2011 NFL Draft - The CFN Top 250 (3rd Round)
Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter
Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter
Posted Mar 3, 2011

After the Combine, CFN's Top 250 Draft Prospects for 2011. Here are the players with third round talent.

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What happens when you combine the real, live, on-field production of the college careers of all the top NFL prospects with raw workout numbers and practices? The CFN Top 250 players for the 2011 NFL Draft. Please note, this isn't a prediction or a projection of where the prospects will go. Instead, it's a ranking based on apparent talent, safety, risk, and the potential to be a bona fide NFL starter. These are the best 250 prospects regardless of position.

65. DE Pernell McPhee, Mississippi State 6-3, 278
Positives: A great combination of size and want-to. He's always working and he's great at revving up the motor. Leads by example and could make a defensive front seven his. … Doesn't get knocked off his base and bounces off of blocks. He has a great base and excellent size. … Hits like a ton of bricks and he's as physical as they come.
Negatives: He's not a creative pass rusher and he's not going to get to the quarterback on a regular basis. His sacks will come on effort. … He's not a natural player and gets caught out of position too much. He'll have to work on being a film guy and breaking down plays. … He's self-motivated, but he needs a great coach and a kick-in-the-pants guy to maximize his efforts.

66. RB Shane Vereen, California 5-10, 200
Positives: Fast. He's not Jahvid Best-fast and he's not as fast as other top Cal backs, but he can move. … Patient. A good running back who knows how to play the position. … A nose for the goal line. He scored 30 touchdowns over the last two seasons. … A nice receiver who can be used in a variety of ways.
Negatives: Not all that big. More thin and slippery than thick and powerful. … Not as smooth as he needs to be for a player of his size and quickness. … He has the potential to be a good complementary back, but hardly a No. 1.

67. WR Jerrel Jernigan, Troy 5-9, 181
Positives: Extremely fast with the wheels to be used in a variety of ways. He can be a runner, a returner, or a deadly deep threat. … Zips in and out of breaks smooth as silk. Cuts on a dime. … Tough for his size. He's not physical, but he'll take a pounding and will keep on producing.
Negatives: He'll get pushed around a bit too much. He's not a physical target and he'll get knocked off his routes by a stiff breeze. … Small. He's not going to outleap anyone and he's not going to block anybody. … Might be more of a returner than a receiver and could get pigeonholed into a role. Could be Steve Breaston (which isn't all that bad).

68. WR Leonard Hankerson, Miami 6-1, 205
Positives: Productive. Turned in a great senior season despite a soap opera at quarterback. Was fantastic during Senior Bowl week. … Smooth as glass. He runs, cuts, and looks like a natural receiver. Great route runner. … Will work to be better. Almost no bust potential. He'll make sure he improves at the little things.
Negatives: Not the greatest of athletes. Decent speed, but nothing that'll scare anyone. … Missed too many catches. Nice hands, but he'll blow a few layups. … Limited upside. He might be good, but he's not going to be special.

69. ILB Kelvin Sheppard, LSU (OLB) 6-2, 250
Positives: A great hitter and an intimidating force. It seemed like he was in on every defensive play for LSU over the last two years and he always seemed to be around when every big play happened. … Ultimate motor. A high-energy, high-effort defender who brings it every practice and every play. … Gets to the ball. Good in space and has an instinctive knack for getting to the ball.
Negatives: A better football player than an athlete. There might be a hard ceiling on what he can become and what he can do. He should be very good, but he's not likely to be special. … Not all that bulky. He's a tall, lanky player who doesn't have too much room to get much bigger. Not bulky and doesn't have a great base. … Not a strong pass defender. He sniffs out the plays, but he doesn't always get there until it's a half-step too late. Makes lots of plays down the field.

70. OT/OG Clint Boling, Georgia 6-5, 310
Positives: A veteran. He started four years in the SEC and did it all at a high level against great talents. He knows what he's doing. … Smart, heady, and wants to be better. He'll do whatever it takes to get on the field. … He's an NFL guard, but he could move out to right tackle if needed.
Negatives: Not the greatest of athletes. Yeah, he can play tackle, but he's a guard. … Okay against athletic pass rushers, but he's not going to be a rock. He'll have to be next to an athletic stud of a tackle. … Not a blaster. He's a good blocker, but he's not going to put anyone in the fourth row.

71. RB Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State, 5-7, 200
Positives: Cuts on a dime. Darts into a hole in a hiccup, and has the acceleration to burst for an extra yard. Very fast. … Ultra-productive when healthy. Was a surprisingly strong workhorse for his size. … Not afraid of contact. He'll take hits and will come back with another productive run.
Negatives: Forget about running inside on a regular basis. He was able to do it in college, but he doesn't have the bulk needed. … Durability. He stayed on the field last year and fought to play in 2009, but he has ankle issues. … Not a receiver. He's built like a third down back, but he isn't one.

72. ILB Casey Matthews, Oregon 6-1, 231
Positives: A great playmaker who makes things happen in key times. He's a disruptive force who owns the defense. Everyone works around him. … He has his family's work ethic. He's always going to hustle and he's always going to bring the A effort. … A natural leader who does everything asked of him. He has just enough size and the right instincts to be someone's middle linebacker for the next several years.
Negatives: He's not his brother, Clay. He's not a pass rusher and he's not an outside linebacker in any way. … Not an elite athlete and not all that smooth. He's a baller more than an athlete and he might be given more of a leash than he should because of his bloodlines. … Can get eaten up by blockers. Will be erased when someone locks on him. He needs to get a lot stronger to be a killer on the inside.

73. TE Luke Stocker, Tennessee 6-5, 258
Post-Combine Skinny: Ran a terrific 4.79 in the 40 and moved well. He showed decent quickness overall, but he lumbered a bit through the shuttle. The biggest plus was his strength on the bench with 27 reps and his terrific leap of 33". Proved that the basic tools are there.
Positives: Has a good combination of size and athleticism. Moves well and gets open. … Isn't afraid to make the tough grab. Always likes to go across the middle. … A good enough blocker to get by. He does it all well.
Negatives: A bit stiff and a bit too upright. Isn't a natural receiver. … A guy. He doesn't do any one thing at a high level. Good at everything, not great at anything. … A decent blocker, but he won't crush anyone.

74. DT Jurrell Casey, USC 6-1, 300
Positives: Extremely athletic for his size. He moves well off the snap and is great in space. … A huge, intimidating hitter who packs a big-time punch. … He'll work for it. He'll make himself better and won't have a problem putting in the time.
Negatives: He doesn't exactly look the part. He's a short player who could stand some body reshaping. … He can get shoved around and doesn't always use his lack of height for proper leverage. … While he can be used as a nose tackle, he could stand to get a bit stronger.

75. DT Muhammad Wilkerson, Temple 6-4, 315
Positives: Versatile enough to be used as a defensive end in a 3-4. He has the pass rushing ability to turn into a strong finisher. … Quick off the ball for a player of his size. He has the tools and he has the potential to be a dominant interior pass rusher. … He looks the part. If he played for a bigger name school he'd be considered a superstar prospect.
Negatives: While he made a ton of plays, he isn't going to be a huge rock of an NFL run stopper. … He's not as physical as he'll need to be. He might be a true 3-4 end more than a tackle. … He isn't a killer. He's a playmaker, but he doesn't seem to have the desire to be a butt kicker. He needs to be more of a battler.

76. OT James Brewer, Indiana 6-6, 323
Positives: Great frame to be a natural left tackle. Indiana was one of the leaders in sacks allowed, and he was a big reason. … Moves well and effortlessly. There shouldn't be too much of a problem against most speed rushers. … NFL body. He's tall, big, and has the look. The basics are there to be a prototype.
Negatives: Not a natural blocker. He tends to whiff a bit just because he doesn't catch what the defender is coming up with. … His body is there for a Day One start, but he might need at least a year of grooming to be a left tackle. … Can get pushed around. He doesn't show enough functional strength for the ground game.

77. TE/FB Charles Clay, Tulsa 6-3, 245
Post-Combine Skinny: A bit of a disappointment, he didn't shed his tweener tag even with a good 4.73 in the 40. He wasn't all that quick in the short drills and was good, not great in the passing drills. Only came up with 18 reps on the bench; among the fewest of the tight ends.
Positives: Part fullback, part H-back, part tight end. He was a multi-functional performer for a long time in college. … Great hands and is able to do something with it when he has the chance. He packs a pop. … Used to finding ways to get open. He's a dependable target.
Negatives: Considering he was a college fullback, he doesn't hit with much force. He's a mediocre blocker. … Doesn't always play up to his speed and isn't much of a deep threat. … Not smooth. Productive, but he doesn't really look the part.

78. FS Deunta Williams, North Carolina 6-2, 205
Positives: A very smart, very willing defender who does whatever he has to. He gets through the trash well to make tackles and is good in the open field. … Good athleticism for his size. Cuts well and is quick in his cuts. Great from Point A to Piount B. … Nice ball skills. He could work tremendously well as a nickel or dime defender.
Negatives: Not a physical presence. He tries hard, but he gets pushed around when blocked. … Was helped by being surrounded by a loaded defense throughout his career. Messes were cleaned up. … Makes a lot of mistakes and isn't efficient at getting to the ball. Takes a lot of wasted steps.

79. ILB Chris White, Mississippi State 6-3, 240
Positives: Big and bulky, he has a nice frame and good toughness. He's willing to mix it up and has no problems playing in the scrum. … A decent all-around athlete. He pursues well and he has the speed to get to the ball and make things happen. He's a strong tackler who made 185 stops in two years. … Good range. Will always work to get to the ball and always gives a good effort.
Negatives: Not great at the point of attack. He's tough and willing, but he ends up making the stop yards down the field. .. .Not a pass rusher despite the six sacks he came up with last year. … While he's just versatile enough to get a shot on the outside if needed, he's not an outside linebacker. He should be productive, but he's just a guy. He's not going to be a special linebacker.

80. CB Ras-I Dowling, Virginia 6-1, 198
Post-Combine Skinny: Big and fast. There still might be questions about his health, and he wasn't lightning quick, but the knock was that he didn't have big-time speed and he ran a 4.46. A hotter prospect going into the 2010 season than he is now, he did enough to make someone like him in the top 100.
Positives: Good size and length. Has a great frame and he uses it well. … Very quick and cuts well. He's fluid enough to be a decent No. 1 corner, and has the athleticism to be a rock of a No. 2. … Great character and a hard worker who doesn't miss a stop. He's not physical enough, but he's sound.
Negatives: Hurt. Missed most of last year banged up. He has to prove now that he can stay healthy. … Fast enough, but he's hardly a blazer. He's going to struggle against the smaller, jitterbug receivers. … Might need to be in the right system. He's not going to be for every defense and might need to be in a Cover-2.

81. RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State 5-7, 190
Positives: Pound-for-pound one of the toughest players in the draft. He handled the ball a whopping 939 times in three years. … Extremely quick on the outside and runs with far more power than anyone his size should. … A pure receiver. He can be a third down back tomorrow for any NFL offense.
Negatives: Tread on the tires. He might not have a long shelf life. … He might be a better NFL receiver than a runner. He might not see too many carries for anyone concerned about his size. … Very, very small. Strong and tough, but he doesn't look like an NFL back and lacks the raw speed to be a special game-changer.

82. TE D.J Williams, Arkansas 6-2, 245
Positives: A strong receiver who catches the ball naturally and like a wide receiver. Makes every grab. … Fast. Can be a field stretcher and could be utilized far more in the pros. … High character. The type of player you want to have on your team.
Negatives: Small. Built like a fullback or an H-Back. Lacks the big receiver look. … An overrated college player considering he won the Mackey Award last year. Was a good receiver, but not that productive. … Not enough of a blocker to be a full-time fullback.

83. OT Chris Hairston, Clemson 6-7, 323
Positives: Very tall, very big, and has a great frame with the right body type to work on the outside. … Got to go up against Da'Quan Bowers on a regular basis and was a long time starter for a strong offense. … Loves to erase defenders for the ground game and will get out on the move to make a big hit.
Negatives: He's not exactly a chiseled tackle. He has too much bad weight on a long frame. … Not a great athlete and won't be a left tackle, even though he'll be tried out there. He's too tall to be a natural guard, but could move inside if he doesn't show the footwork to be a right tackle. … If he doesn't get his hands on a speed rusher, he'll get eaten alive and will reach too much.

84. CB Brandon Burton, Utah 6-0, 190
Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't a bad workout and he looked good overall. He's known for being quick and he's a good athlete, but the 4.51 was a problem. Scouts care about things like smallish hands, and Burton's 8 ½" mitts will be a red mark for those who worry about his pickoff skills.
Positives: Quick. He cuts well and moves like an NFL corner. A good all-around athlete. … Makes plays. Erased the good receivers who lacked the big-time wheels and was great when the ball was in the air. … Instinctive. He sniffs out plays well and knows how to get to the ball.
Negatives: Slow. Lacks the top-end speed and needs to be in the right system. … A willing tackler, but not strong enough to move to safety any time soon if needed. Not a big hitter. … Lack of raw speed a problem. He got beaten from time to time by the speed receivers.

85. DE Allen Bailey, Miami 6-3, 285
Positives: A good pass rusher who closes well. He finishes off his pass rush well and is good at always getting behind the line. … Strong and athletic for his size. He can be an end in any system and will always work to maximize his skills. … Fast off the ball. Gets up and into the play in a hurry and can shove people around as easily as he can use his athleticism to get to the outside.
Negatives: He needs to figure out far more moves and needs more technique work. He's good, but he can get far better. … Doesn't cut all that well and might not be a dangerous edge rusher. He might end up working better in a 3-4. … Extremely high floor and almost no bust potential, but he's not going to be a superstar.

86. SS Quinton Carter, Oklahoma 6-1, 208
Positives: A fantastic tackler. Was alays around the ball and was a tough, strong player who did a ton of big things for the Sooners over the last two seasons. … Decent ball skills making four picks in each of the last two seasons. Tracks the ball and has nice hands. … Hits big. He isn't going to miss a lot of plays that come his way and he'll make plenty of big stops.
Negatives: Very, very tight. A strong safety only he doesn't move all that well. … Fast, but not smooth. He's a straight-line runner who doesn't cut all that well. … Not a natural to the ball. He takes too many wasted steps to get to the running play. He makes a lot of tackles, but he also whiffed a lot.

87. OLB Mason Foster, Washington 6-1, 245
Positives: A pure football player. Arguably the most underappreciated playmaker in America last year after making 163 tops with 14 tackles for loss. … Doesn't miss a tackle. When he gets to the ball, the play is over. … Can do a little of everything. Big enough to start in the middle and with enough range to work at either outside spot.
Negatives: Not quite strong enough on a regular basis against the run. He gets shoved easily by the stronger linemen. … When he gets blocked, he stays blocked. He doesn't always use his size well enough. … Despite his production, he's not known for being a killer. Might need to get pushed a little bit.

88. DE Sam Acho, Texas 6-2, 262
Positives: Very fast and very athletic. He has the raw measurables and he moves extremely well. He can be used in a variety of ways. … Supreme character. NFL Man of the Year type of guy who'll be great for any team and any community. A leader. … Will work at it. Doesn't dog it on any play and could be just tapping his potential. Could blow up if he finds the right team and the right fit.
Negatives: Didn't always produce. He was good, and he had his moments, but he didn't blow up as a top-shelf collegian. … Smallish. Short and isn't built like an end, and he's not really an outside linebacker. … Will get erased against the run. He'll get engulfed by stronger linemen and it'll be over.

89. SS Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple 6-0, 198
Positives: Can play any safety position. He's built to play free safety but he tackles like a strong safety. … A great tackler with 2000 stops in four years. … Plays fast. Gets to the ball in a hurry and is great in coverage. He takes smart, crisp angles to the ball and tracks it well. Good football intelligence.
Negatives: Not all that big for a strong safety and isn't going to be a physical hitter. … An okay athlete, but not an elite one. Not a blazer. … A better football player than an athlete. There might be a hard limit on what he can do and might need to be surrounded by stronger, quicker defensive backs.

90. WR Dwayne Harris, East Carolina 5-10, 200
Positives: Nice hands and makes lots of plays. Extremely productive over the last two seasons and made 268 career catches for over 3,000 yards. … Can be used as a return man with the quickness to make things happen as a receiver. … Will make plays inside and out. Isn't afraid to go across the middle for the tough catch.
Negatives: Not all that fast. Quicker than blazing and he isn't going to be a deep threat. … Old. Already 24, he has been around for a while thanks to injury problems with a broken foot. … Might only be a returner and he doesn't have the all-around skills to be a special receiver.

91. RB Jordan Todman, Connecticut, 5-9, 195
Positives: Ultra-touch for his size. Managed to handle the ball almost 600 times over the last two seasons. … A pure baller. Battles hard on every carry and never takes a play off. … Zips into a hole in a heartbeat. Extremely quick and has great speed.
Negatives: Way too small. He's built like a cornerback and is way too wiry. He's purely a niche player. … Forget about breaking an NFL tackle. He's a willing pounder, but he doesn't have the bulk. … Needs to prove he can be a receiver and has to show he can block to become a productive third down back.

92. LB Nate Irving, NC State 6-1, 240
Positives: Came back from bad injuries suffered in a car accident to be an ultra-productive leader and a better pass rusher. He worked to get better, and he came through and showed a commitment to his game. … Great size. Can be used inside or out and is a rock against the run. He beats up ball carriers. … Not afraid to stick his nose in on every play. He's instinctive and is great at getting into the backfield, and he's happy to get into the trash and fight to make a stop.
Negatives: He's not the surest of tacklers. He'll bounce off plays going for the intimidating hit. … Not a pass defender. He doesn't move well enough to turn and run like he'll need to as a regular on the outside. … Works harder now, but he doesn't have quite the same zip he had before getting hurt.

93. SS Tyler Sash, Iowa 6-0, 211
Positives: A flat out baller. Hits like a ton of bricks and brings a big-time attitude to every play. … Plays big and is an intimidating force on the field, even if he doesn't look it. He's a tone-setter for a secondary who has a knack for coming up with the big play. Great with the ball in his hands. … Doesn't miss a stop. He's a strong safety who can be used like another linebacker.
Negatives: Needs to get stronger. He made a lot of plays in college that he won't be able to come up with as a pro. … Flies all over the place to deliver the big hit, and he might have a very, very short shelf life because of it. He didn't miss much time at Iowa, but he could be a regular on the IR as a pro. … An okay athlete, but hardly anything special. Purely a strong safety.

94. WR Vincent Brown, San Diego State 5-11, 184
Positives: Extremely productive. Might have been the best receiver in America over the first half of 2009 before suffering a hand injury, and was rock-solid last season. … Decent size and decent speed. A good all-around set of tools. … Nice hands. Catches everything that comes his way.
Negatives: He's a good talent, but doesn't have the skills to be anything special. … Not built to take too much of a pounding. He's not going to do much as a blocker. … Will be erased by any above-average NFL corner who can get an early jam.

95. WR Titus Young, Boise State 5-11, 174
Positives: Fast, fast, fast. If nothing else, he'll be a deadly No. 2 or 3 target as an explosive deep threat. … Nice moves and mobility. Great yard-after-catch target. … Nice hands. Catches everything that comes his way.
Negatives: Smallish and thin. Not a physical receiver. … Needs route running work. Might be a one-trick pony (deep threat only) for a while. … Doesn't have exceptional skills at anything but speed.

96. OT Lee Ziemba, Auburn 6-6, 317
Positives: A longtime starter who saw it all and did it all at a high level. He started for four years and was the anchor of a national title line. … Great size. He's built to be a tackle with a long, lean frame. … One of the biggest killers of all the tackles. He'll blow up a defender when he gets a chance.
Negatives: Right tackle only. He doesn't have great feet, doesn't move all that well, and doesn't have the bulk to be a guard. … Wasn't a rock in offseason workouts or at Senior Bowl practices. He was fine, but not great. … Could stand to get more of a bend in his legs. He's a high blocker needs to get consistently better leverage.