Sallee: SEC Expansion? Not Buying It
Posted Aug 13, 2011

CFN SEC columnist Barrett Sallee isn't buying that the four rumored teams that could join the SEC will be the ones that make the final cut.

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It's that time of year again. Better late than never.

Conference expansion and realignment again at the center of the college football discussion, but this time it isn't the Pac-12 looking to make the biggest splash, it's the SEC. No, the SEC isn't going old school and inviting back former members Georgia Tech, Tulane and Sewanee. According to a report by ESPN, the SEC could be on the brink of extending invitations to Texas A&M, Clemson, Florida State and Missouri. According to the New York Times, 11 of the 12 SEC presidents will meet at a secret location on Sunday to discuss conference expansion.

Is the SEC looking to expand? Absolutely. Is Texas A&M being considered? You bet. But will it be those four specific teams? I'm not buying it.

This round of conference realignment and expansion is all about capturing the market, which is a factor that takes into account everything from location, prestige, recruiting base and about a million other things. In the case of the SEC, it's a reason to re-work its once groundbreaking TV contract, which quickly became outdated thanks to subsequent deals in other conferences. With that in mind, it's hard for me to imagine Florida State and Clemson being included in the SEC's plan.

Tony Barnhart, co-host of Barnhart and Durham on WQXI 790 The Zone in Atlanta, Ga., mentioned on Friday that the SEC didn't have just one plan, it has five plans. The one mentioned in the ESPN report may be one of them, but I doubt it's the one that becomes reality.

Florida State had the chance to come to the SEC in 1992, and turned it down. That fact hasn't been lost in the SEC office in Birmingham. Besides, the SEC already has the Florida market thanks to the Gators; who, by the way, won't take kindly to the Seminoles joining the conference.

The same reasoning can be used in the case of Clemson. South Carolina is, by far, the more visible team in the state of South Carolina, and Clemson fans already are tuned in to see what the rivals are up to. The SEC doesn't need the South Carolina market because it already has it.

Texas A&M is probably going to come to the SEC, although according to the New York Times, the SEC hasn't actually made that decision yet. I understand inviting Missouri as well. It captures two TV markets (St. Louis and Kansas City) and provides more of a midwestern presence for current SEC programs that are looking for more rivalries.

I'm more inclined to think that Virginia Tech, despite denials that they've been contacted, is still a major player in this. The addition of Virginia Tech would expand visibility into the Washington, D.C. market, while still keeping the conference at the top of the football food chain. If the SEC does that, it would have to add another team to the East in order to preserve most of its current rivalries, which could be accomplished with the addition of UNC, N.C. State or even Florida State, even though the ‘Noles don't have a market that the SEC covets.

All of these conversations - expansion, realignment, full cost of attendance, oversigning legislation, etc. - are all related, and point to a world with four superconferences. If and when that ever happens, a four-team "plus one" playoff would almost certainly come with it.

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