Sallee: Tressel-Gate Has Only One Conclusion
Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel
Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel
Posted Mar 26, 2011

The revelation that Jim Tressel forwarded information that his players were receiving illegal benefits to Terrelle Pryor's mentor, and not anyone within the Ohio State athletic department is just another black mark on Tressel's growing list of NCAA concerns. Barrett Sallee takes a look at where this might end.

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Is there any doubt now that Jim Tressel's wholesome image is nothing more than a well-executed façade?

The new revelation that Tressel did, in fact, forward e-mails from a lawyer detailing incidents involving his players receiving improper benefits contradicts Tressel's initial claim that he failed to notify Ohio State due to "privacy issues." Not only has Tressel been caught in another lie, but the man he forwarded the e-mails to – Ted Sarniak – was heavily involved in Terrelle Pryor's recruiting process to the point that recruiters were dealing with him more than Pryor's high school coach, according to Dennis Dodd of

Nahh, nothing shady about that at all. (end sarcasm font)

To compound issues, the Ohio State administration appears to have known about this latest revelation for quite some time. When Tressel was asked if he forwarded these e-mails to anyone earlier this month by Dan Wetzel, athletic director Gene Smith interrupted Tressel before he could answer. Even the most ardent Buckeye supporters have to be embarrassed and ashamed by Ohio State's actions. In the tournament of dirty college football, the Buckeyes have surged to claim one of the top seeds in the country; and Tressel, the man whose nickname, coincidently, is "The Senator," is to blame. Fitting.

So where does this leave the Ohio State football program?

The NCAA has shied away from issuing "lack of institutional control" citations to programs that have found themselves in hot water in recent years, opting for the lesser "failure to monitor" tag. In this case, "failure to monitor" can't be applied. Ohio State monitored. They got the information. They (Jim Tressel) chose not to take the proper course of action when the information was received. If that's not "lack of institutional control," I don't know what is.

When Tressel first received his two-game suspension, that sound you heard was a uniformed laugh from the rest of the college football world, who knew what a joke that punishment was. So what does Ohio State do? Bump his suspension up to five games, in what was nothing more than a feeble PR attempt to calm the uproar. But Tressel bears more responsibility than the "tattoo five." He's supposed to be a leader of men (or is it "legend?"). Simply matching the suspensions isn't good enough.

Tressel's lies, and subsequent coverup, deserve much more than a five-game suspension. He deserves a full season suspension, if not outright termination. But judging from Ohio State's actions, it won't make that move.

Lack. Of. Institutional. Control.

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