2011 NFL Draft - Ranking The TEs No. 11 to 25
Michigan State TE Charlie Gantt
Michigan State TE Charlie Gantt
Posted Apr 11, 2011

From a college football perspective, here's the ranking of all the top tight end prospects. ... No. 11 to 25

2011 NFL Draft Position Rankings

Tight Ends - No. 11-25

By Pete Fiutak

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11. Julius Thomas, Portland State 6-5, 246
Is he the next Antonio Gates? No, but the former college basketball player is a terrific athlete who could become a good pro pass catcher if he can hit the weights. The 16 reps on the bench at the Combine was a big problem, but he'll make it by being a speedy target more than a blocker. He gets down the field in a hurry and pops out of his cuts, and he's just scratching the surface, but he could be worth the wait and the development.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

12. Charlie Gantt, Michigan State 6-4, 252
No one's expecting him to be a field stretcher, but his lack of speed is a problem. While he's not all that huge, he's big enough to be a tough blocker who hangs around as a first down blocking option. Extremely strong, he destroyed the bench at the Combine with 27 reps and he should be a tough blood-and-guts option in a tight end class of soft receiving types. The lack of athleticism might be a sticking point, and he's certainly limited, but he could be a luxury item for a power offense.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

13. Schuylar Oordt, Northern Iowa 6-6, 261
With his combination of size, speed, and athleticism, he has the raw tools to make him a good enough prospect to take a flier on. While he's too old, about to turn 24, he's a receiver; the former wideout who bulked up enough to be a potentially dangerous option. The workout at the Combine was fantastic, but he has to get stronger to be in the hunt for starting time.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

14. Cameron Graham, Louisville 6-3, 244
For a player with his lack of size, the 5.09 at the Combine might have been a deal-breaker. He blocks well for his size and he's always willing to do whatever is needed, and he's a good receiver, but he's not a good enough athlete and he's way too thin and way too inconsistent when the ball comes his way. A much better football player than a workout warrior, he'll be good in a camp, but not good enough to have any shot of starting.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

15. Jordan Cameron, USC 6-5, 254
The athleticism isn't a question mark after coming up with a fantastic Combine, and now the former basketball player will be worth developing. He's tall enough to pack on the pounds, but only if he's able to keep his leaping ability and his tremendous speed. With only 16 career catches and just one start, he's an athlete and not a football player. He's got a lot to learn and forget about him blocking anyone for a power running game.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

16. Daniel Hardy, Idaho 6-4, 249
A good athlete and a strong receiver who moves well and is a willing blocker, he has just enough skills to get a long look in a camp. Not big enough to be an effective NFL blocker, and too slow to become a downfield danger, he's extremely limited and is still trying to figure out how to become consistent player. There's upside, but he needs time and coaching. He might not get either one.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

17. Allen Reisner, Iowa 6-2, 248
While he's not all that fast and he isn't all that athletic, he's a nice receiver who grew into a decent prospect last year and is worth a longer look. A solid blocker, he's good at getting down the field and he's nice for the ground game. Way undersized, he's not going to be able to hold up and he isn't a good enough receiver to make up for his lack of size, but he'll be good if he can get stronger.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

18. Mike McNeill, Nebraska 6-4, 232
Not all that big and not all that fast, he's a good football player and a talented receiver who runs terrific routes and makes up for his problems by doing most of the little things right and by not making mistakes. Along with not being a top-shelf athlete, he's not all that strong for an NFL running game. He isn't for everyone and he's just an H-Back, mainly because he can't push anyone around, but he could be a good third down target in the right system.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

19. Kyle Adams, Purdue 6-4, 250
A decent possession receiver with great hands, he catches everything thrown his way and he'll fight for every pass and every block. Smart and tough, he doesn't make mistakes and he'll do the right thing whenever he gets a chance to make a play. However, he's not fast and he's not athletic. Merely a short-range receiver, he'll never stretch a field and he won't be a scorer with just one touchdown grab since 2007.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

20. Andre Smith, Virginia Tech 6-5, 269
With excellent size, he's a good blocker for the ground game, but he's not a plodder. He moves well for his size with nice receiving skills making him a matchup problem, but he doesn't use his size well enough and he doesn't beat people up like he should. He's not an NFL talent, but he has the frame and the body to get a chance.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

21. Ben Guidugli, Cincinnati
22. Jeffrey Anderson, UAB
23. Preston Dial, Alabama
24. Greg Smith, Texas
25. Will Yeatman, Maryland

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