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2011 NFL Draft - Green Bay Packers
Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod
Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod
Posted Apr 30, 2011

Green Bay Packers - NFC North, 2011 Draft Selections & Prospects

Green Bay Packers

2011 NFL Draft Analysis
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- 2010 Green Bay Draft Breakdown

First Round 
OT Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State 6-6, 321
Overall Pick No. 32 CFN Overall Ranking: 25

This means the end for Chad Clifton. With Bryan Bulaga on the other side, possibly moving to left tackle, Sherrod can be a right tackle and the Packer line is set on the outside for the next decade. However, Da’Quan Bowers was still on the board. Take a chance on the pass rushing superstar with Clay Matthews working on the other side, and it would’ve been uh-oh time for the rest of the NFC North. Even so, Sherrod is a good, sound pick taken at the right time.

Very big and very long, he has the prototype size and bulked up to get stronger and look even more like the ideal tackle. He moves well for is size and is good at burying his man when he’s able to lock on, but he’s not a consistent blaster for the ground game He’ll work to be good and he’s smart enough to adjust to the NFL immediately, however, he’s a good all-around prospect, but he doesn’t do any one thing at a high level. He’ll start, but he’ll be a cog and he definitely won’t be an anchor.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Second Round    
WR Randall Cobb, Kentucky 5-11, 191 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 64 CFN Overall Ranking No. 56

Because the Super Bowl champions don’t have enough weapons or playmakers, Cobb can do a little bit of everything for an offense including work a bit as a Wildcat quarterback. He can work as a returner, a runner, and as a whale of a No. 3 target who’ll make plenty of big things happen with Aaron Rodgers bringing him the ball. This is a near-perfect pick.

CFN Analysis: A jack-of-all-trades playmaker who carried the Kentucky offense at times as a Wildcat quarterback, return man, runner, and receiver. He’s not all that big, but he’s tough, very fast, and extremely quick. A playmaker whenever he gets the ball in his hands, he can play anywhere in a receiving corps. He puts the ball on the ground way too often and he’s not going to block anyone, but he’ll be a nice toy to play with and he should be a very, very nice weapon if he doesn’t have to be the main man.
CFN Projection:
Third Round

Third Round   
RB Alex Green, Hawaii 6-0, 225
Overall Pick No. 96 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

Uhhhhh, okay. The Packers needed a running back, and while Green can catch the ball and moves well, it’s not like he’s going to be a workhorse of a runner. There are times to take players like this, and the end of the third round isn’t it. He’s a pure third down back, even though he has the size to run inside the tackles.

CFN Analysis: With good size and excellent quickness, Green was a good producer in a passing attack. He has the hands to become a dangerous option in the passing game, even though he’s thick and built like a power runner. A developmental prospect, he has a few decent skills, but he’s a niche player who’ll struggle to ever be a starter.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round
Fourth Round   
CB Davon House, New Mexico State 6-0, 200
Overall Pick No. 131 CFN Overall Ranking: 100  

CFN Analysis: The 4.46 wasn’t bad at the Combine and was extremely quick, but he was awful in the ball drills and couldn’t hang on to the ball in any way. However, he made 11 career picks with 37 broken up passes and has decent ball skills, but he was the most talented fish in the WAC pond and dominated against weaker competition. He has the size and he’s athletic enough to be part of a veteran secondary, but he’s missing the elite skills to be anything more than a decent starter. Not all that strong and not a big hitter, he can’t be moved to safety, but everything else is in place to be productive.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fifth Round    
TE D.J. Williams, Arkansas 6-2, 245
Overall Pick No. 141 CFN Overall Ranking: 113

CFN Analysis: While he’s a bit too small to be an elite NFL tight end, he’s an elite pass catcher who makes up for his shortcomings with impeccable character and by sucking in every throw he can get a hand on. The Mackey Award winner, he was an overrated college player but has enough talent, quickness, and toughness to become a very good No. 2 tight end option. Think Aaron Hernandez but with better blocking skills.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round   
OG Caleb Schlauderaff, Utah 6-4, 305
A good collegiate blocker who dominated at times, he’s not going to be able to overpower anyone at the next level. He doesn’t have the right size to be a bruising blocker, and he doesn’t have the foot quickness to do much on the move. He’s a more talented football player than he is an NFL prospect, but he’ll have to show he can be physical against the big boys right away.
CFN Projection: Free Agent 

Sixth Round
OLB D.J. Smith, Appalachian State 5-10, 239
Overall Pick No. 186  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A pure leader, he's tough presence inside or out with the ability to make things happen all over the field. He's leads by example, by screaming, and by his play, and he'll never have a problem being motivated. However, he's just not an NFL football player. He doesn't have the body and he's not an athlete, but he's the type of player coaches like to have on their team ... just before they get cut late in camp.
CFN Projection: Free Agent 

Sixth Round
DE Ricky Elmore, Arizona 6-5, 255
Overall Pick No. 197 CFN Overall Ranking: 178

CFN Analysis: Is he a defensive end or is he an outside linebacker? A superior pass rusher who knows how to get to the quarterback, if he can add just a little more weight he should be a terrific 4-3 end. With his frame, he’s slippery and doesn’t stay blocked for too long and is tough as nails. He might not really look like it, but he can be beaten on and will always come back roaring. A true tweener, he’s not going to be great against the run, but he should carve out a nice role for himself as a third down pass rusher.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Seventh Round   
DT Lawrence Guy, Arizona State 6-4, 305 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 233 CFN Overall Ranking: 210

CFN Analysis: The raw tools are there. He has a great frame, he moves extremely well, and he can be moved around wherever needed. His versatility will make him a key backup able to work where needed, but that’s also part of his issue; he’s a tweener. He gets beaten up too much to be a star on the inside, and he’s not enough of a pass rusher to get in the backfield on a regular basis on the outside. Young, he has time to mature into his body and become an effective player who’ll have a long career in a rotation, but he might not be a regular starter.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round 

Seventh Round
TE Ryan Taylor, North Carolina 6-3, 240
Overall Pick No. 218 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: jack-of-all-trades, the former linebacker turned into a pass-catching tight end, but he’ll be part fullback, part H-Back, part tight end. He’s a good athlete with excellent size, but he needs to be a killer on special teams and has to find a niche right away.
CFN Projection: Free Agent