The Final Rankings Will Be ... The Top Ten
LSU WRB Rueben Randle
LSU WRB Rueben Randle
Posted Apr 7, 2011

How is the season going to play out? With the schedules taken into account, and with the returning talent also in the mix, can Rueben Randle and LSU finish on the top of the SEC and national mountain? Where will Oklahoma and Oregon end up finishing? With spring ball rolling, here's the first projection of what the final rankings might be.

2011 Spring Preview - No. 14

The Final Polls Will Be ... Top Ten

 2011 Spring Preview  

The college basketball national championship is over - mercifully, after yet another missed Butler shot - so how will the college football race shape up? Before spring ball finishes up, here's the first look at where every team will probably end up. We already took a guess at what the the preseason polls will probably be, and now here's the best guess at what the final 120 rankings might be after the regular season. One note, this isn't a ranking of how good we think the teams are; that will all come out in the Preview 2011 Rankings. These rankings take into account the schedules, timing, and talent level. This is a projection and a prediction, and yes, these will probably change later this summer, but for now ...

The Spring Prediction For The Final Regular Season Rankings
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No. 61 to 80 | No. 81 to 100 | No. 101 to 120

Schedules and Too-Early Spring Picks
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2011 Spring Preview  

- No. 20 Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 1-10) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 11-20) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 21-30) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 31-40) 
- Top 50 Non-Conference Games (No. 41-50)  

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- No. 17 - Should the SEC champ play in the BCS Champ?  

- No. 16 Top 50 Conf. Games (No. 1-10) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 11-20) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 21-30) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 31-40) 
- Top 50 Conference Games (No. 41-50)  

- No. 15 The Preseason Polls Will Probably Be ...

Schedules and Too-Early Spring Picks
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Big Ten | Big 12
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1. LSU 11-1
The Spring Call: The simplified offense will be just good enough to get by a tough first half of the season, but Alabama will drop a hammer at home in the national game of the year. The Tigers will be off to the SEC Championship and will win the title and will be off to the national title … but it won't always be pretty. It'll take Death Valley wars against Florida and Arkansas, along with the season opener against Oregon in Dallas, to get into the position to win it all.

2. Oklahoma 11-1
The Spring Call: The Sooners are always good for a mysterious clunker, possibly at Kansas State, but the schedule works out well. A loss at Florida State will knock them off their preseason No. 1 spot, but that will be it for the rest of the regular season as they roll through the slate until a wild shootout at Oklahoma State. OU will survive and will go on to the national title.

3. Oregon 11-1
The Spring Call: Oregon might have to replace several starters, but the talent level is higher. The key parts are back on offense to rip everyone apart again, but the key to the season could come right away facing LSU in Dallas with the winner being cemented in the top three all year. The Pac-12 slate works out well with winnable road games at Arizona, Colorado, and Washington before the North showdown against Stanford.

4. Alabama 10-2
The Spring Call: Everything will be in place to win the national title, but the Tide will run into a fired up Florida team in Gainesville. Mississippi State, with a scrimmage against UT Martin the week before to rest up, will come up with a huge home win the week after Bama beats LSU.

5. Florida 10-2
The Spring Call: The Gators will lose at South Carolina and won't get past LSU in Death Valley, but they'll pull off the biggest win in the early part of the Will Muschamp era in a battle with Alabama, they'll get by Auburn on the road, and they'll have everything in place in the season finale against Florida State.

6. Boise State 11-1
The Spring Call: It all comes down to yet another statement-making season opener. Georgia will be desperate and will come up with the win in Atlanta, and then the Broncos will roll from there with the three toughest games – Nevada, Air Force, and TCU – at home. No, Fresno State won't beat Boise at home.

7. TCU 11-1
The Spring Call: TCU will be rebuilding, there are plenty of dangerous games against teams like Air Force and San Diego State on the road, but none of it will matter. The Horned Frogs will be great once again and will rebound in a hurry, and then will come the showdown of showdowns on the blue turf. Boise State will come through with the Mountain West winner to ruin the Horned Frog dream season.

8. South Carolina 9-3
The Spring Call: Even with Stephen Garcia's issues, this will still be everyone's hot team coming into the season … and it'll clunk early on at Georgia. The Gamecocks will start sneaking back into the SEC race before losing at Mississippi State and at Arkansas. The win over Florida in the SEC finale won't be enough to win the East, but the respect will be there with a win over the Gators to get into the top ten.

9. Ohio State 10-2
The Spring Call: The suspensions and the drama will be a problem at some point. Without all the issues, the Buckeyes would have had the make-up to run the table, but going to Nebraska when everyone comes back will be an inconsistent loss, and yeah, here's the early call … Michigan wins at home. (Fine, so the pick might change in a huge flip-flop.)

10. Oklahoma State 9-3
The Spring Call: The offense will keep on rolling even without offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, and it'll show in firefights against Arizona, Tulsa, and Texas A&M early on. Back-to-back road losses at Texas and Missouri will end Big 12 title hopes, while the signature game will come in a heartbreaking shootout loss against Oklahoma.

The Spring Prediction For The Final Regular Season Rankings
No. 1 to 10 | No. 11 to 20 | No. 21 to 40 | No. 41 to 60   
No. 61 to 80 | No. 81 to 100 | No. 101 to 120