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The Final Rankings Will Be ... No. 11-20
Texas DB Keenan Robinson
Texas DB Keenan Robinson
Posted Apr 7, 2011

The spring look at where each team might end up in the final rankings. ... No. 11 to 20

2011 Spring Preview - No. 14

The Final Polls Will Be ... 11-20

 2011 Spring Preview  

The college basketball national championship is over - mercifully, after yet another missed Butler shot - so how will the college football race shape up? Before spring ball finishes up, here's the first look at where every team will probably end up. We already took a guess at what the the preseason polls will probably be, and now here's the best guess at what the final 120 rankings might be after the regular season. One note, this isn't a ranking of how good we think the teams are; that will all come out in the Preview 2011 Rankings. These rankings take into account the schedules, timing, and talent level. This is a projection and a prediction, and yes, these will probably change later this summer, but for now ...

The Spring Prediction For The Final Regular Season Rankings
No. 1 to 10 | No. 11 to 20 | No. 21 to 40 | No. 41 to 60   
No. 61 to 80 | No. 81 to 100 | No. 101 to 120

Schedules and Too-Early Spring Picks
ACC | Big East | Big Ten | Big 12 | C-USA | Ind
MAC | M-West | Pac-12 | SEC | Sun Belt | WAC 

2011 Spring Preview  

- No. 20 Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 1-10) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 11-20) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 21-30) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 31-40) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 41-50)  

- No. 19 - Is a smaller Big 12 better? 
- No. 18 - Who doesn't want to be Independent?  
- No. 17 - Should the SEC champ play in the BCS Champ?  

- No. 16 Top 50 Conf. Games (No. 1-10) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 11-20) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 21-30) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 31-40) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 41-50)  

- No. 15 The Preseason Polls Will Probably Be ...

Schedules and Too-Early Spring Picks
ACC | Big East
Big Ten | Big 12
C-USA | Ind | MAC   
Mountain West | Pac-12
SEC | Sun Belt | WAC 
11. Wisconsin 10-2
The Spring Call: The Badgers have too many holes to fill to repeat last year’s success, but they’ll still come up with a fantastic season and will be in the mix for the Big Ten title all season long. A win at Michigan State will get the national title talk started, and Ohio State will shut it all down week after. Watch out for a late road trip to Illinois.

12. West Virginia 10-2
The Spring Call: The dysfunctional coaching situation won’t be a problem as the Mountaineers roll through the Big East slate. However, a late September loss to LSU will end any and all national title dreams, but a late loss at USF won’t matter in the Big East chase.

13. Arkansas 9-3
The Spring Call: The Hogs will look great against Texas A&M and Auburn, but they’ll start off the SEC season with a tough loss at Alabama and will come out flat in a stunning loss at Ole Miss. Just when it looks like things are turning around, they’ll lose the season finale at LSU.

14. Arizona State 10-2
The Spring Call: Almost everyone is back on what should be the hot team of 2011. Early wins over Missouri and Illinois will set the tone, and then a home win over USC will get everyone talking before back-to-back losses at Utah and Oregon. Closing out with five straight wins will bring a South title and another shot at the Ducks in the Pac-12 Championship.

15. Texas 9-3
The Spring Call: Compared to last season, this will be a bounce back year with the talent level starting to shine through. The loss to Oklahoma will be acceptable on the way to an 8-1 start, but the screaming from the fan base will kick in late with losses at Missouri and Texas A&M in the final three games.

16. Mississippi State 8-4
The Spring Call: The Bulldogs will get the running game going to stun Georgia on the road in a must win after starting out 0-2 in SEC play against Auburn and LSU. A win over South Carolina will get the buzz going, but a stunning win over Alabama will define the season.

17. Michigan 9-3
The Spring Call: Brady Hoke’s first season will be a major success. Rich Rodriguez left the shelves relatively stocked, and it’ll show with an improved defense and with Denard Robinson doing less (and staying healthier). An early loss to Notre Dame will be big, but the wins will pile up until late in the season when the win over Ohio State brings a Legends title.

18. Nebraska 9-3
The Spring Call: There will be too many bull’s-eye games to get through unscathed, and road games at Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan will be a problem. On the plus side, getting Ohio State and Iowa at home should bring some big wins on the way to battling for a Legends title (but not enough to pull off the division championship).

19. USC 10-2
The Spring Call: USC won’t be back to being USC again, and it’ll lose at Arizona State and Oregon, but the rest of the Pac-12 slate is manageable with most of the tough games, like Arizona and Stanford, at home. The Trojans won’t win pretty, but they’ll come up with ten victories.

20. Notre Dame 9-3
The Spring Call: The Irish are stronger in Brian Kelly’s second season, and it’ll show out of the box with a great start winning five of the first six games, with the one loss coming to an always-pesky Michigan State. Losses to USC and Stanford will keep the good season from being great, but there will be a flirtation with an at-large BCS spot all year long.

The Spring Prediction For The Final Regular Season Rankings
No. 1 to 10 | No. 11 to 20 | No. 21 to 40 | No. 41 to 60   
No. 61 to 80 | No. 81 to 100 | No. 101 to 120