2011 NFL Draft - Philadelphia Eagles
Baylor OG Danny Watkins
Baylor OG Danny Watkins
Posted Apr 30, 2011

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Philadelphia Eagles

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- 2010 Philadelphia Draft Breakdown

First Round
OG Danny Watkins, Baylor (OT), 6-4, 310
Overall Pick No. 23 CFN Overall Ranking: 64

Get him on the field now, Philly; he has about ten minutes of his career left. Way too old to build around for the next decade, he needs to start RIGHT NOW or this pick isn't going to work. He's ultra-strong and can move, but if he takes a year to develop, especially considering he has to move from the outside in, it'll be a questionable pick. Even so, the fickle Eagle fans will love him from the word go.

CFN Analysis: Ollllllllllld. He's one of the most versatile linemen in the draft, he's insanely strong, and he has an ultra-nasty mean streak and work ethic that every coach dreams of. If he was turning 22, he might be a top 50 overall pick – and he still might be – but about to turn 27, he has about five years of shelf life and will lose several draft slots because of it. The problem, also, is that he's not a finished product and needs a year of NFL coaching, but because of his age and because of where he'll be drafted, or overdrafted, he might get stuck inside and let him start hitting someone right away.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Second Round    
SS Jaiquawn Jarrett, Temple 6-0, 198
Overall Pick No. 53 CFN Overall Ranking: 91

After doing a great job of getting value picks last year, the Eagles are reaching a bit. Jarrett is a nice safety, and he's extremely versatile, but he's not a speedster and will mostly be a strong run defender. He's not an athlete, but he's a pure football player who could quickly be a fan favorite with his thumping ability.

CFN Analysis: Versatile, he's good in any scheme and can work in any safety position. While he's thin and has the range of a free safety, he's a great tackler and can bring the thump like a strong safety if needed. Great when the ball is in the air, he closes in a hurry and brings the pop when he gets the chance. Of course, there's a difference between being physical in the MAC and at the next level, and he's not fast enough to make a lot of the plays he came up with in college. A better football player than an athlete, there's a hard ceiling on what he can become and he'll have to be surrounded by quicker, stronger defensive backs. However, he's a coach's dream when it comes to attitude and drive, and he'll make himself into a success.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Third Round   
CB Curtis Marsh, Utah State 6-0, 192
Overall Pick No. 90 CFN Overall Ranking: 196

It's like Philadelphia is trying to get awful value whenever it has a chance. Marsh is a very fast, very athletic prospect who can get all over the field, but he's a project. He's not going to be a starting corner any time soon, but with his raw wheels and upside he can find a spot somewhere in the secondary early on.

CFN Analysis: The former running back was timed in the 4.5s, but he stepped it up in Indy with a 4.46 to go along with his silky-smooth agility. He still needs work on figuring out the subtle nuances of the position, but he did enough to be known as a ball-hawk to stay away from. While it'll take a little while before he harnesses all his skills, he's such a talented, explosive athlete that he's worth the effort. More than fine in nickel and dime packages early on, he'll end up being a good all-around corner once he puts it all together. The upside is limitless.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round
Fourth Round   
OLB Casey Matthews, Oregon 6-1, 231
Overall Pick No. 116 CFN Overall Ranking: 65

CFN Analysis: While he's not his brother, Clay, talent-wise, he's a typical Matthews with a good motor and tremendous instincts. Always around the ball and always making plays, he makes up for his lack of raw athleticism by being in the right position at the right time. A good football player without the tools, the family name will buy him several draft slots, but he has to work to get bigger and stronger to hold down a steady job on the inside. He'll be a starter who'll make plenty of plays, but there's a hard ceiling on what he can end up doing. No one's going to worry about his hitting skills and he's not going to get into the backfield, but his stats will look good.
CFN Projection: Third Round 

Fourth Round
PK Alex Henery, Nebraska 6-1, 177
Overall Pick No. 120    CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A phenomenal leg, he was a blaster who hit plenty of tough, clutch kicks from deep range. He has no problem blasting the ball in bad weather, doesn't buckle under pressure, and can be used as a punter if needed. Even so, he missed his share of big blasts and he's not going to be a punter and a kicker, but he has the ability and the makeup to hang around this league longer than anyone else in the draft.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Fifth Round    
RB Dion Lewis, Pitt 5-7, 193 (Soph.)
Overall Pick No. 148 CFN Overall Ranking: 125

CFN Analysis: It'll be easy to try to compare him to LeSean McCoy, but he's not the same runner and he's not quite as big. Even so, he's so quick when he gets a little bit of room to move and he zips and cuts on a dime. While he might not be an every down back and he's going to be a bit of a specialist, especially on third downs, he'll be effective when he gets his chances. Always dinged up, he can't be counted on for a full season and he'll disappear for stretches, but some offensive coordinator will be really, really happy with a new toy to play with.
CFN Projection: Third Round  

Fifth Round
OG Julian Vandervelde, Iowa (C) 6-2, 292
Overall Pick No. 161 CFN Overall Ranking: 195

CFN Analysis: A Renaissance man who has a future doing something interesting, but it probably won't be as an NFL lineman. He's too small, too squatty, and doesn't have the killer instinct to make up for the lack of bulk. Always banged up, he's going to get beaten on at the next level and will have a tough time holding up. He has more going on in his world than football, and while that's a great thing for him, it'll be seen as a problem for some teams.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sixth Round   
C Jason Kelce, Cincinnati (OG) 6-3, 284
Overall Pick No. 191 CFN Overall Ranking: 224

CFN Analysis: While he's not huge and he's not going to blast away, he's one of the best athletes of all the center prospects. In the right offense he could become a decent guard who gets to the second level without a problem. He moves tremendously well and he is a bust-tail type of player who'll do whatever he has to. The lack of bulk and size will be a problem and he'll never be a mainstay, but he's versatile enough to make a roster as a key backup.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round  

Sixth Round
OLB Brian Rolle, Ohio State 5-10, 229
Overall Pick No. 191 CFN Overall Ranking: 202

CFN Analysis: Way too small, he might be used as a strong safety in the right packages, and he won't be able to be anything more than a key part of a rotation. When he's on the field, though, he'll be a Tasmanian devil of a defender going full tilt all the time and always getting around the ball. He bring the fire on every play and he's able to avoid blocks be outquicking most linemen. However, it's over if anyone gets his hands on him and he's not a good enough tackler to make all the plays needed. With his speed and motor he'll be a fit for someone, but he'll have to be a special teamer and will have to be used to being a role player.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Seventh Round   
ILB Greg Lloyd, Connecticut 6-1, 246
Overall Pick No. 237 CFN Overall Ranking: 217

CFN Analysis: An undersized tackler who was a great leader for a strong UConn run defense, Lloyd is a good ball player who seems to like getting physical against the stronger running teams and is a great hitter. However, he hasn't been the same since suffering a major knee injury and he's not consistent. The tools are close, but they're not quite there at an NFL level. Even so, he manages to get in on every play and he'll be good on pure rushing downs.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round  

Seventh Round
FB Stanley Havili, USC 6-0, 230
Overall Pick No. 240 CFN Overall Ranking: 165

CFN Analysis: While he's not going to beat anyone up, and he's not a big, blasting blocker, he needs to be in the right system to be successful and needs an NFL weight room to get bigger. A top receiver, he's a natural catching the ball and he's a good runner when he gets his chances. Arguably the best athlete among the fullback prospects, he makes up for his lack of thumping ability by moving well.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round 

Seventh Round
WR Scotty McKnight, Colorado  5-10, 182
Overall Pick No. 227   CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A very sound, very secure target who was never able to quite show what he could do thanks to mediocre quarterback play, he did what he could to make the Colorado passing game go. He's a good, sound route runner who's quicker than fast, but he won't do much to get many yards after the catch. He's a willing blocker, but he's hardly physical, and he's going to have to develop into No. 3 target in a rotation to see time.
CFN Projection: Free Agent