2011 NFL Draft Analysis - Round 1 (No. 16-20)
Washington DE Ryan Kerrigan
Washington DE Ryan Kerrigan
Posted Apr 28, 2011

Who went where and how good are each of the draft picks in the 1st round picks 16 through 20?

2011 NFL Draft - 1st Round

No. 16-20 Picks & Analysis

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16 (16) Washington Redskins (from Jacksonville)
DE Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue 6-4, 267
Overall Pick No. 16 CFN Overall Ranking: 11

The anti-Albert Haynesworth pick, Kerrigan is going to bring the A effort every time out. Put him on the other side of Brian Orakpo and look out. A theme in this draft early on is taking players who don't have to be the main man, and that's perfect for Kerrigan who can be erased by double teams, but should blow past tackles time and again and will always hustle to make plays.

CFN Analysis With the ultimate motor and with a variety of skills and moves, he could be the best edge rusher in the draft. He might not be lightning fast and he's not the most fluid of athletes, but he's relentless when it comes to getting into the backfield, and he has the drive and the desire to do whatever it takes to get better. There's no questioning his character, and he improved his stock in a big way at the Combine in the interviews, on the bench, and in the quickness drills. He's not going to fly off the ball at an NFL level and he's not going to be a pure speed rusher, but there's no bust potential and he could be a statistical superstar with the right help from the rest of the line.
CFN Projection: First Round

17 (17) New England Patriots (from Oakland)
OT Nate Solder, Colorado 6-8, 319
Overall Pick No. 17 CFN Overall Ranking: 28

This is Bill Belichick saying he doesn't believe in his tackle situation going into this year, but Solder isn't an out-of-the-box starter. He's going to need a little while and he needs to get into the weight room, and while it's hard to question a Belichick pick, he could've been had down the draft a bit and it's stunning that there wasn't a trade down to get him. He's a pure athlete, though, and he might be asked to shine right away to keep Tom Brady upright. This is NOT a sure thing at the 17.

CFN Analysis With great size and a fantastic frame, he's tough to get around with long arms and the room to get even bigger and bulkier. However, there might not be much of a need to do much to get larger if it'll cost him any of his great athleticism. Very quick and great on the move, he's an ideal pass protector who'll wall off pass rushers without a problem. He'll also do the work needed to improve; he's always trying to get better and he'll be happy to do whatever the coaches ask. With his height and lack of strength, though, he's not going to beat up anyone for the ground game. He needs to be in the right system, and he's not going to work in a power-running attack.
CFN Projection: First Round

18 (18) San Diego Chargers
DT Corey Liuget, Illinois 6-2, 298
Overall Pick No. 18 CFN Overall Ranking: 14

The Chargers could've used a pass rusher to start making the defense more disruptive – thanks Larry English for busting so far – but Liuget is a terrific interior presence who should get into the backfield from the interior. He's not Nick Fairley, but he's not all that far off and he doesn't have the character issues. While he's not all that big, he's a mauler who'll be a key replacement for Jamal Williams.

CFN Analysis While he might be a bit undersized, he's extremely strong and became ultra-athletic after getting in better shape. Bulk is sort of his issue. He was too big in a bad way a few years ago, and then he worked on his body-type, got rid of most of his bad weight, and became a star. When he's on, he's a game-changer who can dominate in the backfield and can be strong against the run in a true anchor sort of way. An almost ideal 3-technique defender, he'll shoot the gap and he'll sit on quarterbacks' heads on a regular basis if he's surrounded by a few big-bodied rocks. With his ability to play anywhere on a defensive front, he'll be a coach's dream; he can fit in any scheme.
CFN Projection: Second Round

19 (19) New York Giants
CB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska 6-0, 206
Overall Pick No. 19 CFN Overall Ranking: 10

Value pick. The Giants needed help for the offensive front, and had Anthony Castonzo and Gabe Carimi there for the taking, but Amukamara is a top ten talent who can be a very, very good piece to a strong defensive puzzle. Injury problems in the Giant secondary showed how much a corner is needed, and while Amukamara isn't a perfect pick – he doesn't make enough big plays – he's a physical talent.

While all the hype and all the attention is going to Patrick Peterson, Amukamara could be a better value. With great size, tremendous speed, and all the tools needed to be someone's No. 1 cornerback, he's a top talent who looks the part. Not just a finesse corner, he's great against the run and has no problems whatsoever getting his nose dirty. The problem is his lack of big plays, failing to make a pick last year (but he made five as a junior), and he's not going to be the type of offensive defensive back who takes the ball to the house, but he'll be a sound, consistent corner who becomes a key part of a defense. Throw him out there and don't worry for the next ten years.
CFN Projection: First Round

20 (20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DE Adrian Clayborn, Iowa 6-3, 281
Overall Pick No. 20 CFN Overall Ranking: 29

And somewhere, Da'Quan Bowers is breaking something tasteful. Had Clayborn come out last year he probably would've been a top ten overall pick, but he was mediocre last year, was non-existent way too often, and slipped. Put him on the line with Gerald McCoy and Brian Price and lookout. He's the dangerous pass rusher who can dominate with all the attention paid to the middle. While this is a good pick, Tampa Bay had to have wanted Prince Amukamara to slip one spot further.

CFN Analysis: After choosing to come back for his senior year, when many projected he'd be a top ten overall pick had he left early, he was a disappointment. As part of a loaded line full of NFL prospects, he disappeared way too often and almost never came up with the game-changing play a player of his talent should've. Even so, he's a very strong, very versatile lineman who can get into the backfield as a 3-4 end or can hold up as a 4-3 tackle. Despite his problem with Erb's Palsy, causing a weakness and paralysis in his arm, he doesn't seem to have many problems because of it. However, he might have to only play on the right side. More of a football player than a top-shelf athlete, there's a limit on what he can do, but he plays with a fire and a passion and should carve out a strong career.
CFN Projection: Second Round