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2011 NFL Draft Analysis - 2nd Tier Free Agent
Oregon WR Jeff Maehl
Oregon WR Jeff Maehl
By Staf
Posted Apr 30, 2011

Who are the top free agents still available. These are some of the best undrafted players, but they're the second tier of top talents.

2011 NFL Draft

Top Free Agents, Part 2

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FS Will Hill, Florida 6-1, 202 (Jr.)
CFN Overall Ranking: 184

The talent is there and the skills are unquestioned, but it’s all about his character. A phenomenal recruit, even by Florida standards, he’s big, fast, and extremely smooth with all the tools if someone is willing to be patient and if he gets the right coaching. A willing hitter and a good special teamer, athletically there’s a place for him on any roster as a versatile playmaker. There’s a great chance he could be a far better pro than a collegian, starting just 15 times in three disappointing years, but he has to keep his ego in check and has to prove he has the character and the make-up to finally, finally, maximize all his talent. He has three kids, was suspended for a stretch, and was out of the mix way too often, but the upside is limitless … if he can manage to not blow it.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

DE Ryan Winterswyk, Boise State 6-4, 268
CFN Overall Ranking: 185

CFN Analysis: A wildly productive, self-made performer who made himself into a force and the star of a productive line, he doesn’t have the tools or the talent, but he’s the type of player everyone wants. Not an athlete, not strong enough and without the raw NFL skills, he’ll never be anything great, but the former walk-on doesn’t take a play off. With the size and bulk to hold up against the run, he can work in almost any system. While he’ll never be a top starter, he’ll be an ultra-reliable backup who’ll be a fan favorite because of his effort. Unfortunately, he’s not going against Utah State anymore.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

OT Willie Smith, East Carolina 6-5, 310
CFN Overall Ranking: 186

CFN Analysis: Shockingly smooth for his size, he moves well, looks the part, and fights to become a good player. Coachable, he’ll do whatever is asked and will play wherever needed, but he doesn’t have much in the way of pounding strength. He’s purely a finesse blocker, and while he could end up at left tackle, he’s not going to be a strong one. This is as good as he’s going to get; he’s about to turn 25.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

OG Tim Barnes, Missouri (C) 6-4, 297
CFN Overall Ranking: 189

CFN Analysis: While he was a terrific collegiate center, his skills don’t necessarily translate to the next level. He’s a bit undersized, but he moves well and he’s a good, strong leader who knows how to lead a line. While he doesn’t bring enough power to the running game, he can work in a zone-blocking scheme as a versatile swing player. He’s not going to be a top starter, but he’ll be valuable in the right system.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

OG Ray Dominguez, Arkansas 6-4, 334
CFN Overall Ranking: 193

CFN Analysis: He looks like he should be able to dominate and he looks like an NFL guard size-wise, but he doesn’t have great weight room strength, doesn’t carry his extra pounds well, and has gotten by on his bulk. He’s not going to move and he’s not all that versatile, but if you want a pure pounder for the ground game, he’ll fit. He’ll be worth a late-round flier for the right team.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

C Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU 6-2, 301
CFN Overall Ranking: 197

CFN Analysis: The 2010 Rimington Award winner as the nation’s best center, Kirkpatrick is a short, squatty blocker who isn’t bad at dealing with stronger, bulkier defenders. However, he doesn’t look the part and he isn’t going to beat anyone up. He’s a smart, solid center who can’t be moved to guard and will struggle with the big NFL tackles, but he’s good enough to get by. He could be a starter, but he’ll be replaceable.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

QB Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin 6-2, 212
CFN Overall Ranking: 204

CFN Analysis: He could be an interesting sleeper. He doesn’t have a live arm, and he plays even smaller than he is by failing to go over the top with his midrange throws, but his character is unquestioned and he’ll have to get kicked out of a film room. A pure leader, he’ll hang in the pocket until the very last nanosecond before getting rid of the ball, but he’s not mobile, isn’t going to drive the ball, and his out passes will take ten years to get there. He’ll be a tough cut.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

DT Ian Williams, Notre Dame 6-1, 319
CFN Overall Ranking: 205

CFN Analysis: The talent was always there and the right body and frame were always there to dominate for the Irish, but it took a little while for it all to come together. When it did, he became a terrific player for the front line making things happen from the nose. Extremely tough, he could’ve sat out the second half of the 2010 season hurt after suffering a knee injury, but he worked to come back and finish out the year. While he’ll never get into the backfield and he needs to operate in a phone booth, he should grow into a nice two-down defender who holds up against the run. Forget about him getting into the backfield, and he’s not going to be an anchor, but he’ll stick around and should be a productive part of a rotation.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

OG Carl Johnson, Florida 6-5, 355
CFN Overall Ranking: 211

CFN Analysis: A huge prospect for Florida, literally, he’s the type of massive blocker missing in this draft. In a world of lighter, quicker guards, Johnson is a blaster who beats up defenders and can put them into the ground. However, he’s extremely slow, will never get out of the phone booth, and makes way too many mistakes. There’s a major question mark about his smarts and his character, but he has the raw bulk that’ll make him hard to cut. Someone will take a flier on him in the middle of the draft hoping to turn him into a major player.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

DT Cedric Thornton, Southern Arkansas 6-3, 309
CFN Overall Ranking: 212

CFN Analysis: While he played at Southern Arkansas, his stats are still eye-popping coming up with a Ndamukong Suh-like 132 tackles, 36.5 tackles for loss, and ten sacks in his last 18 games. That’s the last time he’ll be compared to the Detroit Lion star. Thornton needs a ton of work on his technique after getting by on sheer bulk and shocking quickness. Players with his size and raw skills don’t come around all that often, and someone will be extremely happy to get him, but he’s not a nose tackle and needs to be a 3-technique defender after a year or three of developing. With patience, the upside is tremendous.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

WR Darvin Adams, Auburn 6-2, 190 (Jr.)
CFN Overall Ranking: 213

CFN Analysis: While he was a big-play deep target for Cam Newton last year, and a good pass catcher two years ago setting the Auburn record for grabs, he doesn’t have much NFL speed and he’s too lanky to be physical on the short-to-midrange routes. He’s not going to come up with the home runs he was able to last year, and he’ll drop too many passes to be reliable on key downs. In other words, he has to show one thing he can do really well at an NFL level. CFN Projection: Fourth Round

214. QB Taylor Potts, Texas Tech 6-4, 216
CFN Overall Ranking: 214

CFN Analysis: It’s not saying much, but Potts is expected to be the best pro prospect out of all the recent stat-sheet fillers from Texas Tech. He has excellent size and an accurate arm, and he knows how to spread the ball around. However, he’s not going to put the ball on a line down the field and needs to be in the right system. The raw tools are better than they might appear, but he’ll have a tough time being anything more than a backup.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

DE Ugo Chinasa, Oklahoma State 6-5, 264
CFN Overall Ranking: 218

CFN Analysis: Very tall and very athletic, he’s a pure pass rusher who should be a situational star. Forget about using him as an outside linebacker, and forget about using him as a run defender, but he’ll always bring his lunchpail and he’ll close extremely well. While he was a good college player, he wasn’t a great one and didn’t do quite enough to suggest that he’ll be better once he makes the jump up at the next level. However, if he’s a specialist, he could be a whale of a third down pass rusher.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

219. DT Adrian Taylor, Oklahoma 6-3, 311
CFN Overall Ranking: 219

CFN Analysis: Extremely strong and with the right size, the measureables are all there to be a dream of an anchor on the nose. He tries to do the right thing, is extremely coachable, and wants to work to be great. With the tools along with the want-to, he has plenty of upside. The problem is that he might not have any legs left. Had he gotten through his career healthy, the sky would’ve been the limit, but he missed way too much time over the last few years with an Achilles injury knocking him out last year. The tools and attitude are there to give him a long look, and he’ll make a team, but he’ll have a short shelf life.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

221. ILB Alex Wujciak, Maryland 6-3, 247
CFN Overall Ranking: 221

CFN Analysis: Forget about the measurables. He’s not bulky enough, he’s too slow, and he’s not nearly athletic enough. Even so, he eats up everything against the run with the toughness to sit in the middle of someone’s linebacking corps and produce. Forget about him against the pass and he’s always hurt, but he plays 100 miles per hour and he’ll do whatever is needed to make a team and be a factor as long as he’s in the right system.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

DT Colby Whitlock, Texas Tech 6-2, 302
CFN Overall Ranking: 223

CFN Analysis: Productive and the key to the Texas Tech line over the last few years, he’s built for the inside with the leverage to hold firm against anyone. The lack of NFL athleticism will limit his potential, and he’ll almost never get into the backfield at the next level. Effort is never a problem and he was consistently good to make some scouts love the film enough to make him a part of the rotation, but he’s not going to be a starter and he’s not going to make a major impact.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

FB Henry Hynoski, Pitt 6-2, 257
CFN Overall Ranking: 226

CFN Analysis: Very big and very tough, he’s a beat-‘em-up blocker who’ll be a great bodyguard for a smallish runner. With good hands, he could move to H-Back or tight end, and he’s versatile enough to move around where needed. With great character, he’ll work to be a good football player. He’ll never handle the ball and he’s not a goal line runner, and he’s not athletic enough to be a top-shelf H-Back. While he’ll be good at a lot of things, he won’t be great at anything but blocking for the ground game.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

QB Jerrod Johnson, Texas A&M 6-5, 251
CFN Overall Ranking: 227

CFN Analysis: With the right height, the right arm, the right smarts, and the right mobility, Johnson has all the physical tools, and with the way he handled his demotion last year, he showed he has the character to be a great NFL backup. He wants to be great, and he’ll always be ready whenever called on; you want him to succeed. However, his mechanics are sketchy and he doesn’t seem to throw the same ball twice. It’s a bit too harsh to say he lost his confidence last year, but he didn’t make the decisive throws he should’ve for a player of his experience.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

RB Damien Berry, Miami 5-11, 212
CFN Overall Ranking: 228

CFN Analysis: While not fast and with an array of leg injuries throughout his career going back to high school, Berry isn’t going to be expected to be a workhorse of a No. 1 back. However, he’s a decent, physical runner and he’s not afraid to do the little things needed to help a team. He’ll block, he’ll work on special teams, and he’ll get a team the hard yards. Not a gifted runner and without much in the way of outside speed, he doesn’t have the athleticism to be a back to work around. He’ll be a tough cut.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

TE Charlie Gantt, Michigan State 6-4, 252
CFN Overall Ranking: 230

CFN Analysis: No one’s expecting him to be a field stretcher, but his lack of speed is a problem. While he’s not all that huge, he’s big enough to be a tough blocker who hangs around as a first down blocking option. Extremely strong, he destroyed the bench at the Combine with 27 reps and he should be a tough blood-and-guts option in a tight end class of soft receiving types. The lack of athleticism might be a sticking point, and he’s certainly limited, but he could be a luxury item for a power offense.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

FS Tejay Johnson, TCU 6-0, 212
CFN Overall Ranking: 232

CFN Analysis: A great leader on a terrific defense, that might not have been his Horned Frog D over the last few years, but that sure as shoot was his secondary. Very experienced and very smart, he could become a whale of a nickel or dime back with the smarts and the toughness to always be in the right position. He’s not a great hitter and he’s not going to do quite enough against the pass, but he’s a better football player than an athlete and he’ll be able to hold his own without a problem.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

OLB Adrian Moten, Maryland 6-2, 228
CFN Overall Ranking: 233

CFN Analysis: Way too small, Moten’s a good athlete with nice quickness and great fire. A screamer, he’s a high-energy player who likes to get everyone pumped up and is a natural leader. However, he doesn’t have the size and the bulk or the strength to be a regular starter. He looks more like a safety than a pure linebacker, and he might be limited, but he could be a superstar on special teams and too versatile to cut.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

ILB Josh Bynes, Auburn 6-1, 239
CFN Overall Ranking: 123

CFN Analysis: A smart, veteran leader who saw it all and did it all at a high SEC level. While he’s not thick, he has enough size to hold up against the run on a regular basis. He makes up for his lack of speed and athleticism by always going full tilt, but it’s not enough. WAY slow, he didn’t look good in offeseason workouts, doesn’t move well enough to play on the outside, and he’s not a factor in pass coverage.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

SS David Sims, Iowa State 5-9, 200
CFN Overall Ranking: 235

CFN Analysis: Made a ton of plays for the Cyclones as a statistical machine who cleaned up mess after mess, he’s a terrific tackler who’s great at coming up with the right plays at the right time. Strong, he’s like a linebacker playing safety and can jump out of the stadium. A pure leader, there won’t be any questioning his desire or his want-to. However, he’s about to turn 25 and has about a three-inch ceiling on what he can become. He’s not great in pass defense and he doesn’t move as well as he should considering his terrific athleticism. If all he’s asked to do is stop the run, he’ll be effective. Anything else and he’ll be a disappointment.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

WR Jeff Maehl, Oregon 6-1, 190
CFN Overall Ranking: 236

CFN Analysis: There’s no NFL talent whatsoever, he too slow in the 40, he’s too thin, and he can’t lift a weight, but he’s a decent athlete who cuts well and has phenomenal hands. Always open – ALWAYS open – and always coming up with the big play needed, everyone will want him for the practice squad. While he’s not big and looks like he should get shoved around, he gets into the second level well and he finds the holes. On the right team he could become a quarterback’s best friend. CFN Projection: Free Agent

OT Josh Davis, Georgia 6-7, 313
CFN Overall Ranking: 238

CFN Analysis: Very big and very long, he’s a decent pass protector on his frame alone and he pushes hard for the ground game. He’ll always bring the effort and he’ll always work, but he’s simply not that good a football player. Always banged up, not physical enough, and too slow, he’ll battle for a spot, but he won’t be anything more than a very big backup.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

RB Vai Taua, Nevada 5-10, 213
CFN Overall Ranking: 239

CFN Analysis: Great in space and with the ball on the move, he was ultra-productive in the Nevada Pistol attack finds ways to gain the extra yards after contact. Physical, he’ll block and he’ll run between the tackles and will take shots. He doesn’t punish defenders, though, and he absorbs shots more than he runs over people. He doesn’t have the hands to be a reliable receiver, and he might get booted out of a camp instantly is he’s struggling with fumbling problems, but he was too good for the Wolf Pack and has enough pure running skills to not get an honest look as a No. 2 back.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

WR Jock Sanders, West Virginia 5-6, 181
CFN Overall Ranking: 240

CFN Analysis: Really, REALLY small, Sanders will have to make it as a return man or he’ll be a quick and easy cut. Tough to find when he gets behind his blockers, he’s able to get lost and then cut and fly for a big play. Character is a problem, he’s not durable, and he’s way too slow for a player of his size. However, he’s a good enough football player – as opposed to being an athlete – to become an interesting part of an offensive scheme. He’s a weapon who’ll come up with some big plays here and there. CFN Projection: Free Agent

242. TE Schuylar Oordt, Northern Iowa 6-6, 261
CFN Overall Ranking: 242

CFN Analysis: With his combination of size, speed, and athleticism, he has the raw tools to make him a good enough prospect to take a flier on. While he’s too old, about to turn 24, he’s a receiver; the former wideout who bulked up enough to be a potentially dangerous option. The workout at the Combine was fantastic, but he has to get stronger to be in the hunt for starting time.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

QB Ryan Colburn, Fresno State 6-3, 223
CFN Overall Ranking: 243

CFN Analysis: He might be just good enough to be a late cut. He has decent size and a good enough arm to get by, and he’s a pro-style passer who can step in and look the part at times. The lefty throws a good deep ball with touch, but he sprays his throws too much and can’t do much of anything whenever there’s a pass rush. He’ll be a good practice player who’ll be lousy when he gets his chance in the preseason.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

C Chase Beeler, Stanford 6-2, 276
CFN Overall Ranking: 244

CFN Analysis: Purely a zone-blocking, finesse-option technician, he was a strong collegiate run blocker who lacks the pure bulk to do much in the pros. He’s always moving and always working to make the key block, and he doesn’t make mistakes. His lack of size, though, is a deal-breaker and he doesn’t have any room to get bigger. He deserves a long look, but he might never be more than a good backup.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

QB Jeff Van Camp, Florida Atlantic 6-5, 218
CFN Overall Ranking: 246

CFN Analysis: Purely a tools prospect, he’s extremely tall, has a great arm, and he moves well for his size. While he didn’t get to air it out too much, he gets the ball down the field and has the smarts to know what he’s doing; he’s always going to be prepared. However, he needs to work on his throwing motion and he struggles way too much to consistently hit the target in stride. He’s just not accurate enough.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

C Zane Taylor, Utah (OG) 6-2, 309
CFN Overall Ranking: 247

CFN Analysis: A terrific collegiate player, he always took control and was the leader of some great lines. He’s extremely strong, a great run blocker, and will be great in short spaces, but he’s not going to do anything whatsoever on the move. Get him out of the phone booth and forget about it. While he might end up being a guard, he has to be in the right system. Anyone with a zone-blocking scheme won’t work.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

TE Cameron Graham, Louisville 6-3, 244
CFN Overall Ranking: 248

CFN Analysis: For a player with his lack of size, the 5.09 at the Combine might have been a deal-breaker. He blocks well for his size and he’s always willing to do whatever is needed, and he’s a good receiver, but he’s not a good enough athlete and he’s way too thin and way too inconsistent when the ball comes his way. A much better football player than a workout warrior, he’ll be good in a camp, but not good enough to have any shot of starting.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

SS Nate Williams, Washington 6-0, 211
CFN Overall Ranking: 252

CFN Analysis: He’s just too slow. While he’s a terrific tackler, and he seemed to always get in on every play against the run, he doesn’t move well enough to be on an NFL field on passing downs. He’s a great pure football player, but he ran close to a 4.8 at the Combine and he just doesn’t seem to be quick enough to hang with any receiver. Yes, he was a great college player, but his skills just don’t translate to the pros. He has to be used close to the line and he has to be a pure run defender. Anything else and he’ll get picked apart.
CFN Projection: Free Agent.

TE Allen Reisner, Iowa 6-2, 248
CFN Overall Ranking: 254

CFN Analysis: While he’s not all that fast and he isn’t all that athletic, he’s a nice receiver who grew into a decent prospect last year and is worth a longer look. A solid blocker, he’s good at getting down the field and he’s nice for the ground game. Way undersized, he’s not going to be able to hold up and he isn’t a good enough receiver to make up for his lack of size, but he’ll be good if he can get stronger.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round