Compu-Picks: 2011 Schedules

Mr Pac Ten
Posted Jun 30, 2011

Attached in this article is a schedule file for all 1-A games in 2011

Below is a table showing all games between 1-A teams for 2011, as well as a separate table showing every game played against a AA opponent (duplicate entries indicate that a team has multiple AA games). This schedule database has been adopted from the one produced at Howell (contact:, with minor alterations. Some of the dates of games may be off by a day or two; please email me if you find any errors more material than that in these tables. Schedules may be also subject to change if games are moved.

Team1 Date Team2
Bowling Green 1-Sep-11 Idaho
Kentucky 1-Sep-11 Western Kentucky
North Texas 1-Sep-11 Florida International
Akron 3-Sep-11 Ohio State
Arkansas State 3-Sep-11 Illinois
Army 3-Sep-11 Northern Illinois
Ball State 3-Sep-11 Indiana
Boise State 3-Sep-11 Georgia
Buffalo 3-Sep-11 Pittsburgh
Brigham Young 3-Sep-11 Mississippi
Colorado 3-Sep-11 Hawaii
Colorado State 3-Sep-11 New Mexico
Fresno State 3-Sep-11 California
Kent 3-Sep-11 Alabama
Louisiana-Lafayette 3-Sep-11 Oklahoma State
Louisiana-Monroe 3-Sep-11 Florida State
Louisiana Tech 3-Sep-11 Southern Mississippi
Louisiana State 3-Sep-11 Oregon
Marshall 3-Sep-11 West Virginia
Miami (Ohio) 3-Sep-11 Missouri
Middle Tennessee State 3-Sep-11 Purdue
Minnesota 3-Sep-11 Southern California
Mississippi State 3-Sep-11 Memphis
Northwestern 3-Sep-11 Boston College
Ohio 3-Sep-11 New Mexico State
Rice 3-Sep-11 Texas
San Jose State 3-Sep-11 Stanford
Southern Methodist 3-Sep-11 Texas A&M
South Carolina 3-Sep-11 East Carolina
South Florida 3-Sep-11 Notre Dame
Texas Christian 3-Sep-11 Baylor
Troy 3-Sep-11 Clemson
Tulsa 3-Sep-11 Oklahoma
UCLA 3-Sep-11 Houston
Nevada-Las Vegas 3-Sep-11 Wisconsin
Utah State 3-Sep-11 Auburn
Wake Forest 3-Sep-11 Syracuse
Western Michigan 3-Sep-11 Michigan
Florida Atlantic 3-Sep-11 Florida
Miami (Florida) 5-Sep-11 Maryland
Florida International 9-Sep-11 Louisville
Alabama 10-Sep-11 Penn State
Arizona 10-Sep-11 Oklahoma State
Ball State 10-Sep-11 South Florida
Boston College 10-Sep-11 Central Florida
Brigham Young 10-Sep-11 Texas
California 10-Sep-11 Colorado
Central Michigan 10-Sep-11 Kentucky
Cincinnati 10-Sep-11 Tennessee
Connecticut 10-Sep-11 Vanderbilt
Fresno State 10-Sep-11 Nebraska
Georgia Tech 10-Sep-11 Middle Tennessee State
Hawaii 10-Sep-11 Washington
Houston 10-Sep-11 North Texas
Iowa 10-Sep-11 Iowa State
Louisiana-Lafayette 10-Sep-11 Kent
Memphis 10-Sep-11 Arkansas State
Mississippi State 10-Sep-11 Auburn
Missouri 10-Sep-11 Arizona State
Navy 10-Sep-11 Western Kentucky
North Carolina State 10-Sep-11 Wake Forest
Nevada 10-Sep-11 Oregon
New Mexico 10-Sep-11 Arkansas
New Mexico State 10-Sep-11 Minnesota
Northern Illinois 10-Sep-11 Kansas
Notre Dame 10-Sep-11 Michigan
Oregon State 10-Sep-11 Wisconsin
Purdue 10-Sep-11 Rice
Rutgers 10-Sep-11 North Carolina
San Diego State 10-Sep-11 Army
San Jose State 10-Sep-11 UCLA
South Carolina 10-Sep-11 Georgia
Southern Mississippi 10-Sep-11 Marshall
Stanford 10-Sep-11 Duke
Texas Christian 10-Sep-11 Air Force
Temple 10-Sep-11 Akron
Toledo 10-Sep-11 Ohio State
Tulsa 10-Sep-11 Tulane
Alabama-Birmingham 10-Sep-11 Florida
Nevada-Las Vegas 10-Sep-11 Washington State
Utah 10-Sep-11 Southern California
Texas-El Paso 10-Sep-11 Southern Methodist
Virginia 10-Sep-11 Indiana
Virginia Tech 10-Sep-11 East Carolina
Florida Atlantic 10-Sep-11 Michigan State
Iowa State 16-Sep-11 Connecticut
Akron 17-Sep-11 Cincinnati
Arizona State 17-Sep-11 Illinois
Arkansas State 17-Sep-11 Virginia Tech
Auburn 17-Sep-11 Clemson
Boise State 17-Sep-11 Toledo
Buffalo 17-Sep-11 Ball State
Central Florida 17-Sep-11 Florida International
Central Michigan 17-Sep-11 Western Michigan
Colorado 17-Sep-11 Colorado State
Duke 17-Sep-11 Boston College
Eastern Michigan 17-Sep-11 Michigan
Hawaii 17-Sep-11 Nevada-Las Vegas
Houston 17-Sep-11 Louisiana Tech
Idaho 17-Sep-11 Texas A&M
Kansas 17-Sep-11 Georgia Tech
Kent 17-Sep-11 Kansas State
Louisiana-Monroe 17-Sep-11 Texas Christian
Louisville 17-Sep-11 Kentucky
Louisiana State 17-Sep-11 Mississippi State
Marshall 17-Sep-11 Ohio
Miami (Ohio) 17-Sep-11 Minnesota
Michigan State 17-Sep-11 Notre Dame
Mississippi 17-Sep-11 Vanderbilt
Navy 17-Sep-11 South Carolina
Nevada 17-Sep-11 San Jose State
North Texas 17-Sep-11 Alabama
Northwestern 17-Sep-11 Army
Ohio State 17-Sep-11 Miami (Florida)
Oklahoma 17-Sep-11 Florida State
Oklahoma State 17-Sep-11 Tulsa
Penn State 17-Sep-11 Temple
Pittsburgh 17-Sep-11 Iowa
Stanford 17-Sep-11 Arizona
Syracuse 17-Sep-11 Southern California
Tennessee 17-Sep-11 Florida
Texas 17-Sep-11 UCLA
Texas Tech 17-Sep-11 New Mexico
Troy 17-Sep-11 Arkansas
Tulane 17-Sep-11 Alabama-Birmingham
Utah 17-Sep-11 Brigham Young
Texas-El Paso 17-Sep-11 New Mexico State
Virginia 17-Sep-11 North Carolina
Washington 17-Sep-11 Nebraska
Washington State 17-Sep-11 San Diego State
West Virginia 17-Sep-11 Maryland
Wisconsin 17-Sep-11 Northern Illinois
Wyoming 17-Sep-11 Bowling Green
North Carolina State 22-Sep-11 Cincinnati
Central Florida 23-Sep-11 Brigham Young
Arkansas 24-Sep-11 Alabama
Army 24-Sep-11 Ball State
Bowling Green 24-Sep-11 Miami (Ohio)
California 24-Sep-11 Washington
Central Michigan 24-Sep-11 Michigan State
Colorado 24-Sep-11 Ohio State
Colorado State 24-Sep-11 Utah State
Connecticut 24-Sep-11 Buffalo
Eastern Michigan 24-Sep-11 Penn State
Florida 24-Sep-11 Kentucky
Florida State 24-Sep-11 Clemson
Fresno State 24-Sep-11 Idaho
Georgia 24-Sep-11 Mississippi
Indiana 24-Sep-11 North Texas
Kansas State 24-Sep-11 Miami (Florida)
Louisiana-Lafayette 24-Sep-11 Florida International
Louisiana-Monroe 24-Sep-11 Iowa
Louisiana Tech 24-Sep-11 Mississippi State
Louisiana State 24-Sep-11 West Virginia
Middle Tennessee State 24-Sep-11 Troy
Missouri 24-Sep-11 Oklahoma
Nebraska 24-Sep-11 Wyoming
Nevada 24-Sep-11 Texas Tech
New Mexico State 24-Sep-11 San Jose State
Notre Dame 24-Sep-11 Pittsburgh
Ohio 24-Sep-11 Rutgers
Oklahoma State 24-Sep-11 Texas A&M
Oregon 24-Sep-11 Arizona
Rice 24-Sep-11 Baylor
San Diego State 24-Sep-11 Michigan
Southern Methodist 24-Sep-11 Memphis
Southern Mississippi 24-Sep-11 Virginia
Temple 24-Sep-11 Maryland
Toledo 24-Sep-11 Syracuse
Tulane 24-Sep-11 Duke
Tulsa 24-Sep-11 Boise State
Alabama-Birmingham 24-Sep-11 East Carolina
UCLA 24-Sep-11 Oregon State
North Carolina 24-Sep-11 Georgia Tech
Southern California 24-Sep-11 Arizona State
Texas-El Paso 24-Sep-11 South Florida
Vanderbilt 24-Sep-11 South Carolina
Virginia Tech 24-Sep-11 Marshall
Western Michigan 24-Sep-11 Illinois
Florida Atlantic 24-Sep-11 Auburn
South Florida 29-Sep-11 Pittsburgh
Utah State 30-Sep-11 Brigham Young
Air Force 1-Oct-11 Navy
Akron 1-Oct-11 Eastern Michigan
Alabama 1-Oct-11 Florida
Arizona 1-Oct-11 Southern California
Arkansas 1-Oct-11 Texas A&M
Arkansas State 1-Oct-11 Western Kentucky
Auburn 1-Oct-11 South Carolina
Ball State 1-Oct-11 Oklahoma
Baylor 1-Oct-11 Kansas State
Bowling Green 1-Oct-11 West Virginia
Buffalo 1-Oct-11 Tennessee
Cincinnati 1-Oct-11 Miami (Ohio)
Clemson 1-Oct-11 Virginia Tech
Duke 1-Oct-11 Florida International
Georgia Tech 1-Oct-11 North Carolina State
Hawaii 1-Oct-11 Louisiana Tech
Houston 1-Oct-11 Texas-El Paso
Idaho 1-Oct-11 Virginia
Kent 1-Oct-11 Ohio
Kentucky 1-Oct-11 Louisiana State
Marshall 1-Oct-11 Louisville
Memphis 1-Oct-11 Middle Tennessee State
Michigan State 1-Oct-11 Ohio State
Minnesota 1-Oct-11 Michigan
Mississippi 1-Oct-11 Fresno State
Mississippi State 1-Oct-11 Georgia
Nebraska 1-Oct-11 Wisconsin
Nevada 1-Oct-11 Boise State
New Mexico State 1-Oct-11 New Mexico
North Texas 1-Oct-11 Tulsa
Northern Illinois 1-Oct-11 Central Michigan
Northwestern 1-Oct-11 Illinois
Notre Dame 1-Oct-11 Purdue
Oregon State 1-Oct-11 Arizona State
Penn State 1-Oct-11 Indiana
Rice 1-Oct-11 Southern Mississippi
Rutgers 1-Oct-11 Syracuse
San Jose State 1-Oct-11 Colorado State
Southern Methodist 1-Oct-11 Texas Christian
Texas 1-Oct-11 Iowa State
Texas Tech 1-Oct-11 Kansas
Toledo 1-Oct-11 Temple
Tulane 1-Oct-11 Army
Alabama-Birmingham 1-Oct-11 Troy
UCLA 1-Oct-11 Stanford
North Carolina 1-Oct-11 East Carolina
Wake Forest 1-Oct-11 Boston College
Washington 1-Oct-11 Utah
Washington State 1-Oct-11 Colorado
Western Michigan 1-Oct-11 Connecticut
Florida Atlantic 1-Oct-11 Louisiana-Lafayette
California 6-Oct-11 Oregon
Western Kentucky 6-Oct-11 Middle Tennessee State
Boise State 7-Oct-11 Fresno State
Air Force 8-Oct-11 Notre Dame
Arizona 8-Oct-11 Oregon State
Arizona State 8-Oct-11 Utah
Arkansas State 8-Oct-11 Louisiana-Monroe
Army 8-Oct-11 Miami (Ohio)
Auburn 8-Oct-11 Arkansas
Boston College 8-Oct-11 Clemson
Bowling Green 8-Oct-11 Western Michigan
Central Michigan 8-Oct-11 North Carolina State
Colorado 8-Oct-11 Stanford
Connecticut 8-Oct-11 West Virginia
East Carolina 8-Oct-11 Houston
Eastern Michigan 8-Oct-11 Toledo
Florida 8-Oct-11 Louisiana State
Florida State 8-Oct-11 Wake Forest
Georgia 8-Oct-11 Tennessee
Illinois 8-Oct-11 Indiana
Iowa 8-Oct-11 Penn State
Iowa State 8-Oct-11 Baylor
Kansas 8-Oct-11 Oklahoma State
Kent 8-Oct-11 Northern Illinois
Kentucky 8-Oct-11 South Carolina
Louisiana Tech 8-Oct-11 Idaho
Louisville 8-Oct-11 North Carolina
Marshall 8-Oct-11 Central Florida
Maryland 8-Oct-11 Georgia Tech
Memphis 8-Oct-11 Rice
Miami (Florida) 8-Oct-11 Virginia Tech
Michigan 8-Oct-11 Northwestern
Minnesota 8-Oct-11 Purdue
Mississippi State 8-Oct-11 Alabama-Birmingham
Missouri 8-Oct-11 Kansas State
Ohio 8-Oct-11 Buffalo
Ohio State 8-Oct-11 Nebraska
Pittsburgh 8-Oct-11 Rutgers
San Jose State 8-Oct-11 Brigham Young
Southern Mississippi 8-Oct-11 Navy
Syracuse 8-Oct-11 Tulane
Texas Christian 8-Oct-11 San Diego State
Temple 8-Oct-11 Ball State
Texas 8-Oct-11 Oklahoma
Texas A&M 8-Oct-11 Texas Tech
Troy 8-Oct-11 Louisiana-Lafayette
Nevada-Las Vegas 8-Oct-11 Nevada
Vanderbilt 8-Oct-11 Alabama
Washington State 8-Oct-11 UCLA
Wyoming 8-Oct-11 Utah State
Florida Atlantic 8-Oct-11 North Texas
Florida International 8-Oct-11 Akron
Southern California 13-Oct-11 California
Alabama 15-Oct-11 Mississippi
Arizona State 15-Oct-11 Oregon
Ball State 15-Oct-11 Ohio
Baylor 15-Oct-11 Texas A&M
Boise State 15-Oct-11 Colorado State
Buffalo 15-Oct-11 Temple
Brigham Young 15-Oct-11 Oregon State
Central Florida 15-Oct-11 Southern Methodist
Clemson 15-Oct-11 Maryland
Colorado 15-Oct-11 Washington
East Carolina 15-Oct-11 Memphis
Eastern Michigan 15-Oct-11 Central Michigan
Florida 15-Oct-11 Auburn
Florida State 15-Oct-11 Duke
Georgia 15-Oct-11 Vanderbilt
Georgia Tech 15-Oct-11 Virginia
Hawaii 15-Oct-11 San Jose State
Idaho 15-Oct-11 New Mexico State
Indiana 15-Oct-11 Wisconsin
Iowa State 15-Oct-11 Missouri
Kansas State 15-Oct-11 Texas Tech
Louisiana-Monroe 15-Oct-11 Troy
Louisville 15-Oct-11 Cincinnati
Louisiana State 15-Oct-11 Tennessee
Miami (Florida) 15-Oct-11 North Carolina
Miami (Ohio) 15-Oct-11 Kent
Michigan 15-Oct-11 Michigan State
Navy 15-Oct-11 Rutgers
New Mexico 15-Oct-11 Nevada
North Texas 15-Oct-11 Louisiana-Lafayette
Northwestern 15-Oct-11 Iowa
Ohio State 15-Oct-11 Illinois
Oklahoma 15-Oct-11 Kansas
Oklahoma State 15-Oct-11 Texas
Purdue 15-Oct-11 Penn State
Rice 15-Oct-11 Marshall
San Diego State 15-Oct-11 Air Force
South Carolina 15-Oct-11 Mississippi State
South Florida 15-Oct-11 Connecticut
Stanford 15-Oct-11 Washington State
Toledo 15-Oct-11 Bowling Green
Alabama-Birmingham 15-Oct-11 Tulsa
Nevada-Las Vegas 15-Oct-11 Wyoming
Utah 15-Oct-11 Pittsburgh
Utah State 15-Oct-11 Fresno State
Texas-El Paso 15-Oct-11 Tulane
Virginia Tech 15-Oct-11 Wake Forest
Western Michigan 15-Oct-11 Northern Illinois
Western Kentucky 15-Oct-11 Florida Atlantic
Florida International 18-Oct-11 Arkansas State
UCLA 20-Oct-11 Arizona
Rutgers 21-Oct-11 Louisville
Air Force 22-Oct-11 Boise State
Arkansas 22-Oct-11 Mississippi
Army 22-Oct-11 Vanderbilt
Auburn 22-Oct-11 Louisiana State
Boston College 22-Oct-11 Virginia Tech
Central Florida 22-Oct-11 Alabama-Birmingham
Central Michigan 22-Oct-11 Ball State
Cincinnati 22-Oct-11 South Florida
Colorado State 22-Oct-11 Texas-El Paso
East Carolina 22-Oct-11 Navy
Fresno State 22-Oct-11 Nevada
Georgia Tech 22-Oct-11 Miami (Florida)
Illinois 22-Oct-11 Purdue
Indiana 22-Oct-11 Iowa
Kansas State 22-Oct-11 Kansas
Louisiana-Lafayette 22-Oct-11 Western Kentucky
Louisiana-Monroe 22-Oct-11 North Texas
Louisiana Tech 22-Oct-11 Utah State
Marshall 22-Oct-11 Houston
Maryland 22-Oct-11 Florida State
Memphis 22-Oct-11 Tulane
Miami (Ohio) 22-Oct-11 Toledo
Middle Tennessee State 22-Oct-11 Florida Atlantic
North Carolina State 22-Oct-11 Virginia
Nebraska 22-Oct-11 Minnesota
New Mexico 22-Oct-11 Texas Christian
New Mexico State 22-Oct-11 Hawaii
Northern Illinois 22-Oct-11 Buffalo
Ohio 22-Oct-11 Akron
Oklahoma State 22-Oct-11 Missouri
Oregon 22-Oct-11 Colorado
Oregon State 22-Oct-11 Washington State
Penn State 22-Oct-11 Northwestern
Southern Methodist 22-Oct-11 Southern Mississippi
Temple 22-Oct-11 Bowling Green
Tennessee 22-Oct-11 Alabama
Texas 22-Oct-11 Baylor
Texas A&M 22-Oct-11 Iowa State
Texas Tech 22-Oct-11 Oklahoma
Tulsa 22-Oct-11 Rice
North Carolina 22-Oct-11 Clemson
Southern California 22-Oct-11 Notre Dame
Utah 22-Oct-11 California
Wake Forest 22-Oct-11 Duke
Washington 22-Oct-11 Stanford
West Virginia 22-Oct-11 Syracuse
Western Michigan 22-Oct-11 Eastern Michigan
Wisconsin 22-Oct-11 Michigan State
Troy 25-Oct-11 Florida International
Connecticut 26-Oct-11 Pittsburgh
Virginia 27-Oct-11 Miami (Florida)
Brigham Young 28-Oct-11 Texas Christian
Air Force 29-Oct-11 New Mexico
Arizona 29-Oct-11 Washington
Arkansas 29-Oct-11 Vanderbilt
Ball State 29-Oct-11 Western Michigan
Baylor 29-Oct-11 Oklahoma State
Boston College 29-Oct-11 Maryland
Bowling Green 29-Oct-11 Kent
Buffalo 29-Oct-11 Miami (Ohio)
California 29-Oct-11 UCLA
Central Michigan 29-Oct-11 Akron
Clemson 29-Oct-11 Georgia Tech
Colorado 29-Oct-11 Arizona State
Colorado State 29-Oct-11 Nevada-Las Vegas
Florida 29-Oct-11 Georgia
Hawaii 29-Oct-11 Idaho
Illinois 29-Oct-11 Penn State
Iowa 29-Oct-11 Minnesota
Iowa State 29-Oct-11 Texas Tech
Kansas 29-Oct-11 Texas
Louisiana-Lafayette 29-Oct-11 Middle Tennessee State
Memphis 29-Oct-11 Central Florida
Michigan State 29-Oct-11 Nebraska
Mississippi 29-Oct-11 Auburn
Mississippi State 29-Oct-11 Kentucky
Missouri 29-Oct-11 Texas A&M
Navy 29-Oct-11 Notre Dame
North Carolina State 29-Oct-11 Florida State
Nevada 29-Oct-11 New Mexico State
North Texas 29-Oct-11 Arkansas State
Northwestern 29-Oct-11 Indiana
Oklahoma 29-Oct-11 Kansas State
Oregon State 29-Oct-11 Utah
Purdue 29-Oct-11 Michigan
Rice 29-Oct-11 Houston
San Jose State 29-Oct-11 Louisiana Tech
Southern Methodist 29-Oct-11 Tulsa
South Carolina 29-Oct-11 Tennessee
Southern Mississippi 29-Oct-11 Texas-El Paso
Stanford 29-Oct-11 Southern California
Syracuse 29-Oct-11 Louisville
Tulane 29-Oct-11 East Carolina
Alabama-Birmingham 29-Oct-11 Marshall
Virginia Tech 29-Oct-11 Duke
Wake Forest 29-Oct-11 North Carolina
Washington State 29-Oct-11 Oregon
West Virginia 29-Oct-11 Rutgers
Wisconsin 29-Oct-11 Ohio State
Wyoming 29-Oct-11 San Diego State
Western Kentucky 29-Oct-11 Louisiana-Monroe
Northern Illinois 1-Nov-11 Toledo
Temple 2-Nov-11 Ohio
Akron 3-Nov-11 Miami (Ohio)
Florida State 3-Nov-11 Boston College
Central Michigan 4-Nov-11 Kent
Arizona State 5-Nov-11 UCLA
Arkansas State 5-Nov-11 Florida Atlantic
Army 5-Nov-11 Air Force
Ball State 5-Nov-11 Eastern Michigan
Boise State 5-Nov-11 Nevada-Las Vegas
Cincinnati 5-Nov-11 Pittsburgh
Duke 5-Nov-11 Miami (Florida)
Houston 5-Nov-11 Alabama-Birmingham
Idaho 5-Nov-11 San Jose State
Indiana 5-Nov-11 Ohio State
Kansas 5-Nov-11 Iowa State
Kansas State 5-Nov-11 Oklahoma State
Louisiana-Monroe 5-Nov-11 Louisiana-Lafayette
Louisiana Tech 5-Nov-11 Fresno State
Louisville 5-Nov-11 West Virginia
Louisiana State 5-Nov-11 Alabama
Michigan 5-Nov-11 Iowa
Middle Tennessee State 5-Nov-11 Tennessee
Minnesota 5-Nov-11 Michigan State
Mississippi 5-Nov-11 Kentucky
Missouri 5-Nov-11 Baylor
New Mexico 5-Nov-11 San Diego State
New Mexico State 5-Nov-11 Georgia
Northwestern 5-Nov-11 Nebraska
Notre Dame 5-Nov-11 Wake Forest
Oregon 5-Nov-11 Washington
Purdue 5-Nov-11 Wisconsin
South Carolina 5-Nov-11 Arkansas
South Florida 5-Nov-11 Rutgers
Southern Mississippi 5-Nov-11 East Carolina
Stanford 5-Nov-11 Oregon State
Syracuse 5-Nov-11 Connecticut
Texas Christian 5-Nov-11 Wyoming
Texas A&M 5-Nov-11 Oklahoma
Texas Tech 5-Nov-11 Texas
Troy 5-Nov-11 Navy
Tulane 5-Nov-11 Southern Methodist
Tulsa 5-Nov-11 Central Florida
North Carolina 5-Nov-11 North Carolina State
Southern California 5-Nov-11 Colorado
Utah 5-Nov-11 Arizona
Utah State 5-Nov-11 Hawaii
Texas-El Paso 5-Nov-11 Rice
Vanderbilt 5-Nov-11 Florida
Virginia 5-Nov-11 Maryland
Washington State 5-Nov-11 California
Florida International 5-Nov-11 Western Kentucky
Northern Illinois 8-Nov-11 Bowling Green
Western Michigan 8-Nov-11 Toledo
Miami (Ohio) 9-Nov-11 Temple
Ohio 10-Nov-11 Central Michigan
Virginia Tech 10-Nov-11 Georgia Tech
South Florida 11-Nov-11 Syracuse
Alabama 12-Nov-11 Mississippi State
Arizona 12-Nov-11 Colorado
Arizona State 12-Nov-11 Washington State
Army 12-Nov-11 Rutgers
Auburn 12-Nov-11 Georgia
Baylor 12-Nov-11 Kansas
Buffalo 12-Nov-11 Eastern Michigan
Central Florida 12-Nov-11 Southern Mississippi
Duke 12-Nov-11 Virginia
East Carolina 12-Nov-11 Texas-El Paso
Florida 12-Nov-11 South Carolina
Fresno State 12-Nov-11 New Mexico State
Hawaii 12-Nov-11 Nevada
Houston 12-Nov-11 Tulane
Idaho 12-Nov-11 Brigham Young
Iowa State 12-Nov-11 Oklahoma
Kent 12-Nov-11 Akron
Kentucky 12-Nov-11 Vanderbilt
Louisiana-Lafayette 12-Nov-11 Arkansas State
Louisiana Tech 12-Nov-11 Mississippi
Marshall 12-Nov-11 Tulsa
Miami (Florida) 12-Nov-11 Florida State
Michigan 12-Nov-11 Illinois
Michigan State 12-Nov-11 Iowa
Middle Tennessee State 12-Nov-11 Louisiana-Monroe
Navy 12-Nov-11 Southern Methodist
North Carolina State 12-Nov-11 Boston College
Nebraska 12-Nov-11 Penn State
North Texas 12-Nov-11 Troy
Notre Dame 12-Nov-11 Maryland
Ohio State 12-Nov-11 Purdue
Oklahoma State 12-Nov-11 Texas Tech
Oregon 12-Nov-11 Stanford
Oregon State 12-Nov-11 California
Pittsburgh 12-Nov-11 Louisville
Rice 12-Nov-11 Northwestern
San Diego State 12-Nov-11 Colorado State
San Jose State 12-Nov-11 Utah State
Texas Christian 12-Nov-11 Boise State
Tennessee 12-Nov-11 Arkansas
Texas 12-Nov-11 Missouri
Texas A&M 12-Nov-11 Kansas State
Alabama-Birmingham 12-Nov-11 Memphis
UCLA 12-Nov-11 Utah
Nevada-Las Vegas 12-Nov-11 New Mexico
Wake Forest 12-Nov-11 Clemson
Washington 12-Nov-11 Southern California
West Virginia 12-Nov-11 Cincinnati
Wisconsin 12-Nov-11 Minnesota
Wyoming 12-Nov-11 Air Force
Florida Atlantic 12-Nov-11 Florida International
Western Kentucky 12-Nov-11 Louisiana State
Ball State 15-Nov-11 Northern Illinois
Ohio 16-Nov-11 Bowling Green
Western Michigan 16-Nov-11 Miami (Ohio)
North Carolina 17-Nov-11 Virginia Tech
Toledo 18-Nov-11 Central Michigan
Akron 19-Nov-11 Buffalo
Arizona 19-Nov-11 Arizona State
Arkansas State 19-Nov-11 Middle Tennessee State
Army 19-Nov-11 Temple
Boise State 19-Nov-11 San Diego State
Boston College 19-Nov-11 Notre Dame
California 19-Nov-11 Stanford
Central Florida 19-Nov-11 East Carolina
Cincinnati 19-Nov-11 Rutgers
Clemson 19-Nov-11 North Carolina State
Colorado 19-Nov-11 UCLA
Colorado State 19-Nov-11 Texas Christian
Eastern Michigan 19-Nov-11 Kent
Fresno State 19-Nov-11 Hawaii
Georgia Tech 19-Nov-11 Duke
Indiana 19-Nov-11 Michigan State
Iowa 19-Nov-11 Purdue
Kansas 19-Nov-11 Texas A&M
Kansas State 19-Nov-11 Texas
Kentucky 19-Nov-11 Georgia
Louisiana Tech 19-Nov-11 Nevada
Louisville 19-Nov-11 Connecticut
Louisiana State 19-Nov-11 Mississippi
Marshall 19-Nov-11 Memphis
Maryland 19-Nov-11 Wake Forest
Miami (Florida) 19-Nov-11 South Florida
Minnesota 19-Nov-11 Northwestern
Mississippi State 19-Nov-11 Arkansas
Navy 19-Nov-11 San Jose State
Nebraska 19-Nov-11 Michigan
New Mexico 19-Nov-11 Wyoming
New Mexico State 19-Nov-11 Brigham Young
Oklahoma 19-Nov-11 Baylor
Oklahoma State 19-Nov-11 Iowa State
Penn State 19-Nov-11 Ohio State
Southern Methodist 19-Nov-11 Houston
Southern Mississippi 19-Nov-11 Alabama-Birmingham
Texas Tech 19-Nov-11 Missouri
Tulane 19-Nov-11 Rice
Tulsa 19-Nov-11 Texas-El Paso
Nevada-Las Vegas 19-Nov-11 Air Force
Southern California 19-Nov-11 Oregon
Utah 19-Nov-11 Washington State
Utah State 19-Nov-11 Idaho
Vanderbilt 19-Nov-11 Tennessee
Virginia 19-Nov-11 Florida State
Washington 19-Nov-11 Oregon State
Wisconsin 19-Nov-11 Illinois
Florida Atlantic 19-Nov-11 Troy
Florida International 19-Nov-11 Louisiana-Monroe
Western Kentucky 19-Nov-11 North Texas
Miami (Ohio) 22-Nov-11 Ohio
Akron 25-Nov-11 Western Michigan
Bowling Green 25-Nov-11 Buffalo
Eastern Michigan 25-Nov-11 Northern Illinois
Kent 25-Nov-11 Temple
Louisville 25-Nov-11 South Florida
Pittsburgh 25-Nov-11 West Virginia
Toledo 25-Nov-11 Ball State
Air Force 26-Nov-11 Colorado State
Alabama 26-Nov-11 Auburn
Arkansas 26-Nov-11 Louisiana State
Boston College 26-Nov-11 Miami (Florida)
California 26-Nov-11 Arizona State
Cincinnati 26-Nov-11 Syracuse
Clemson 26-Nov-11 South Carolina
Colorado 26-Nov-11 Utah
Duke 26-Nov-11 North Carolina
East Carolina 26-Nov-11 Marshall
Florida State 26-Nov-11 Florida
Georgia 26-Nov-11 Georgia Tech
Houston 26-Nov-11 Tulsa
Illinois 26-Nov-11 Minnesota
Iowa 26-Nov-11 Nebraska
Iowa State 26-Nov-11 Kansas State
Louisiana-Lafayette 26-Nov-11 Arizona
Maryland 26-Nov-11 North Carolina State
Memphis 26-Nov-11 Southern Mississippi
Michigan State 26-Nov-11 Northwestern
Mississippi 26-Nov-11 Mississippi State
Missouri 26-Nov-11 Kansas
Nevada 26-Nov-11 Utah State
New Mexico State 26-Nov-11 Louisiana Tech
Notre Dame 26-Nov-11 Stanford
Ohio State 26-Nov-11 Michigan
Oklahoma 26-Nov-11 Oklahoma State
Oregon State 26-Nov-11 Oregon
Penn State 26-Nov-11 Wisconsin
Purdue 26-Nov-11 Indiana
Rice 26-Nov-11 Southern Methodist
Rutgers 26-Nov-11 Connecticut
San Diego State 26-Nov-11 Nevada-Las Vegas
San Jose State 26-Nov-11 Fresno State
Tennessee 26-Nov-11 Kentucky
Texas 26-Nov-11 Texas A&M
Texas Tech 26-Nov-11 Baylor
Troy 26-Nov-11 Western Kentucky
Tulane 26-Nov-11 Hawaii
Alabama-Birmingham 26-Nov-11 Florida Atlantic
UCLA 26-Nov-11 Southern California
Texas-El Paso 26-Nov-11 Central Florida
Vanderbilt 26-Nov-11 Wake Forest
Virginia Tech 26-Nov-11 Virginia
Washington State 26-Nov-11 Washington
Wyoming 26-Nov-11 Boise State
Florida International 26-Nov-11 Middle Tennessee State
West Virginia 1-Dec-11 South Florida
Brigham Young 3-Dec-11 Hawaii
Connecticut 3-Dec-11 Cincinnati
Fresno State 3-Dec-11 San Diego State
Idaho 3-Dec-11 Nevada
Louisiana-Monroe 3-Dec-11 Florida Atlantic
Middle Tennessee State 3-Dec-11 North Texas
New Mexico 3-Dec-11 Boise State
Syracuse 3-Dec-11 Pittsburgh
Troy 3-Dec-11 Arkansas State
Nevada-Las Vegas 3-Dec-11 Texas Christian
Utah State 3-Dec-11 New Mexico State
Wyoming 3-Dec-11 Colorado State
Army 10-Dec-11 Navy

Team1 Team2
AA AirForce
AA AirForce
AA Akron
AA Alabama
AA Arizona
AA ArizonaSt
AA Arkansas
AA ArkansasSt
AA Army
AA Auburn
AA Baylor
AA BostonCollege
AA BowlingGreen
AA Buffalo
AA BrighamYoung
AA California
AA CentralFlorida
AA CentralMichigan
AA Cincinnati
AA Clemson
AA ColoradoSt
AA Connecticut
AA Duke
AA EasternMichigan
AA EasternMichigan
AA Florida
AA FloridaSt
AA FresnoSt
AA Georgia
AA GeorgiaTech
AA Hawai`i
AA Houston
AA Idaho
AA Illinois
AA Indiana
AA Iowa
AA IowaSt
AA Kansas
AA KansasSt
AA KentSt
AA Kentucky
AA Louisiana-Lafayette
AA Louisiana-Monroe
AA LouisianaTech
AA Louisville
AA Maryland
AA Memphis
AA MiamiFL
AA MichiganSt
AA Minnesota
AA Mississippi
AA MississippiSt
AA Missouri
AA Navy
AA NorthCarolinaSt
AA NorthCarolinaSt
AA Nebraska
AA NewMexico
AA NorthernIllinois
AA Northwestern
AA OhioU.
AA Oregon
AA OregonSt
AA PennState
AA Pittsburgh
AA Purdue
AA Rutgers
AA SanDiegoSt
AA SouthCarolina
AA SouthFlorida
AA SouthernMiss
AA Syracuse
AA Temple
AA Tennessee
AA TexasTech
AA Toledo
AA Tulane
AA NorthCarolina
AA Utah
AA UtahSt
AA Vanderbilt
AA Virginia
AA VirginiaTech
AA WakeForest
AA Washington

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