2011 NFL Draft - Jacksonville Jaguars
Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert
Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert
Posted Apr 30, 2011

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- 2010 Jacksonville Draft Breakdown |

First Round
QB Blaine Gabbert, Missouri 6-4, 234 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 10 CFN Overall Ranking: 6

David Garrard, thanks for playing. The Jaguars needed a quarterback to build around for the future, and while Garrard is decent and can be a stopgap for a year, and then it'll be Gabbert's time to take over and become the franchise-maker to become a star to build around. This is what's called a building pick. Gabbart can groom a bit, and then he should be ready to rock when Garrard starts to falter. Remember, Aaron Rodgers got a few years to prepare, too.

CFN Analysis: There's no wow factor. There's no bust potential, but there's nothing in Gabbert's game to suggest that he'll be a special, "I'm going to Disney World" type of superstar. He has all the tools, the athleticism, and the personality and make-up to be a very, VERY good pro for the next 15 years, but it's not like he was a special college player – he was the only quarterback who couldn't seem to throw against the miserable 2010 Texas Tech pass defense - and he had major problems against anyone with a strong pass rush. On the plus side, most of his negatives can be quickly fixed. His throwing motion doesn't need that much tweaking, and for those who don't think he can connect on the deep ball on a consistent basis, go back to the pills he was slinging to Danario Alexander two years ago. The bigger issue is that he's not Cam Newton. Gabbert is the safe, secure pick who should be a rock-steady starter in two years, but if you're passing on Newton for him, you're not slinging for the stars … and that might not be a bad thing. Gabbert has the rare issue of still scratching the surface on what he can be, while also having a hard ceiling on where he can take a team. If he ends up winning a Super Bowl, it'll be because he's a good player on a special team.
CFN Projection: Top Ten Overall
Third Round   
OG Will Rackley, Lehigh 6-3, 309
Overall Pick No. 76 CFN Overall Ranking: 152

A nice pick for a team looking for a versatile blocker, Rackley was a college tackle who'll move inside to guard, and while he's not a thumper and he's not the best athlete, to be kind, he'll be needed as a protector for Blaine Gabbert in the near future. He's not going to be an all-star by any stretch, but he could be a decent cog once he finds his spot.

CFN Analysis: He went from being a decent prospect to a must-see after the East-West Shrine practices. A tackle in college, he needs to be a guard. There's no athleticism whatsoever and was a disaster in the raw workouts at the Combine, but he's better on the field than he looked in the drills. He'll get tried out at tackle, but he's way, way too slow to handle himself against a decent pass rusher, and he's not bulky enough to be a major factor on the inside.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round
Fourth Round   
WR Cecil Shorts, Mount Union 6-0, 205
Overall Pick No. 114 CFN Overall Ranking: 150

CFN Analysis: For a guy coming from Mount Union, there needs to be some semblance of sizzle. The problem is that he's not fast, isn't going to come up with the big plays in the NFL that he did in D-III, and isn't physical. However, while he's not going to be dynamic, he could be steady. A great route runner with impeccable character and a great personality, he'll make up for his issues by doing all the little things right. As long as the expectations are kept low, he should be a decent No. 3 receiver with a little bit of time.
CFN Projection:
Fourth Round  

Fourth Round 
S Chris Prosinski, Wyoming 6-1, 205
Overall Pick No. 121    CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: He can play free safety or strong safety. Very experienced and very good on special teams, he's not an NFL player, at least in a defensive backfield, but he can make a squad by doing a little of everything on the coverage teams working as a gunner and a protector. He might find a spot in a rotation and a swing-backup type of defender, but he's not worth more than a look in a camp.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Fifth Round    
CB Rod Isaac, Middle Tennessee 5-11, 185
Overall Pick No. 147 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: He has decent size and is a good tackler who can be used as a nickel and dime defender, but he has to be more of a playmaker when the ball is in the air.  He's a versatile defender who has just enough size to possible be moved to free safety, but he's a project who needs to shine in camp early. Not worthy of a draft pick, he has the upside to hang around for a little while if he can be physical right away.
CFN Projection: Free Agent