2011 NFL Draft - Ranking The OGs No. 11 to 25
Iowa OG Julian Vandervelde
Iowa OG Julian Vandervelde
Posted Apr 10, 2011

From a college football perspective, here's the ranking of all the top offensive guard prospects. ... No. 11 to 25

2011 NFL Draft Position Rankings

Offensive Guards - No. 11-25

By Pete Fiutak

- 2011 NFL Offensive Guard Rankings - Top Ten

11. Will Rackley, Lehigh 6-3, 309
He went from being a decent prospect to a must-see after the East-West Shrine practices. A tackle in college, he needs to be a guard. There's no athleticism whatsoever and was a disaster in the raw workouts at the Combine, but he's better on the field than he looked in the drills. He'll get tried out at tackle, but he's way, way too slow to handle himself against a decent pass rusher, and he's not bulky enough to be a major factor on the inside.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

12. David Arkin, Missouri State 6-4, 300
A mauler with decent strength and tremendous smarts, he'll work his tail off to become a player. It would be nice if he was about 20 pounds heavier, but he doesn't have the room to carry any extra weight well. When he gets to a defender, he buries him. Not good enough or athletic enough to be a regular starting tackle, he's a bit of a tweener. He's good, but if he makes it it'll be on sheer want-to and toughness.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

13. Bryant Browning, Ohio State (OT) 6-4, 319
A very tough, very big, smart blocker who blows up people in the running game on the inside, he's just quick enough to be tried out on the outside at right tackle. He doesn't look the part as an NFL full-timer, though, not moving quite well enough on a consistent basis while needing more work on his technique. There are plenty of issues, and there will be some who'll blow him off because he doesn't seem like he'll fit anywhere, but he's just versatile enough to hang around the league to carve out a nice career.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

14. Tim Barnes, Missouri (C) 6-4, 297
While he was a terrific collegiate center, his skills don't necessarily translate to the next level. He's a bit undersized, but he moves well and he's a good, strong leader who knows how to lead a line. While he doesn't bring enough power to the running game, he can work in a zone-blocking scheme as a versatile swing player. He's not going to be a top starter, but he'll be valuable in the right system.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

15. Ray Dominguez, Arkansas 6-4, 334
He looks like he should be able to dominate and he looks like an NFL guard size-wise, but he doesn't have great weight room strength, doesn't carry his extra pounds well, and has gotten by on his bulk. He's not going to move and he's not all that versatile, but if you want a pure pounder for the ground game, he'll fit. He'll be worth a late-round flier for the right team.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

16. Julian Vandervelde, Iowa (C) 6-2, 292
A Renaissance man who has a future doing something interesting, but it probably won't be as an NFL lineman. He's too small, too squatty, and doesn't have the killer instinct to make up for the lack of bulk. Always banged up, he's going to get beaten on at the next level and will have a tough time holding up. He has more going on in his world than football, and while that's a great thing for him, it'll be seen as a problem for some teams.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

17. Carl Johnson, Florida 6-5, 355
A huge prospect for Florida, literally, he's the type of massive blocker missing in this draft. In a world of lighter, quicker guards, Johnson is a blaster who beats up defenders and can put them into the ground. However, he's extremely slow, will never get out of the phone booth, and makes way too many mistakes. There's a major question mark about his smarts and his character, but he has the raw bulk that'll make him hard to cut. Someone will take a flier on him in the middle of the draft hoping to turn him into a major player.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

18. Keith Williams, Nebraska 6-5, 318 (C)
A good-sized prospect who can slip in at center and handle himself well, he has the body and he's not afraid to use it to provide a big push for the ground game, but he doesn't look the part in drills. He doesn't move well, it take him forever to get out of his stance, and he struggled in off-season workouts.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

19. Caleb Schlauderaff, Utah 6-4, 305
A good collegiate blocker who dominated at times, he's not going to be able to overpower anyone at the next level. He doesn't have the right size to be a bruising blocker, and he doesn't have the foot quickness to do much on the move. He's a more talented football player than he is an NFL prospect, but he'll have to show he can be physical against the big boys right away.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

20. Ricky Henry, Nebraska 6-3, 308
It's all about the running game. He's a typical Nebraska mauler who's tough, strong, and likes to get physical. He can't move, doesn't have a lick of NFL athleticism, and he's not nearly big enough to be a regular starter on a run blocking team, but he's worth a look in a camp to see if he can stick around on sheer want-to. Aggressiveness isn't going to be a problem.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

21. Bradley Thorson, Kansas (OT) 6-4, 309
Hitting the books isn't going to be a problem. He whipped through school at Wisconsin, where he started out, and has his Master's degree, but his focus on life probably isn't going to be on being an NFL star. Without NFL athleticism and lacking the raw bulk to be a starter, he'll be nothing more than a possible backup. The pro tools just aren't there, but he'll work for it and he'll be ready to go from Day One in practices.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

22 Stephen Schilling, Michigan (OT) 6-4, 308
Versatile, he moves well for a guard and is just athletic enough to get a look at tackle. He's a leader and has the raw strength needed to handle himself against an NFL lineman, but he doesn't bring the power he should considering what he can do in the weight room. The NFL skills aren't there, and it showed in Senior Bowl practices.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

23. Garrett Chisolm, South Carolina 6-6, 312
A flier, there could be something there a few years down the road if he can get a bit bigger and bulkier. A great athlete considering how big he is, there's a chance he could be scratching the surface and could be molded into a reliable inside blocker. While he's a former walk-on and has little experience, the potential and talent are there. The biggest issue is a torn up knee which likely won't allow him to be ready until 2012 at the very least.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

24. Maurice Hurt, Florida 6-3, 319
The body isn't there. He has the size and he has the weight, but he doesn't carry it well and he doesn't have the strength needed to handle any NFL defensive tackle. A mediocre athlete, he might move well considering his extra pounds, but he doesn't move well enough to handle a quick interior pass rusher. Because of his size and his versatility he could be a decent backup prospect, but someone will need to light a fire under him in the weight room and on the field.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

25. Isaiah Thompson, Houston 6-3, 300
A strong pass blocker who does a good job of locking on to his man, he has just enough power to earn a few looks as a backup for either guard spot. He's not an athlete and he's really, really slow, but if he's only asked to hit the guy in front of him and keep him from moving, he can do that. On the plus side, he plays stronger than his 300 pounds.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

- 2011 NFL Offensive Guard Rankings - Top Ten