2011 NFL Draft - Atlanta Falcons
Alabama WR Julio Jones
Alabama WR Julio Jones
Posted Apr 30, 2011

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Atlanta Falcons
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- 2010 Atlanta Draft Breakdown

First Round  
WR Julio Jones, Alabama
6-3, 220 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 6 CFN Overall Ranking: 4

Every once in a while there's a shiver moment in an NFL Draft. This is one of them. This is the I Want To Win A Super Bowl pick by taking Jones and giving Matt Ryan a devastating playmaker to work with on the other side of Roddy White. As good as A.J. Green might be, Jones is the better athlete and has an even bigger upside. However, he has suspect hands compared to Green and he's never healthy. Even so, if he stays injury-free and he gets to be a No. 2 receiver … yeeeeeeesh.

CFN Analysis: Everyone knew he was a next-level prospect coming out of high school as the rare player who physically could've made the jump right away, and then came the NFL Combine. He put on an all-timer of a show with a sub-4.4 while jumping out of the stadium and cutting like a much smaller player. With a phenomenal attitude, a great competitive fire, and a good personality, he's the type of prospect you want to be your No. 1 guy. There are two problems. 1) He was okay as a collegian but he was hardly special on a consistent basis. It was partly due to the offense, but a player of his talent should've done more. 2) He was ALWAYS hurt. While he's tough and plays through pain, he always had a big ding of some sort he had to overcome. With his tools and his physical style, he's a star in the making who'll blow up if he can stay on the field. If it was a guarantee that he could play a full 16 games on a regular basis, he'd be the No. 1 receiver on the board.
CFN Projection:
First Round

Third Round    
ILB Akeem Dent, Georgia 6-3, 242
Overall Pick No. 91 CFN Overall Ranking: 130

A two-down defender, he'll be a part of the Falcon run defense and should be a rock at times against the run. He's not going to run anyone down, but Atlanta has enough good defenders to funnel players his way, and he'll make lots of stops. He's the type of player who can be a vocal leader for a defense right away, but that might be tough on this D. Motivation won't be a problem.

CFN Analysis: There are few linebackers with his look and his size. He comes right out of central casting with a muscular frame and the functional strength to back it up. Built for the middle, he's tough enough to take on any inside job and is just quick enough to play outside if needed. A good leader and a good worker, he also showed a nice burst in Indy and looked more impressive at times than the other prospects. While he was impressive in the quickness drills, he's not a factor for the pass defense and he missed a bit too many tackles. If he's surrounded by players who'll funnel plays his way, he'll be fine.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round   
CB Brandon Hogan, West Virginia 5-10, 192
Overall Pick No. 98 CFN Overall Ranking: 128  
CFN Analysis: Very fast and with the raw wheels to hang around with any target, he has the athleticism and he has the strength, coming up with 19 reps on the bench. He cuts on a dime and has the right attitude of a No. 1 corner. He's always up for a challenge and is great at battling with the top targets. Now he has to learn how to use all his talents to be a better all-around player. Forget about stopping the run and he doesn't use his strength like he should against the stronger targets. While he doesn't have to serve any jail time after a DUI, there are still major question marks about his character. He could turn out to be a fantastic steal as long as he's used the right way and as long as he has the right coaching to maximize his talents.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round    
RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State 5-6, 196
Overall Pick No. 134 CFN Overall Ranking: 81

CFN Analysis: The knock will always be his size, but raw speed is now a question, too. Everyone knew he was small, and then he checked in at under 5-6 and there was even more of a red mark next to his name. Making matters worse was his horrendous 40 time running just a 4.64. Ultra durable, he's one big muscle and he has to be dragged off the field. Very quick, very tough, and very productive, he has the résumé and the talent, but there's not much tread on the tires after taking a beating for the last three years and, of course, there's the size. He'll likely be a very good role player who comes up with a big game here and there.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Sixth Round   
P/PK Matt Bosher, Miami 6-0, 208
Overall Pick No. 192 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A terrific kicker with a huge leg, he can be used as a punter or a placekicker. He should be great on kickoffs and can do a little of everything, but he has to find something he wants to do and stick with it. He'll likely be a punter and a kickoff specialist, and he could be a long-distance bomber on fiedl goals if needed.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Seventh Round   
OG Andrew Jackson, Fresno State (C) 6-5, 299
Overall Pick No. 210 CFN Overall Ranking: 143

CFN Analysis: While he doesn't have the raw bulk most teams would like for a top interior blocker, he's versatile enough to be more-than-serviceable at either guard or center. With great smarts and the type of character that wants to be a leader, he'll do whatever is needed to stick around. Not an athlete, he's not going to do much on the move, and he doesn't have the strength to push anyone. There's nothing special about his game, but he's not going to make any mistakes and he'll be as reliable as they come.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Seventh Round
DE Cliff Matthews, South Carolina 6-4, 257
Overall Pick No. 230 CFN Overall Ranking: 76

CFN Analysis: It should all be there with a great frame, a chiseled physique, and good quickness, but he's not as fluid as he needs to be for an outside linebacker, and he's not quite there bulk-wise to be a regular, consistent end. Tough, he's willing to work and willing to do whatever is needed to try to produce and make a play. Consistent, he doesn't make a slew of mistakes. The tweener issue will limit what he can do, and he's not a creative pass rusher, but he should be a nice starter and a great part of a rotation as long as the rest of the line has talent.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round