2011 NFL Draft - Seattle Seahawks
Alabama OG James Carpenter
Alabama OG James Carpenter
Posted Apr 30, 2011

Seattle Seahawks - NFC West, 2011 Draft Selections & Prospects

Seattle Seahawks

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- 2010 Seattle Draft Breakdown

First Round 
OG James Carpenter, Alabama
(OT) 6-4, 321
Overall Pick No. 25 CFN Overall Ranking: 62

A bit of a reach for a guard – no, he's not going to be a steady NFL tackle – it still should be a terrific pick if, and only if, Seattle is planning on using him next to Russell Okung as a guard. If there's any plans on putting him at right tackle, then there will be plenty of second guessing about not taking Gabe Carimi. Yes, line help was a must, but Carpenter could've been had at least 20 picks later.

CFN Analysis: A top blocker at the highest of levels, he has nice size, good athleticism, and the versatility to play anywhere on an NFL line except center. With a fantastic Senior Bowl week, he showed more talent and more skills than many scouts thought, and his stock went up in a big hurry. While he's athletic enough to work at tackle, he's a far better option as a light-footed guard. He's not going to destroy anyone in the running game, but he's more than good enough to get by and he'll be drafted much higher than most with his skills because of his versatility.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Third Round   
OG John Moffitt, Wisconsin
6-4, 319
Overall Pick No. 75 CFN Overall Ranking: 99

The Seahawks have to be a little ticked that New England yoinked Ryan Mallett one pick ahead of where he'd be a great selection. Moffitt is a ready-made run blocker for the Seattle interior, and with James Carpenter already drafted and Russell Okung in place from last year, the building blocks are in place for the near future. Again, though, while Moffit is a good prospect, he's not a franchise-changing quarterback.

CFN Analysis: Really, really strong, he'll have no problems pushing anyone around in a power running game. He's big, tough, and he's shockingly quick for his size. However, he doesn't use his athleticism well enough and is far better in a phone booth. He's a great leader and a good character player, but he doesn't quite have the elite skills to be a top NFL starter. He'll be a starter, but he's not going to be the type of blocker who'll get anyone fired up.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round
Fourth Round   
OLB K.J. Wright, Mississippi State 6-3, 246
Overall Pick No. 99 CFN Overall Ranking: 102

CFN Analysis: With great size and good tackling ability, he's very smart and he works his tail off to make things happen. Unlike most of the outside linebackers in this draft, he's decent in pass coverage and is better at staying with receivers than his raw tools might suggest. He's not an athlete, he's not a huge hitter, and he's not all that fast, but even though there's a hard ceiling on what he can do he can and can be a good, solid run stopper on his drive and his motor. An inside linebacker working on the outside, he's a strongside linebacker only. He won't be special, but he should be a decent starter.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round    
TE/WR Kris Durham, Georgia 6-5, 214
Overall Pick No. 107 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: He took over the production when A.J. Green was suspended, and he has the size, the hands and the range to be a dangerous third-down, complementary target. He's not a blazer, but he catches anything thrown in his zip code and he's always willing to block and fight for the running game. He's not a good athlete, not big enough to be a true tight end, and will never by anything more than a No. 3 target in an passing game. He's going to be drafted, but he could be a very easy cut unless he can find a niche, and even then he's a disposable NFL player who no one will worry about.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round 

Fifth Round
CB Richard Sherman, Stanford 6-3, 195
Overall Pick: 155   CFN Overall Rankings: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A tall corner with just enough speed to get by, he can be used as a free safety if needed and has the strength and the athleticism to be an interesting project to work with. He doesn't really look the part and has problems with the cut-on-a-dime type of smaller receivers, but he has a ton of upside if someone is willing to be patient. He's a better athlete than a football player, but he's worth developing.
CFN Projection: Free Agent  

Fifth Round
FS Mark LeGree, Appalachian State 5-11, 210
Overall Pick No. 156 CFN Overall Ranking: 250

CFN Analysis: A tremendous ball-hawk, he could be a very cheap pickup who could shine as a fifth defensive back or a top nickel defender. He's not an elite athlete and he doesn't do anything against the run, but he has some of the best ball skills of any safety in the draft intercepting everything that came his way. A tweener, he's not going to hit well enough to be a strong safety and he's not a blazer who can start at free safety and not be exposed. He'll sit in the middle of a secondary and he'll pick off plenty of passes on lazy throws, but he won't be around long if he's not on the field on third downs and if he's not great on special teams.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sixth Round   
CB Byron Maxwell, Clemson 6-0, 202
Overall Pick No. 173 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: With excellent size and terrific speed, he has all the measurables. He has a great burst and he has no problem getting physical, providing a pop whenever he get a chance. Strong enough against the run to work at safety, he's versatile enough to play anywhere in the secondary. He's not great when the ball is in the air and he's not a playmaker, but he's worth a long, long look in a camp.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round   
DE Lazarius Levingston, LSU 6-4, 292
Overall Pick No. 205   CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
 Very big and very strong, "Pep" is a typical LSU defensive end who eats up the run and is built to sit in the 3-4. While he worked as a tackle later in his Tiger career, but he's an end in the NFL and he has the potential to grow into a surprising starter. He's not a pass rusher, though, and doesn't have the athleticism to fly into the backfield on a regular basis, but he could work on first downs against power running teams. He'll be a luxury for a rotation, but with his size and drive he'll stick on a roster for a few years.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round

OLB Malcolm Smith, USC 6-0, 227
Overall Pick No. 242  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: Undersized but fast, he's a backup NFL outside linebacker who can occasionally get into the backfield and can fly around the field to get in on plays. He'll be erased by any blocker and he won't hold up well against the run, but he's a good, sound, tackler and a hard worker who'll do whatever a team needs including working as a key special teamer. 
CFN Projection: Free Agent