2011 NFL Draft - Miami Dolphins
Florida C Mike Pouncey
Florida C Mike Pouncey
Posted Apr 30, 2011

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Miami Dolphins

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- 2010 Miami Draft Breakdown

First Round
C Mike Pouncey, Florida (OG) 6-5, 303
Overall Pick No. 15 CFN Overall Ranking: 23

Nice. Mark Ingram might have been the splashier pick, and he might seem like a need pick, but with the versatile Pouncey on the same line as Jake Long and the rest of the talent up front, the building blocks are there. While others are reaching for talents, Miami got a sure-thing if he's at guard, or a sensational center with a wee bit of time. He'll be a center. Wait until the second round for a running back, or maybe even a quarterback, but the line is quickly becoming special with this selection.

CFN Analysis: While he's not his brother, Maurkice, he's a very big, very good blocker with an NFL-ready body and the talent and toughness to play anywhere in the interior of a line. However, he doesn't have the NFL-ready game with some technique work to do and with a consistency problem. Fortunately, he wants to be great and will always fight and always work to be better - just like his brother. While he has way too many problems with the most basic of acts, snapping the ball, and he might be a more natural fit at guard. No matter where he plays, his size and skills are good enough to make him an anchor no matter where he plays.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round    
RB Daniel Thomas, Kansas State 6-0, 230
Overall Pick No. 62 CFN Overall Ranking: 54

A nice, nice, pick. The Dolphins didn't take Mark Ingram in the first round, but they got a big, quick, talented workhorse who proved to be more durable for the Heisman winner. Fantasy football fans, this is the guy you want to invest in immediately, if possible; he's going to be the main man for the ground game right away. It's interesting that Miami passed on Ryan Mallett, and now Chad Henne has an excellent back to hand off to.

CFN Analysis: Very big, very tough, and very thick, Thomas has the body and the bulk to be a full-time workhorse runner. Even though he was the only thing anyone had to worry about on the Kansas State offense, he still produced at a high level week in and week out. While he wasn't needed for the passing game – or wasn't used – he can catch the ball. He's not a speedster and he's not necessarily a powerful between-the-tackles runner, but there's little downside. He might not be a special NFL back, but he can certainly be very, very good as long as someone doesn't think he's a battering ram.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Fourth Round   
WR Edmund Gates, Abilene Christian 5-11, 192
Overall Pick No. 111 CFN Overall Ranking: 118

CFN Analysis: On the plus side, he's still scratching the surface. On the negative, he's going to be 25. The former basketball player has all-world speed and can blow past anyone, but he's not just going to be a track guy playing football. With a great attitude and high character, he'll do what's needed to be better and work on the little things. He is hardly polished, is too old, and isn't big, but he's a special athlete and he should be a home run hitter who thrives as a No. 3 deep threat who can exploit single coverage. CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round    
TE Charles Clay, Tulsa 6-3, 245 (FB)
Overall Pick No. 174 CFN Overall Ranking: 108

CFN Analysis: Is he a tight end or a fullback or an H-back or all of the above? He's not fast, with his 4.73 40 time at the Combine not helping the cause, and he doesn't have the raw size or the blocking skills to be a blocking back for a running game, but he's a tremendous receiver. A great route runner, he makes every grab and will use his versatility to find role as a swing player for several positions.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round 
DT Frank Kearse, Alabama A&M  6-4, 315
Overall Pick No. 231  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: Worth a late round flier or as a free agent pickup, he has great size and looks the part, but he's not strong enough to hold up as an anchor and he's not quick enough to be used as a regular interior pass rusher. If he can hit the weights harder, he has just enough skills to be a swing backup for the interior.
CFN Projection: Free Agent
Seventh Round   
CB Jimmy Wilson, Montana  5-11, 185
Overall Pick No. 235   CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: One of the most interesting stories in the draft, he was tried for murder twice after breaking up a case of domestic violence. He fought, a gun went off, and he was charged. A hung jury on the first trial meant a second trial, and he was acquitted. On the field, he's very fast and strong in the open field, and no one will outwork him or bring more hustle. However, he's not big and he's not as physical as he'll need to be to become anything more than a nickel or dime defender. 
CFN Projection: Free Agent