If Healthy, Is Robert Marve Purdue's QB?
Purdue QB Robert Marve
Purdue QB Robert Marve
Posted Mar 31, 2011

Is it Robert Marve's starting job if his knee healthy? Who's the next great Purdue pass rusher going to be? From the Scout publishers, here's the inside info on the key questions this spring.

Spring 2011 - Key Questions


What's happening this spring season? Several Scout publishers provide their insider info on the key questions that matter to the real world of college football. Scroll down for the links to all the spring questions.

Q: Is it Robert Marve's starting job if his knee healthy? Who's the next great Purdue pass rusher going to be?

From Allen Trieu, BoilerSportsReport.com … Even if Marve's knee is healthy, I think he'll still have to earn his way back. Sean Robinson was a good recruit for them who got some time last year and took his freshman lumps. I think Robinson will issue some challenge. Then there's Rob Henry, who's more athlete, but he's the team's leading returning rusher and passer.

Next great pass rusher, that's up in the air. There aren't a lot of proven bodies at end. I think 6-5 redshirt freshman Rashad Frazier has a chance, and there are two freshmen coming in, Robert Kugler, who was a four-star recruit and Randy Gregory, who put up 17 sacks as a high school junior, that fit the mold of past Purdue greats at the position.

One big thing, well, other than the quarterback battle, how does RB Ralph Bolden rebound from his knee injury? If he's back to the old Bolden, that would be a tremendous boost for the offense. I think the defense will still be pretty good, and if Bolden can help them put some points on the board, they're a sleeper team.


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