2011 NFL Draft - Dallas Cowboys
USC OT Tyron Smith
USC OT Tyron Smith
Posted Apr 30, 2011

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- 2010 Dallas Draft Breakdown

First Round
OT Tyron Smith, USC 6-5, 307
Overall Pick No. 9 CFN Overall Ranking: 17

The Cowboys were in a great spot with several good players available to fill the available needs, but if you need a corner, a defensive tackle, and an offensive tackle, you take the guy you can stick on the outside of your offensive line for the next decade and hope can keep the quarterback clean. A tremendous athlete, Smith should be terrific and should be the mainstay for a reemerging line. However, he has to rock right away for a line that needs a left tackle, and Smith hasn't been on the left side for a while.

CFN Analysis: Out of all the decent tackle prospects at the top of the chain, Smith has the biggest upside. Very athletic, he moves well and has the look of a ten-year fixture at left tackle. There will be criticisms and concerns that he only played right tackle throughout his career, but that's really not that big a deal; he'll be more than fine moving over to the other side. With a little bit of time and a little bit of work, he should be able to handle the best of the speed rushers, and he could be the ideal lineman for a zone-blocking scheme. However, he can play in any system and be fine. The one problem is that he'll never be a mauler. He had to work his tail off – or on – to get to over 300 pounds over the last few months, but he's not likely to ever be more than 310 pounds on a regular basis.
CFN Projection: First Round
Second Round    
OLB Bruce Carter, North Carolina 6-2, 241
Overall Pick No. 40 CFN Overall Ranking: 32

Great, great shot for the stars taking a pass rushing playmaker who could blow up and be a superstar once he's 100% healthy. With this move, the Cowboys are starting to get younger and more athletic, and in time he'll be great at getting into the backfield on a regular basis. There are risks because of his torn ACL, but if healthy, he might have gone in the top ten. He'll eventually be terrific, but it might take a year to get his speed back. Great pick.

CFN Analysis: There's a chance Carter could be one of the biggest steals in the draft, but it'll be a bit of a risky pick after suffering a torn ACL late last year. A tremendous athlete, he has 4.5 speed and special quickness – at least before the injury – with sideline-to-sideline range and tremendous playmaking ability. He's not physical enough against the run and he's not a blow-him-up type of hitter, but once he's healthy he'll fly all over the field and will chase down plays and be great at getting into the backfield. However, he has to get a fire lit under him and the motor has to be running on every play. The skills are there to be a dominant defender, but if he isn't back to form after his injury, and if he doesn't want to be an eat-nails linebacker who destroys people, he could be merely average. With his skills, though, the potential is there to be great.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round   
RB Demarco Murray, Oklahoma 6-0,
Overall Pick No. 72 CFN Overall Ranking: 50

Interesting. The Cowboys are going a bit younger with Marion Barber becoming less effective and with Felix Jones fine, but hardly worthy of a first round slot. Murray will do a little bit of everything and could be one of the team's best blocking backs. He can als be used as a third down playmaker and could be a dangerous receiver for Tony Romo to check down to.

CFN Analysis: Fast, fast, fast, Murray has one of the best blends of strength and speed in the draft, but he had a vast array of big injuries during his career. With his basic skills, great hands for the passing game, and with return skills, he can be used in a variety of ways and can be a jack-of-all-trades. While he doesn't look like a running back and is built like a tall, tough receiver, he could be a devastating playmaker with ten good touches a game. With his injury history, he can't be relied on to last a full season.
CFN Projection: Third Round
Fourth Round   
OG David Arkin, Missouri State 6-4, 300
Overall Pick No. 110 CFN Overall Ranking: 169

CFN Analysis: A mauler with decent strength and tremendous smarts, he'll work his tail off to become a player. It would be nice if he was about 20 pounds heavier, but he doesn't have the room to carry any extra weight well. When he gets to a defender, he buries him. Not good enough or athletic enough to be a regular starting tackle, he's a bit of a tweener. He's good, but if he makes it it'll be on sheer want-to and toughness.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round    
CB Josh Thomas, Buffalo 5-10, 191
Overall Pick No. 143 CFN Overall Ranking: 199  

CFN Analysis: Very fast and extremely explosive, Thomas ran a good 4.46 at the Combine and came up with a terrific 38 ½" vertical. He cuts well, moved fluidly, and is great at closing on a receiver in a heartbeat. Experienced, he started for four years and turned out to be a solid run stopper in the open field. He struggled a bit too much against mediocre competition and he only made two career picks, but he's tough, fights to make plays, and has the raw tools needed to be a starter. While he doesn't do anything at a high level, he's a good enough all-around football player to be a regular in a rotation.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round   
WR Dwayne Harris, East Carolina 5-10, 200
Overall Pick No. 176 CFN Overall Ranking: 74

CFN Analysis: An excellent route runner who runs well and tries to beat people up as a blocker, Harris has the fight and the toughness to be a coach's dream. With huge hands, he snatches everything that comes his way, and he isn't afraid to take a big shot or try to come up with the big catch. He doesn't have special skills and he isn't as weight room strong as he needs to be to play the type of game he likes, but he should be a great No. 2 receiver who'll be used in a variety of ways. Durability is a question, but he should carve out a long, productive career.
CFN Projection:
Third Round

Seventh Round   
FB Shaun Chapas, Georgia 6-2, 247
Overall Pick No. 220 CFN Overall Ranking: 229

CFN Analysis: A good athlete who can get out on the edge and make a big block, he could be a nice receiver with a little bit of time and will fill a variety of roles. A willing blocker who doesn't make mistakes and is always going full tilt, but he's not a blaster of a blocker and he's not going to open up any huge holes. He's a finesse fullback who won't be for everyone.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Seventh Round
C Bill Nagy, Wisconsin  6-3, 318
Overall Pick No. 252  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A big, pounding run blocking blaster for the middle of a line, he's built like a typical Badger brute. He has to prove he can stay healthy after being banged up for most of last year, but when he's right he's a good, strong center who could be moved to guard if needed.
CFN Projection: Free Agent