2011 NFL Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn
Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn
Posted Apr 30, 2011

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- 2010 Tampa Bay Draft Breakdown

First Round 
DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
6-3, 281
Overall Pick No. 20 CFN Overall Ranking: 29

And somewhere, Da'Quan Bowers is breaking something tasteful. Had Clayborn come out last year he probably would've been a top ten overall pick, but he was mediocre last year, was non-existent way too often, and slipped. Put him on the line with Gerald McCoy and Brian Price and lookout. He's the dangerous pass rusher who can dominate with all the attention paid to the middle. While this is a good pick, Tampa Bay had to have wanted Prince Amukamara to slip one spot further.

CFN Analysis: After choosing to come back for his senior year, when many projected he'd be a top ten overall pick had he left early, he was a disappointment. As part of a loaded line full of NFL prospects, he disappeared way too often and almost never came up with the game-changing play a player of his talent should've. Even so, he's a very strong, very versatile lineman who can get into the backfield as a 3-4 end or can hold up as a 4-3 tackle. Despite his problem with Erb's Palsy, causing a weakness and paralysis in his arm, he doesn't seem to have many problems because of it. However, he might have to only play on the right side. More of a football player than a top-shelf athlete, there's a limit on what he can do, but he plays with a fire and a passion and should carve out a strong career.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Second Round    
DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson 6-3, 280 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 51 CFN Overall Ranking: 9

After sliding way, way, WAY too far, the Bucs take a chance on greatness hoping to get something out of Bowers, who might not be able to do too much right away, and might have a short shelf life. However, if and when he's right, he's the best defensive end in the draft and can work with first rounder Adrian Clayborn on the other side, and with Gerald McCoy and Brian Price in the middle. If and when everyone is healthy, the line is going to be something serious.

CFN Analysis: With tremendous size and the right athleticism, Bowers has it all. It took a little while to live up to the expectations coming out of high school, but when he decided to commit to being special, and when inspired by the tragic deaths of both his father and former Clemson star, Gaines Adams, he turned his game up several notches and became a devastating terror into the backfield. As soon as he announced he was leaving school early, he was immediately put into the No. 1 overall slot in most mock drafts, or was at least in the top three, and then he had surgery on his knee and he started to drop. The knee appears to be a ticking time bomb with the cartilage wearing away, and it's not just a question of if the knee is going to be a big problem, it's when. However, when he's right, he has all the moves with strength to push his way into the backfield, and the quickness to get to the edge when needed if he's put in a 4-3. His money will be made as an athletic 3-4 end, but he has to continue to dedicate himself to his craft and has to continue to work for it. Very quickly, he could go from being a rock of an athlete to a fleshy 300+ defender who'll lose his edge. Can he continue to build on his one big year? If his knee is right, yes.
CFN Projection: First Round

Third Round   
OLB Mason Foster, Washington 6-1, 245
Overall Pick No. 93 CFN Overall Ranking: 84

An awesome pick for a defensive front that secured the line with Adrian Clayborn and Da'Quan Bowers, Foster will clean up all the messes the four players up front don't get to. A pure baller, he might not be a great athlete, but he makes lots and lots of tackles, and Tampa might have just gotten its leading tackler and statistical star late in the third round. It's a great pick at the right time.

CFN Analysis: While he might not have all the tools and he might not be a special athlete in any way, the guy is a nails-eating baller who never, ever misses a tackle. One of the nation's most underappreciated players, he was ultra-productive with 163 tackles last year with 14 tackles for loss, and he can be a very, very good starter at the next level if he has a good group around him. While he doesn't have the raw tools and he isn't going to do much pass rushing from the outside, he'll make himself into a producer.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round  

Fourth Round
TE Luke Stocker, Tennessee 6-5, 258
Overall Pick No. 104 CFN Overall Ranking: 96

CFN Analysis: A terrific Combine, even with a slow 40 time, helped his stock and showed he could become a nasty run blocker at the next level. With a good combination of size and athleticism, he has the raw skills to be a decent all-around tight end, but not a great one. He's very strong, but he's not an elite blocker and he's not a sure-thing receiver. Just good enough to be a good starter, he's not going to bring anything special to the offense, but he'll be reliable.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round    
FS Ahmad Black, Florida 5-10, 184
Overall Pick No. 151 CFN Overall Ranking: 107

CFN Analysis: While he has the football talent to play anywhere in a secondary, he doesn't have the speed to be a corner, where he might be tried out at times, and he doesn't have the thump to be a strong safety. Very quick, he can turn on a dime and go, but he doesn't have the raw wheels to hang with an NFL receiver on a regular basis. Even so, he always seemed to be in the right place and he had the instincts to make a ton of big plays. He's not going to be a top-shelf starter, but he could be a statistical star as a top nickel defender and a piece of a puzzle. He doesn't have the size, the speed, or the raw measurables, but he has upside.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round   
RB Allen Bradford, USC 5-11 242
Overall Pick No. 187  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: Big enough to be a fullback or a pounding tailback, he's a between-the-tackles runner who can be used in a variety of ways. He's not going to be a featured NFL back, and he should be fine with that as he'll fill any role needed to get on the field and help the team. Not all that fast and not all that athletic, he'll never run away from anyone, and he has fumbling problems that could keep him from being a goal line guy, but there's upside to develop.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round   
TE Daniel Hardy, Idaho 6-4, 249
Overall Pick No. 238 CFN Overall Ranking: 251

CFN Analysis: A good athlete and a strong receiver who moves well and is a willing blocker, he has just enough skills to get a long look in a camp. Not big enough to be an effective NFL blocker, and too slow to become a downfield danger, he's extremely limited and is still trying to figure out how to become consistent player. There's upside, but he needs time and coaching. He might not get either one.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Seventh Round
CB Anthony Gaitor, FIU 5-10, 175
Overall Pick No. 222 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: Thing and a big smallish, he's not going to be physical and he's not going to do much against the run, but he's a quick, aggressive corner who isn't afraid to fight receivers. He'll get shoved around by anyone with size, but he could see time in nickel and dime packages.
CFN Projection: Free Agent