2011 NFL Draft - Indianapolis Colts
Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo
Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo
Posted Apr 30, 2011

Indianapolis Colts - AFC South, 2011 Draft Selections & Prospects

Indianapolis Colts

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- 2010 Indianapolis Draft Breakdown

The Draft Was ... Designed to give Peyton Manning a few more years. The Franchise was bounced around way too much last year, and getting Anthony Castonzo and Ben Ijilana with the first two picks shows where the commitment is for one more big run at a Super Bowl. Super-strong RB Delone Carter is also a pick for Manning; the former Syracuse star can block.
Best Value Pick: CB Chris Rucker, Michigan State, 6th Round, 188th Pick
Worst Value Pick: RB Delone Carter, Syracuse, 4th Round, 119th Pick
They Should've ... Taken one more offensive lineman. The Colts committed heavily to improving the front five, and it might have been a nice move to get one more tackle just to beef up the depth and the options. The Colts took Delone Carter in the fourth round when Chris Hairston, who went to the Bills three picks later, was still on the board.

First Round 
OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College
6-7, 311
Overall Pick No. 22 CFN Overall Ranking: 20

There are few more obvious picks in the draft. Indianapolis needed to upgrade the offensive line in a big way, and while Castonzo won't necessarily beat anyone up in the running game, he'll help prolong a 35-year-old Peyton Manning's career. The Colts got a ten-year starter with a great value, and going forward, New England's pick of Nate Solder will always be compared to Indy's offensive tackle pick five spots later.

Extremely smart and with impeccable character, he's the type of player you want to be the leader of your line. With prototype size and great sliding skills as a pass protector, he's a left tackle who should be more than fine right away, and he has the bulldozing skills to pound away for the ground game. However, he's not a killer of a run blocker and he's not going to throw anyone into the third row. While he's never going to be a superstar, he should be a very good, very solid starter for a long time. There's no bust potential.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round    
OT Benjamin Ijalana, Villanova (OG) 6-4, 319
Overall Pick No. 49 CFN Overall Ranking: 24

You don't think Indy is making one final push to extend Peyton Manning's career? After going Anthony Castonzo in the first round, Ijalana is a terrific prospect to build around for the future. Castonzo is for right now, but Ijalana will need a little bit of time and he'll need a position. He's massive, strong, and good enough to be a star … eventually. He'll be thrown in as a guard right away, but he should eventually be a tackle.

CFN Analysis: Is he a guard or a tackle? Where he plays, he's a massive, extremely strong prospect with just enough athleticism to get by. While he missed the Combine with a hernia problem, he was able to get through every game in his long career and fought through all the bumps and bruises. He doesn't play up to his size or his bulk, and he might need some work to learn how use all his skills to become a killer. If someone is patient, he could eventually be someone's left tackle, but he could be most amazing if he's used on the right side.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round   
DT Drake Nevis, LSU 6-1, 294
Overall Pick No. 87 CFN Overall Ranking: 88

The perfect pick at the perfect time, Nevis is a typical Indianapolis selection with good quickness and the ability to keep moving. While he's not a space-eater, he wiggles his way into the backfield and he's always working. A great value pick considering where other defensive tackles have gone, he's an ultra-productive performer who'll always bring the A effort. He needs time in the weight room, but he'll be a key part of the puzzle.

CFN Analysis: He'll be dogged for not having ideal size being too short and without enough mass to hold up as an anchor of an NFL defensive tackle, but he can really, really move. There's upside to his game if he can get into a pro weight room right away and can get the right training, and he needs to do that immediately. With too much bad weight, he needs to transform his body and needs to make up for his lack of size by being in much better shape. Even so, at his current shape and size he can get into the backfield in a heartbeat if he can beat his man off the ball; it's all about the snap and his explosiveness. He won't make too many stops against the power running teams and he has to be a part of a rotation, but when it comes to interior pass rushers, consider him a smaller Nick Fairley without the first round price tag.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round
Fourth Round   
RB Delone Carter, Syracuse, 5-9, 222
Overall Pick No. 119 CFN Overall Ranking: 192

CFN Analysis: Short and squatty, he shocked the Combine with a phenomenal workout that should move him up the charts. Great in between the tackles and extremely tough for his size, he'll be a pinball bouncing off of tackles for positive yards. He's not a receiver and won't be a third down back, and he's more of a strong, quick back than a fast home run hitter, but he'll bring power and good energy.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round  

Sixth Round   
CB Chris Rucker, Michigan State 6-1, 195
Overall Pick No. 188 CFN Overall Ranking: 151

CFN Analysis: He always acted like a No. 1 corner and relished a challenge, but he didn't always produce. He's one of the bigger corners in the draft and he's fast for his size, but he didn't run at the Combine and he came up with a pathetic ten reps on the bench. Even so, he's physical and he's a terrific tackler who's always willing to try to beat up the bigger receivers. For good or bad, his future is as a safety if he can get stronger, but he lacks the raw speed and he gives up too many big plays to be a regular producer on the outside. Character is an issue on and off the field, and he thinks he's better than he is, but there's enough there to think he could develop into a decent part of a rotation.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round