2011 NFL Draft Analysis - Round Six
Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor
Virginia Tech QB Tyrod Taylor
Posted Apr 30, 2011

Who went where and how good are each of the draft picks in the 6th round?

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1 (166) Carolina Panthers
137. OLB Lawrence Wilson, Connecticut 6-1, 229 
Overall Pick No. 166 CFN Overall Ranking: 137

CFN Analysis: Way too small and build like a short safety, he doesn't have the look of an NFL linebacker and he isn't going to get any bigger. However, he's as tough as nails, he hits with anger, and he's a guided missile who blows up ball-carriers. A durable rock, he's always playing and always tackling with over 100 stops in three of his four seasons. He's going to be a part of a rotation, but he'll be a good producer who'll always give an honest day's work.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

2 (167) Cincinnati Bengals
WR Ryan Whalen, Stanford 6-1, 202
Overall Pick No. 167 CFN Overall Ranking: 245

CFN Analysis: There's absolutely nothing about his game that makes him an NFL player, but he catches everything and is great at doing whatever is needed to get his nose dirty. He's smart, he blocks, and he'll run any route asked of him. There's little to no NFL speed and he doesn't make anything big happen when the ball is in his hands. He could be someone's slot receiver, but he'll be an easy cut if he ever drops a ball.
CFN Projection:
Free Agent  

3 (168) Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland from Denver)
OT DeMarcus Love, Arkansas (OG) 6-5, 318
Overall Pick No. 168 CFN Overall Ranking: `10

CFN Analysis: With a great frame and good bulk, he could work as a guard if absolutely needed. He's always fighting and always looking to bury his man. However, he doesn't look the type of an NFL guard and he's not quite athletic enough to be a top tackle. After a rough off-season of workouts, looking overmatched in the Senior Bowl practices, he's not a great fit for any pro attack. He'll be a decent part of a line, but he won't be a great starter to rely on to do much shoving around.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

4 (169) Buffalo Bills
ILB Chris White, Mississippi State 6-3, 240
Overall Pick No. 169 CFN Overall Ranking: 124

CFN Analysis: The tools aren't there to be special, he only came up with 17 reps on the bench at the Combine, and he doesn't move all that well, but he's a big framed inside defender who cleans up messes extremely well. A great leader and perfect for the middle, he'll make every tackle he'll get to. He's not a factor in pass coverage and he doesn't move smoothly, but despite his rigid style he pursues well and he plays fast on the field. His straight-line speed, checking with a 4.67 40, is solid. Just a guy, he'll be a part of a rotation, but he's not going to be a special starter by any stretch.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

5 (170) Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland)
FSB Mistral Raymond, South Florida  6-1, 185
Overall Pick No. 170 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: With decent size and good working habits, he has the ability to work as a free safety or a nickel back. Good against the run, he's always looking to make the hit and he's not afraid to be physical. He's not afraid to get his nose dirty, and the only way he makes a roster is by standing out on special teams. He's nothing more a free agent practice squad player, though.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

6 (171) Arizona Cardinals
OLB Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina 6-1, 241 (OLB)
Overall Pick No. 171 CFN Overall Ranking: 41

CFN Analysis: A short, squatty hitter who doesn't necessarily have the right body or the right look, but he has great instincts, is smart, tough, and is always around the ball. Not quite ideal to be used as a playmaker in the backfield from the outside, he's not going to be a pass rusher, but he knows what he's doing and always finds ways to get around the ball. He's not going to be the best linebacker in a corps, but he could be the leader everyone works around. No, he wasn't part of the Tar Heels who got in trouble with the NCAA, but he did miss the opener against LSU before getting cleared to get back on the field,
CFN Projection: Third Round

7 (172) Minnesota Vikings
C Brandon Fusco, Slippery Rock (OG) 6-4, 302
Overall Pick No. 172 CFN Overall Ranking: 208

CFN Analysis: Obviously the lower-level competition is an issue, but he more than held his own during Senior Bowl practices and was terrific at the Combine. One of the most athletic interior linemen in the draft for his size, he's an intriguing prospect who's worth drafting and worth giving a long, long look for somewhere in the interior. He might be just scratching the surface. With his size and his raw skills, he'll make someone's starting lineup.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

8 (173) Seattle Seahawks (from Detroit)
CB Byron Maxwell, Clemson 6-0, 202
Overall Pick No. 173 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: With excellent size and terrific speed, he has all the measurables. He has a great burst and he has no problem getting physical, providing a pop whenever he get a chance. Strong enough against the run to work at safety, he's versatile enough to play anywhere in the secondary. He's not great when the ball is in the air and he's not a playmaker, but he's worth a long, long look in a camp.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

9 (174) Miami Dolphins (from San Francisco)
TE Charles Clay, Tulsa 6-3, 245 (FB)
Overall Pick No. 174 CFN Overall Ranking: 108

CFN Analysis: Is he a tight end or a fullback or an H-back or all of the above? He's not fast, with his 4.73 40 time at the Combine not helping the cause, and he doesn't have the raw size or the blocking skills to be a blocking back for a running game, but he's a tremendous receiver. A great route runner, he makes every grab and will use his versatility to find role as a swing player for several positions.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

10 (175) Tennessee Titans
OT Byron Stingily, Louisville 6-5, 313
Overall Pick No. 175  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: He bulked up big-time since coming to school as a defensive lineman, and he grew into a tough blocker the line revolved everything around. He's not going to move well enough to be a regular tackle and could be kicked inside to guard in time, and he doesn't have nearly enough talent to be a regular against an NFL pass rusher with any sort of speed. He could be decent in a zone-blocking scheme, but he's never going to work for a mauling offense.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

11 (176) Dallas Cowboys
WR Dwayne Harris, East Carolina 5-10, 200
Overall Pick No. 176 CFN Overall Ranking: 74

CFN Analysis: An excellent route runner who runs well and tries to beat people up as a blocker, Harris has the fight and the toughness to be a coach's dream. With huge hands, he snatches everything that comes his way, and he isn't afraid to take a big shot or try to come up with the big catch. He doesn't have special skills and he isn't as weight room strong as he needs to be to play the type of game he likes, but he should be a great No. 2 receiver who'll be used in a variety of ways. Durability is a question, but he should carve out a long, productive career.
CFN Projection:
Third Round

12 (177) Washington Redskins
RB Evan Royster, Penn State 6-0, 212
Overall Pick No. 177 CFN Overall Ranking: 168

CFN Analysis: Penn State's all-time leading rusher, he's more of a tough, plodding producer than a flashy home run hitter. He didn't exactly get a whole bunch of help from some mediocre lines, and he didn't do anything too memorable, but he's smart, tough, coachable, and can catch the ball. There's nothing there to suggest he can be special or a No. 1 back, but he'll be a decent enough No. 2 to count on for 7-to-10 key touches per game.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

13 (178) Washington Redskins (from Houston)
WR Aldrick Robinson, SMU 6-0, 184
Overall Pick No. 178 CFN Overall Ranking: 191

CFN Analysis: Fast, fast, fast. With fantastic deep wheels, he can make a team purely on his home-run hitting ability and has the hands to make the big grab whenever needed. Too small and too weak, he'll get shoved around with a little bit of a push and he'll never be a part of a running game even though he'll try to block. With his athleticism, character, and speed, he'll make a team, but he'll struggle to find a role in the passing game and might have to shine as a returner.
CFN Projection:
Fifth Round

14 (179) Green Bay Packers (from Miami)
OG Caleb Schlauderaff, Utah 6-4, 305
A good collegiate blocker who dominated at times, he's not going to be able to overpower anyone at the next level. He doesn't have the right size to be a bruising blocker, and he doesn't have the foot quickness to do much on the move. He's a more talented football player than he is an NFL prospect, but he'll have to show he can be physical against the big boys right away.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

15 (180) Baltimore Ravens (from St. Louis)
QB Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech 6-1, 217
Overall Pick No. 180  CFN Overall Ranking: 231

CFN Analysis: Height, height, height. Other than Drew Brees, find a current NFL quarterback who struggles to measure past six feet tall and is a success. Taylor is a very tough, very good leader who runs extremely well, and he improved in a big way from when he came to Virginia Tech as nothing more than a pure athlete. He's the type of high-character quarterback who would be a great main man for a franchise, but he simply doesn't have NFL quarterback skills. No, he's not a receiver.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

16 (181) Oakland Raiders
TE Richard Gordon, Miami 6-3, 262
Overall Pick No. 181 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A decent size-speed, developmental athlete, he has good bulk and is a strong blocker with good enough hands to get by. He doesn't have the football talent to be a regular part of a rotation, but he's big enough to eventually get bigger to be used as a blocker and a physical presence. Purely a free agent, he needs time to develop.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

17 (182) San Francisco 49ers (from Jacksonville)
WR Ronald Johnson, USC 5-11, 199
Overall Pick No. 182 CFN Overall Ranking: 187

CFN Analysis: He had a good career at USC, but not a great one, and he doesn't have anything special about his game to make him a must-have part of a passing game. He's quick, gets open well, and isn't afraid to get his nose dirty and come up with a big block or two, but he's not all that big, gets pushed around, and has major problems hanging on to the ball. He'll probably be overdrafted, and while he'll make a team, he'll be nothing more than just another guy.
CFN Projection:
Third Round

18 (183) San Diego Chargers
RB Jordan Todman, Connecticut 5-9, 203 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 183 CFN Overall Ranking: 78

CFN Analysis: Tough as nails, the guy took a huge beating over the course of his career as the lone offensive weapon and a one-track UConn attack. While he ran with great power and isn't afraid to get his nose dirty, he opened eyes with his terrific timed speed in workouts, hovering around the 4.4 mark. He's not going to be able to shove anyone around in the NFL like he did in the Big East, and he's not all that big, but he cuts well, won't back down from an assignment, and is a high-character player who'll be easily coachable.
CFN Projection: Third Round

19 (184) Arizona Cardinals (from Tampa Bay through Philadelphia)
DT David Carter, UCLA 6-5, 297
Overall Pick No. 184  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A tweener, he's a defensive tackle who can get into the backfield and be used as a 3-4 end if needed. He isn't going to be a regular rock against the run, but he's good enough to be a part of a rotation with a little bit of time and effort in the weight room.
CFN Projection:
Free Agent

20 (185) New York Giants
OLB Greg Jones, Michigan State 6-0, 242
Overall Pick No. 185 CFN Overall Ranking: 58

CFN Analysis: Phenomenally productive, Jones was a four-year star for the Spartans making 465 tackles as the peerless leader of the defense. While he was a slight disappointment last year considering all the high expectations, he was the best linebacker in college football in 2009 doing a little bit of everything as a pass rusher and a run stopper. He's not all that tall, but he's a compact rock who comes up with every tackle he gets to. With the makeup and the smarts, he has the ability to sit in the middle of someone's linebacking corps, but he's quick enough to work on the weakside on in a 3-4 inside spot if needed. He's not going to blow anyone up and he could stand to add another ten pounds of good weight, but he can't really add it without losing something. He's a better football player than his tools.
CFN Projection: Third Round

21 (186) Green Bay Packers (from Denver from Philadelphia through Detroit)
OLB D.J. Smith, Appalachian State 5-10, 239
Overall Pick No. 186  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A pure leader, he's tough presence inside or out with the ability to make things happen all over the field. He's leads by example, by screaming, and by his play, and he'll never have a problem being motivated. However, he's just not an NFL football player. He doesn't have the body and he's not an athlete, but he's the type of player coaches like to have on their team ... just before they get cut late in camp.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

22 (187) Tampa Bay (from Kansas City)
RB Allen Bradford, USC 5-11 242
Overall Pick No. 187  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: Big enough to be a fullback or a pounding tailback, he's a between-the-tackles runner who can be used in a variety of ways. He's not going to be a featured NFL back, and he should be fine with that as he'll fill any role needed to get on the field and help the team. Not all that fast and not all that athletic, he'll never run away from anyone, and he has fumbling problems that could keep him from being a goal line guy, but there's upside to develop.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

23 (188) Indianapolis Colts
CB Chris Rucker, Michigan State 6-1, 195
Overall Pick No. 188 CFN Overall Ranking: 151

CFN Analysis: He always acted like a No. 1 corner and relished a challenge, but he didn't always produce. He's one of the bigger corners in the draft and he's fast for his size, but he didn't run at the Combine and he came up with a pathetic ten reps on the bench. Even so, he's physical and he's a terrific tackler who's always willing to try to beat up the bigger receivers. For good or bad, his future is as a safety if he can get stronger, but he lacks the raw speed and he gives up too many big plays to be a regular producer on the outside. Character is an issue on and off the field, and he thinks he's better than he is, but there's enough there to think he could develop into a decent part of a rotation.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

24 (189) Denver Broncos (from New Orleans through New England)
ILB Mike Mohamed, California 6-3, 239
Overall Pick No. 189 CFN Overall Ranking: 216

CFN Analysis: A pure baller, Mohamed made a ton of good tackles for the Bears with smarts, toughness, and the instincts to always be around the ball. However, he's never going to come up with the big pop, and he's not really an impact performer. While he's not an elite athlete, he moves well enough to get by, and he makes up for any lack of quickness by being in the right spot at the right time. He doesn't have the high-end skills to be great and isn't going to be much of a factor against the pass.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

25 (190) San Francisco 49ers (from Seattle)
CB Colin Jones, TCU 6-0, 200
Overall Pick No. 190  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: Purely a special teamer, he's a tough, physical player with almost no range at a pro level and without the skills to be a regular in anyone's secondary. He might end up being a gunner for the coverage teams and he could be a two-down defender, but he's limited.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

26 (191) Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore)
C Jason Kelce, Cincinnati (OG) 6-3, 284
Overall Pick No. 191 CFN Overall Ranking: 224

CFN Analysis: While he's not huge and he's not going to blast away, he's one of the best athletes of all the center prospects. In the right offense he could become a decent guard who gets to the second level without a problem. He moves tremendously well and he is a bust-tail type of player who'll do whatever he has to. The lack of bulk and size will be a problem and he'll never be a mainstay, but he's versatile enough to make a roster as a key backup.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

27 (192) Atlanta Falcons
P/PK Matt Bosher, Miami 6-0, 208
Overall Pick No. 192 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A terrific kicker with a huge leg, he can be used as a punter or a placekicker. He should be great on kickoffs and can do a little of everything, but he has to find something he wants to do and stick with it. He'll likely be a punter and a kickoff specialist, and he could be a long-distance bomber on fiedl goals if needed.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

28 (193) Philadelphia Eagles (from New England)
OLB Brian Rolle, Ohio State 5-10, 229
Overall Pick No. 191 CFN Overall Ranking: 202

CFN Analysis: Way too small, he might be used as a strong safety in the right packages, and he won't be able to be anything more than a key part of a rotation. When he's on the field, though, he'll be a Tasmanian devil of a defender going full tilt all the time and always getting around the ball. He bring the fire on every play and he's able to avoid blocks be outquicking most linemen. However, it's over if anyone gets his hands on him and he's not a good enough tackler to make all the plays needed. With his speed and motor he'll be a fit for someone, but he'll have to be a special teamer and will have to be used to being a role player.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

29 (194) New England Patriots (from Philadelphia from NY Jets)
OLB Markell Carter, Central Arkansas   6-3, 240
Overall Pick No. 194 CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked

CFN Analysis: A pure tweener who was a big-time playmaker at defensive end, but now he'll have to learn how to be a full-time outside linebacker. Purely a 3-4 pass rusher at the next level, he's a specialist who's job will be to get behind the line. He's never going to be a top three-down defender, but he could be disruptive if used correctly.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

30 (195) Chicago Bears
OLB J.T. Thomas, West Virginia 6-1, 241
Overall Pick: 195   CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
A nice athlete who can hit big and work hard, he moves well enough to look the part and he does whatever is needed. Put him on special teams or as a backup and it won't matter; he'll be ready. However, he came up with a rough Combine showing no pop or jumping ability whatsoever, and he'll be blown up by anyone who blocks him, he could be a last man on the roster by trying harder than everyone else and busting his tail on special teams.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

31 (196) Pittsburgh Steelers
OG Keith Williams, Nebraska 6-5, 318 (C)
Overall Pick No. 196 CFN Overall Ranking: 222

CFN Analysis: A good-sized prospect who can slip in at center and handle himself well, he has the body and he's not afraid to use it to provide a big push for the ground game, but he doesn't look the part in drills. He doesn't move well, it take him forever to get out of his stance, and he struggled in off-season workouts.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

32 (197) Green Bay Packers
DE Ricky Elmore, Arizona 6-5, 255
Overall Pick No. 197 CFN Overall Ranking: 178

CFN Analysis: Is he a defensive end or is he an outside linebacker? A superior pass rusher who knows how to get to the quarterback, if he can add just a little more weight he should be a terrific 4-3 end. With his frame, he's slippery and doesn't stay blocked for too long and is tough as nails. He might not really look like it, but he can be beaten on and will always come back roaring. A true tweener, he's not going to be great against the run, but he should carve out a nice role for himself as a third down pass rusher.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

33 (198) New York Giants (Compensatory)
SS Tyler Sash, Iowa 6-0, 211 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 198 CFN Overall Ranking: 103

CFN Analysis: A huge hitter and a flat-out baller, he hits like a ton of bricks and brings a big-time attitude on every play. He loves to hit, loves to go after the big play, and he doesn't miss a stop popping like another linebacker. Now he has to hit the weight room to get strong enough to match his type of game. The 11 reps on the bench at the Combine were horrible, and he lacks the overall athleticism to make up for his problems. With his style, he could have a very, very short shelf life as a pro and could be a regular on the IR. He'll be a fan favorite for a while, but eventually he'll have problems against the pass and will give up way too many big plays. He'll get picked on, but he'll come up with enough highlight reel hits to be a regular.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

34 (199) Kansas City Chiefs (Compensatory)
DT Jerrell Powe, Ole Miss 6-2, 335
Overall Pick No. 199 CFN Overall Ranking: 127

CFN Analysis: He should've been better. A superstar recruit in 2005 who went through the ringer trying to overcome a slew of issues to finally get academically eligible, he turned out to be good and he was a leader of some talented and productive lines. With the thick body and a good frame, he has a big body with the size to sit on the nose, but he's not a stick-in-the-mud; he can get into the backfield. He'll have no problem holding his own against double teams and he never has a issue with his motor. The problem is that he wears down instantly and there's no chance that he'll be able to deal with all the complexities of playing in the NFL, but he'll make it on a team that needs a strong body for the interior.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

35 (200) Minnesota Vikings (Compensatory)
OLB Ross Homan, Ohio State 6-1, 240
Overall Pick No. 200 CFN Overall Ranking: 96

CFN Analysis: A normal hard-nosed, athletic Buckeye linebacker with good smarts and nice workout numbers. A pure football player, he's always in the right position and he's solid in pass protection when he doesn't have to cover a large area. While he has decent size, it's a fake weight bulking up ten pounds in a hurry this offseason, and now he's more of a middle linebacker but without the durability to hold up for the job. While he'll get from Point A to Point B, he's not going to cut on a dime and he'll get outjuked at times. He's going to be a good pro, but there's a limit on whether or not he can be a special one.
CFN Projection: Third Round

36 (201) San Diego Chargers (Compensatory)
Overall Pick No. 201  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
OT Stephen Schilling, Michigan (OT) 6-4, 308
Versatile, he moves well for a guard and is just athletic enough to get a look at tackle. He's a leader and has the raw strength needed to handle himself against an NFL lineman, but he doesn't bring the power he should considering what he can do in the weight room. The NFL skills aren't there, and it showed in Senior Bowl practices.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

37 (202) New York Giants (Compensatory)
Overall Pick No. 202  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
OLB Jacquian Williams, South Florida  6-4, 222
Really, really, REALLY raw, the former JUCO transfer is more of an athlete than a football player, and he's going to have to find a role early on as a pass rusher and special teamer to make himself useful. Lightning fast, he should be a blur who gets all over the field in a hurry.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

38 (203) Carolina Panthers (Compensatory)
Overall Pick No. 203  CFN Overall Ranking: Unranked
C Zack Williams, Washington State  6-3, 309
Very big and versatile, he can be a guard or a center, and at worst he could be a very nice backup who does a little of everything for the interior. He's great for the ground game, and while he's not all that much of a mauler, and he's not an athlete, he's good enough to plug in and get by in an emergency.
CFN Projection: Free Agent