2011 NFL Draft - Oakland Raiders

Posted Apr 30, 2011

Oakland Raiders - AFC West, 2011 Draft Selections & Prospects

Oakland Raiders

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- 2010 Oakland Draft Breakdown 
Second Round    
C Stefen Wisniewski, Penn State (OG) 6-3 313
Overall Pick No. 48 CFN Overall Ranking: 83

No Ryan Mallett? Huh. No Rodney Hudson? Huh. Wisniewski has the name the Raiders know, and he's going to be used as a versatile blocker who'll see time at guard, but will get the longest look at center. He's not going to blast anyone off the ball, but he'll be a good, sound blocker who'll always give the A effort. He's not special, and this is a reach, but Oakland knows what it's getting.

CFN Analysis: While he has the versatility and the skill to play either guard or center, he's not a blaster of a run blocker and he isn't going to bury anyone at guard. He's smart, tough, and scrappy, and he's built to be a long-time starter at center. Considering his family history - his uncle, Steve, was a great pro - he plans on being the next in line, but he's not the same player. The talent is there to be a good one, but he has to be in the right system and he has to be able to use his mobility and smarts more than his physical power skills.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Third Round   
CB DeMarcus Van Dyke, Miami 6-1, 176
Overall Pick No. 81 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

And there are the Raiders we all know and love. They take a player in Van Dyke who can flat-out fly, just like Al Davis likes, but he's rail-thin and wasn't exactly a star for the Hurricanes. A pure athlete, he was barely a starter at times, but with his elite wheels, if anyone was going to blow a third round pick on him, it was going to be Oakland.

CFN Analysis: You can't coach speed. He's way undersized with a Snoop Dogg body that needs more bulk, but he clocked a 4.29 and plays just as fast and smooth on the field. He's never going to tackle anyone and he'll get shoved around by anyone who gets a hand on him, but the biggest problem is his playing ability. He couldn't stay on the field in college, relegated to backup duty way too often, and he's more of an athlete than a football player. But that speed … it might not make up for the five reps on the bench, and he'll never be a regular starter, but coaches love players who can move at an elite level. Someone will find a spot for him.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Third Round   
OT Joe Barksdale, LSU (OG) 6-5, 325
Overall Pick No. 92 CFN Overall Ranking: 190

It's like Oakland is trying to collect as many average pro offensive line prospects as possible. Barksdale is a strong, tough guard who'll be tried out at tackle early on. He's versatile and he should be a blaster of a run blocker, but he's just not. He looks like he should destroy people, but he doesn't. In other words, he's a Raider.

CFN Analysis: Insanely strong and very big, he'll make his money as a guard at some point in his career. While he has a massive body, he's able to move well for his size and he shuffles into pass protection quickly. However, he doesn't do much down the field and he doesn't destroy his man. For a player with his bulk, he should be far, far better at burying a defender. He'll be overdrafted.
CFN Projection: Third Round
Fourth Round    
CB Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State 6-0, 191
Overall Pick No. 113 CFN Overall Ranking: 92  

CFN Analysis: Very, very fast, Chekwa looked the part at the Combine with 4.39 speed and an explosive 10'6" broad jump, and he has the good size and four years of high-end production that some scouts are going to love. All the tools are there, and the experience isn't a problem, but he doesn't hit with any regularity and he's not polished. In college he made up for his mistakes by being faster than everyone else, but that's not going to work at the next level. The concern is that he's great in workouts but not a top football player, and he'll have to show right away that he can make more plays when the ball is in the air to be a nickel or dime defender.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round 

Fourth Round
RB/KR Taiwan Jones, Eastern Washington (Jr.) 5-11, 194
Overall Pick No. 125 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: Fast, FAST, SUPERFAST. If he's not the fastest player in the draft, he's not the fastest player in the draft, he's in the top ten and can hit the home run from anywhere on the field and as a kick returner. He was a playmaker in a variety of ways and can be a fun, versatile performer, but he can't hang on to it. He has a bad fumbling issue and he's going to get beaten up and already has a foot problem. There won't be any power and he'll only make things happen in space.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Fifth Round 
WR Denarius Moore, Tennessee
6-0, 194
Overall Pick No. 148 CFN Overall Ranking: 237  

CFN Analysis: The tools are there, but he's just not that good a football player. He has decent size and phenomenal speed, he could make a team in a Donte Stallworth sort of way and become a deep threat who makes a few huge plays a year. With his wheels, though, he should play far faster and he doesn't explode like he should. There's something missing from his game and he isn't a good enough football player, but he could be dangerous if he can harness his potential and grow into a better route runner. C
FN Projection:
Sixth Round

Sixth Round 
TE Richard Gordon, Miami 6-3, 262
Overall Pick No. 181 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A decent size-speed, developmental athlete, he has good bulk and is a strong blocker with good enough hands to get by. He doesn't have the football talent to be a regular part of a rotation, but he's big enough to eventually get bigger to be used as a blocker and a physical presence. Purely a free agent, he needs time to develop.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round   
CB Malcolm Williams, TCU 5-10, 200
Overall Pick No. 219 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A superstar JUCO transfer who came into his own last year, he has the measureables and is ultra-athletic, but he's only a special teamer and possible backup. He has no chance of starting right away and could immediately be put on the practice squad.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round
WR David Ausberry, USC 6-3, 233
Overall Pick No. 241  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A big, strong receiver who can be used on short-to-midrange plays and can be developed into an H-Back or a smallish tight end. He's good in short spaces and will make the tough catch, but he's not physical enough to be an NFL blocking tight end and he's not quite athletic enough to create major mismatches.
CFN Projection: Free Agent