4, 267
Positives: Very fast, very athletic, and always working. He's a high-octane player who'll always bring the good effort. … A polished athlete. He plays and works like an outside linebacker and he gets around the end effortlessly. … Very, very long. He has a big frame and can carry more weight without a problem.
Negatives: He's a better athlete than a violently quick pass rusher. He's not going to fly off the ball. … He'll get eaten up by blocks. He has to be in space and he has to be on the move. … He's not a rock against the run on the line. He'll be far better chasing down ball carriers.

7. Adrian Clayborn, Iowa 6-3, 281
Positives: Very strong, very versatile lineman who can work as a 3-4 end or a 4-3 tackle. … A leader. He gets fired up, pushes his teammates, and has a passion and a caring for the game and his craft. …. Angry. He plays with a fire and a strength to give it a full effort.
Negatives: Suffers from Erb's Palsy and has a weakness/paralysis in his arm. … Stunningly disappeared way too often last year. He had an underwhelming senior year after dominating as a junior. His pass rushing production dropped off the map. … Not huge and can be erased by the better, bigger linemen.

8. Jabaal Sheard, Pitt 6-3, 264
Positives: Very quick off the ball and goes from 0-to-60 in a hiccup. Grew into a stronger pass rusher. … Fights hard and works to get into the backfield. He doesn't take plays off. … A hybrid with just enough athleticism to work as an outside linebacker or a 4-3 end.
Negatives: Needs to be far better against the run. He'll struggle as a true lineman against the power teams. … Injury concerns. Nothing major, but he was always trying to fight through something that kept him from letting it rip. … Not big. He had to work to get up past 260 pounds and doesn't have much room to get bigger.

9. Pernell McPhee, Mississippi State 6-3, 278
Positives: A great combination of size and want-to. He's always working and he's great at revving up the motor. Leads by example and could make a defensive front seven his. … Doesn't get knocked off his base and bounces off of blocks. He has a great base and excellent size. … Hits like a ton of bricks and he's as physical as they come.
Negatives: He's not a creative pass rusher and he's not going to get to the quarterback on a regular basis. His sacks will come on effort. … He's not a natural player and gets caught out of position too much. He'll have to work on being a film guy and breaking down plays. … He's self-motivated, but he needs a great coach and a kick-in-the-pants guy to maximize his efforts.

10. Allen Bailey, Miami 6-3, 285
Positives: A good pass rusher who closes well. He finishes off his pass rush well and is good at always getting behind the line. … Strong and athletic for his size. He can be an end in any system and will always work to maximize his skills. … Fast off the ball. Gets up and into the play in a hurry and can shove people around as easily as he can use his athleticism to get to the outside.
Negatives: He needs to figure out far more moves and needs more technique work. He's good, but he can get far better. … Doesn't cut all that well and might not be a dangerous edge rusher. He might end up working better in a 3-4. … Extremely high floor and almost no bust potential, but he's not going to be a superstar.

11. Sam Acho, Texas 6-2, 262
Positives: Very fast and very athletic. He has the raw measurables and he moves extremely well. He can be used in a variety of ways. … Supreme character. NFL Man of the Year type of guy who'll be great for any team and any community. A leader. … Will work at it. Doesn't dog it on any play and could be just tapping his potential. Could blow up if he finds the right team and the right fit.
Negatives: Didn't always produce. He was good, and he had his moments, but he didn't blow up as a top-shelf collegian. … Smallish. Short and isn't built like an end, and he's not really an outside linebacker. … Will get erased against the run. He'll get engulfed by stronger linemen and it'll be over.

12. Cliff Matthews, South Carolina 6-4, 257
Positives: A great frame and he looks the part. He's a long, lean defensive end and can carry more weight without much of a problem. … Always working and always doing something to try to make a play. He was extremely consistent and tries to get better. He'll make himself into a player. … Very tough. He'll make plays on want-to, and he has just enough athleticism to get by.
Negatives: Not smooth and not fluid. He's not necessarily an outside linebacker and he's not big and thick enough to be a 4-3 defensive end. … Not a creative pass rusher. He comes up with plays behind the line, but he's limited in his repertoire. … Hard ceiling. Not a good enough athlete to be a special player and will likely be a cog in the system.

13. Greg Romeus, Pitt 6-5, 264
Positives: Has the length and the frame to be a true defensive end and can put on more weight. … A pure pass rusher who can shove a lineman aside or get around him. He has a variety of ways to get to a quarterback. … There's a good payoff if given time. If he's allowed to develop and learn, he could be special.
Negatives: He has to prove he can get back to being the player he was after missing all but two games with injuries. He has a back problem, but an injured knee if the biggest problem. … He has the raw tools, but there's nothing special about his athleticism. Not a speed rusher. … Needs technique work.

14. Ricky Elmore, Arizona 6-5, 255
Positives: Able to move to get into space and he's good at getting to the ball carrier. Fights through the trash and doesn't stay blocked. … A surperior pass rusher who knows how to get to the quarterback. He's a great finisher. … A veteran. He was fantastic for three years and produced at a consistently high level over the last few seasons.
Negatives: Won't get any bigger. He's as large as he's going to get and he's not going to be a strong defensive end and won't be an outside linebacker. … Not athletic enough. He gets to plays on want-to instead of on skill. … Not going to be NFL strong against the run. He's not all that physical.

15. Pierre Allen, Nebraska 6-4, 273
Positives: A versatile lineman who can be an end in any scheme and any system. He's a good tackler and a good producer. … A decent pass rusher with good length. Tough to throw over. … A good athlete for his size. Moves well enough to hope for production with a little bit of a push.
Negatives: Was good, but wasn't a special college player. He was consistent, but he didn't dominate. … Not strong enough to be a dominant 3-4 end, and not quick enough to be a good 4-3 pass rusher. … Didn't always crank out numbers. He put up decent numbers over the last three years, but he was inconsistent.

16. Ryan Winterswyk, Boise State 6-4, 268
Positives: A fighter who has made himself into a force. He's very smart, very tough, and very productive. Maximizes his talents. … A good character, coachable player who everyone will want to have around the defense. He can be a part of a rotation and always bring the intensity and effort. … Big. He has decent size for a 4-3 end.
Negatives: Not an athlete. He's not quick, he's not fast, and he's not going to fly off the ball. … Not strong enough to hold up on a regular basis against the better run blockers. … It's all on drive and want-to. There's a limit on what he can do and he's not going against San Jose State and Utah State anymore.

17. Ugo Chinasa, Oklahoma State 6-5, 264
Positives: A tall, athletic pass rusher who has a bit of room to put on a bit more good weight. He could be 265 without an issue. … Zips well from side to side and shuffles his feet. He doesn't stay still for long. … Good in pursuit. Great at seeing the play develop and coming up with the play.
Negatives: A tweener who doesn't have the quickness to be an outside linebacker. A 5-techique end who needs stronger players around him. .. Not an elite pass rusher and didn't come up with enough sacks. A good college player, but not a great one. … No power or functional strength. He doesn't do much when he gets blocked.

18. Markus White, Florida State 6-4, 266
Positives: A good leader. He took on a bigger role as his career went on. … A great motor. He's always working and he's always bringing positive energy. He made several plays just by outhustling everyone else. … A good tackler. Not just a pass rusher, but he has the speed to get in the backfield in a hurry.
Negatives: Seizure problems. He has them under control, but they have been an issue for years. … More of an effort guy than a pure athlete. He's a tireless worker. … A good player with almost no bust potential, but he's not going to be a star. Has a low, hard ceiling.

19. Kentrell Lockett, Ole Miss 6-5, 241
Positives: Very athletic. Good height, good frame, and has the length to be tough to throw over and get around. … Fast. Can go from Point A to Point B in a hurry. … A good pass rusher. He's good at generating pressure and he's a good closer.
Negatives: ACL. He missed most of last season hurt with a knee injury and still has to prove he can be back to form. … He was a speed guy and not a physical defender. If he loses his quicks, he's not going to make much of an impact. … Plays a bit high and takes on big hits. Can be blocked a bit too easily.

20. Cheta Ozougwu, Rice (OLB) 6-2, 247
Positives: A quick end who might project to be a better outside linebacker with a little bit of work. He always works and always hustles to make plays. … Doesn't miss stops. When he gets his hands on a ball carrier, it's over. … Smart and smooth. Moves well and always finds his way to the ball.
Negatives: Not an elite athlete for his size. Not enough speed and isn't all that strong. … Erased by anyone who blocks him. Not physical enough. … Nothing impressive about his game. He doesn't do any one thing at a high level.

21. Justin Trattou, Florida 6-4, 255
Positives: Always working. Great motor, great energy, and great fight. He's going to work himself into plays. … A solid pass rusher who's quick off the edge. He can become a speedy Point A to B guy. … Wants to be better. He'll work his way into becoming a player.
Negatives: Not really shifty and not all that creative. More of a straight line playmaker. … A good college player but not an elite one. He's just okay against the run. … Not physical and not all that big. He's not going to be anyone's 3-4 end.

22. Lazarius Levingston, LSU 6-4, 288
Positives: "Pep" is a typical LSU defensive end. He's huge, he's athletic, and he has a large frame. He eats up the run. … Versatile. He can be a 3-4 end or a 4-3 tackle and he should be able to hold his own. … Spent the late part of his career inside but has just enough athleticism to be a decent pass rusher in time.
Negatives: Not a special athlete and is a true inside tweener. There isn't really a defined role for what he can do. … He's missing the agility to be an edge rusher in any way. He'll get to the quarterback partly by luck early on. … Could stand to be stronger against the run. Can he use his frame at an NFL level to come up with stops?

23. D'Aundre Reed, Arizona 6-4, 261
Positives: Looks like an NFL defensive end with the right body and the right size. He's a pure athlete with a huge upside. .. .Produced when he got his chance. He was good whenever he got on the field. … A good pass rusher with a lot of good football in him. He could be a dangerous specialist.
Negatives: Didn't do much in college because he was a part of a rotation. He didn't stand out enough to earn a full-time gig. …Very, very raw. Needs a ton of work and might not get much developmental time. If he doessn't get into the backfield, he'll be an easy cut. … Not physical. Gets engaged and blocked way too easily.

24. Zane Parr, Virginia 6-4, 275
Positives: Tall with a good body. He has the strength to be a solid 3-4 end who should be able to hold up against the run, and he's athletic enough to be a 5-technique end in a 4-3. … A decent tackler who doesn't miss a stop that comes his way. … Still improving. He needs time, but there's ecent upside and a lot of potential.
Negatives: Made a strange decision to come out early. He's not nearly refined enough to be anything more than a flier of a prospect. … No pass rushing skills whatsoever. He'll need plenty of work to make a difference on the outside. … Gets hit way too easily. He's tall, and he plays like it.

25. Demarcus Dobbs, Georgia 6-2, 261
Positives: Great base. He's a big, thick player who doesn't get knocked around. … A fighter. He has a strong motor and he doesn't dog it on the field. He'll bring decent energy. … Just tough and athletic enough to be a linebacker. Decent versatility.
Negatives: Always banged up and was never able to rip it up for the Dawgs. There was always an issue. … Not strong enough. He's not a rock against the run and he's a mediocre tackler. … Doesn't seem to have "it" as far as a football player. He makes way too many mistakes.