2011 NFL Draft - Cincinnati Bengals
Georgia WR A.J. Green
Georgia WR A.J. Green
Posted Apr 30, 2011

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Cincinnati Bengals

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- 2010 Cincinnati Draft Breakdown 

First Round
WR A.J. Green, Georgia
6-4, 211 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 4 CFN Overall Ranking: 2

Carson Palmer, do you want to play with your new toy? Green was being talked about by Carolina as a No. 1 overall pick with great size, tremendous hands, and good character, even with the jersey-selling incident. With Ochocinco off playing soccer, and all but done, and with the need for a No. 1 receiver to revolve the offense around, the Bengals have a true top target to make a big difference immediately. It might only be the fourth pick in the draft, but Green is a great value here.

CFN Analysis: With all the tools, he's the ideal receiver prospect and is a legitimate No. 1, go-to target who should be a franchise-shaper. He was the only thing the Georgia offense had going for it at times (after he came off suspension) and he still produced at the highest of SEC levels. He has the size, the speed, the athleticism, the hands, and the willingness to go across the middle. The one big knock is his lack of bulk; he's not going to be an Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald when it comes to his size. Yes, he's a great athlete, but he came up with an underwhelming Combine compared to Julio Jones, has smallish hands, and it's not like a post-grad degree at M.I.T. is an option, but he's a hard worker, is missing the diva trait, and he does everything you want on the field and he'll instantly be the featured star of a passing game from the moment he steps on the field.
CFN Projection:
First Round

Second Round    
QB Andy Dalton, TCU 6-2, 215
Overall Pick No. 35 CFN Overall Ranking: 86

Cincinnati's dream comes true after Buffalo passed on a quarterback. Welcome to the end of the Carson Palmer era as Dalton comes in to combine with A.J. Green to form the passing tandem for the next decade. At least that's the hope. While Dalton isn't a special prospect and he's not a sure thing, he's a high-character guy who was drafted on the cheap compared to where Minnesota paid for Christian Ponder and Tennessee picked Jake Locker. The problem is that he's not going to be ready to roll right away, and the Bengals might need him to be the starter from Day One.

CFN Analysis: He's not all that big and he doesn't have a live arm, but he's a dream of an NFL backup. He'll always be prepared, he'll always be ready, and no one will outwork him. A baller, he'll do whatever is needed to make a play and to keep the offense moving, and he rarely makes a misread of a big mistake. Pressure means nothing to him; throw a pass rusher under his chin and he'll still deliver the ball. Forget about any big throws deep and he has to be in West Coast attack, but he'll be a nice late round prospect who'll hang around the league for a decade.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Third Round   
OLB Dontay Moch, Nevada 6-1, 235
Overall Pick No. 6 CFN Overall Ranking: 46

A very fun, very athletic pick who'll bring blazing speed to the outside. He might not have a set spot for the Bengal defense, but he'll be thrown on the field and turned loose to get into the backfield. He's a bit small and he's not going to be a thumper, but there will be times when he's unblockable.

CFN Analysis: He might not be all that big and he can't be a defensive end, but he's a peerless athlete. Von Miller might have a good burst and Bruce Carter, when healthy, might be as fluid as they come, but no one in this draft moves like Moch, who blew up a 42-inch vertical leap and ripped off a 4.46 at the Combine; he uses the wheels well as a tremendous closer on the quarterback. He's a willing run stopper who'll try to hold up against the run, but his money will be made as a playmaker into the backfield. Now he needs to be more creative and has to figure out how to hone his craft after spending his career destroying WAC opponents by simply being faster and more athletic. Get a good block on him and he'll stay hit, but he'll spend most of his time flying around blockers.
CFN Projection: Third Round
Fourth Round   
OG Clint Boling, Georgia (OT) 6-5, 308
Overall Pick No. 101 CFN Overall Ranking: 59

CFN Analysis: While he's not a massive blocker and he's not going to get much bigger, he's a nice, tough run blocker who always works and has the skills to work inside or out. He moves well, can get on the move and make things happen down the field, and he's functional enough to battle in a phone booth against the weaker defensive tackles. He's not going to beat anyone up and he's not going to handle NFL speed rushers if he moves to tackle, but he's a good, sound player who'll have added value because of his versatility.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Fifth Round    
SS Robert Sands, West Virginia 6-4, 217 (Jr
Overall Pick No. 134 CFN Overall Ranking: 66  

CFN Analysis: One of the most interesting prospects in the draft, he's huge, long, and very cut. There's almost no fat on him and he's able to use his frame and look as an intimidating force. A major-league hitter, arguably the best among the 2011 defensive backs, he blows up anyone with the ball, but that's not always a plus. He tries for the highlight reel hit way too often and has the attitude that makes him want to be showy when making the routine play would do. Not strong enough, he has to hit the weight room hard to hold up better against the run. Still raw, he needs time and coaching, but the upside it limitless.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round 
WR Ryan Whalen, Stanford
6-1, 202
Overall Pick No. 167 CFN Overall Ranking: 245

CFN Analysis: There's absolutely nothing about his game that makes him an NFL player, but he catches everything and is great at doing whatever is needed to get his nose dirty. He's smart, he blocks, and he'll run any route asked of him. There's little to no NFL speed and he doesn't make anything big happen when the ball is in his hands. He could be someone's slot receiver, but he'll be an easy cut if he ever drops a ball.
CFN Projection:
Free Agent  

Seventh Round   
CB Corey Lindsey, Southern Illinois  5-10, 181
Overall Pick No. 207  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A high-motor kick returner and corner who cuts well and is quicker than fast. He's a tough run defender who could be tried out as an undersized free safety if needed, but his money will be made on the outside and as a special teamer. He doesn't have top-end speed, but he's a battler who'll push hard for a roster spot.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round  

Seventh Round
RB Jay Finley, Baylor 5-11, 198
Overall Pick No. 246  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A fast home run hitter, if he gets the ball in space he's gone. A tremendous athlete who moves well, cuts on a dime, and is able to make things happen on his own, he's a creative runner who could be used as a receiver. There's no power whatsoever and durability is a concern, but he could shine in the right system as long as he's nothing more than a part of a rotation. 
CFN Projection: Free Agent