Fan Reaction: 2006 Rose Bowl Texas vs. USC
Texas QB Vince Young
Texas QB Vince Young
Posted Aug 14, 2011

The reader reaction at the time to the 2006 Rose Bowl: Texas vs. USC

2006 Rose Bowl - Texas-USC

Reader Reaction At The Time

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- Classic CFN: Reader Reaction to the 2006 Rose Bowl, Texas vs. USC

Before Twitter and Facebook, readers used to barrage us with their comments on a regular basis. After the 2006 Texas Rose Bowl win over USC, we were flooded with responses. Here were a few of the reactions at the time.

Published January 5, 2006

Thank you, o gods of the gridiron for this bounty of BCS games. But especially grateful are we mortals for the Granddaddy this year. We bear witness to the finest offensive players of the age on one field, each offering to you tribute, each striving mightily for the holiest of holies. Truly, all are blessed. Amen. - Mike, New Orleans

More cheerleaders! If halftime would have simply been both squads in a kickline for 15 minutes without the bands I certainly would've delayed getting that next beer. - RKoch

As equal as the teams were, I can't help but share the euphoria with Texas fans after rooting for David vs. Goliath the entire game. As an Iowa fan, I've been waiting for a moment like this ever since the Hawks got pounded by USC in the 2003 Orange Bowl. Even after a disappointing 7-5 2005 season, my football soul can now be laid down to rest. - David D.

Craig James at halftime: "I didn't realize Lendale White was this good!" Wha? And you've been getting paid to watch football all season? As great as ESPN's team is, that's how terrible ABC's clowns are. - Nate K.

As a fan of neither team I loved watching this game. Ultimately I put it on Carroll. He did not spy Young at all, AND you never, ever, ever burn second half TO's in a meaningful game......USC wasted all three. - Junebug, Nashville, TN

I was born and raised a Big Ten fan, went to school in the SEC and HATE Southern Cal and Texas…..but I couldn't turn away. This was the best game I have ever seen with the best athletes to ever grace a college football field slugging it out until they had nothing left. On 4th and 2 with two minutes left I fully expected to see Tarrell Brown on the field with his broken arm in a sling right behind the UT linebacking corps all with their I.V. bags still attached. And they would have done just that if asked because they knew that Vince (he only needs one name now) would lead them to Promised Land if they just gave him a chance. I'm still getting the chills - Jeff G.

What goes around comes around. USC got lucky, due to a few bad calls at the end and won the Notre Dame game. I was at the game and still think ND got screwed. So of course I was all for the Longhorns. They got lucky and got 6 points they should not of had. Vince Young is the "Man". I was so sick of hearing about USC. Pete Carroll and company spent most of their time on the field at Notre Dame jumping up and down and crying. Their actions show what they are made of. - Mary

I heartily agree with the officials about Jamaal Charles' incomplete pass in the fourth quarter. How can you say that was an indisputable fumble? Is possession determined by two seconds in the bread basket? He didn't hang on, simple as that and USC did not get screwed on that one. 3) Purdue in '06! (We'll get it right this time...) -Rob F, (dreaming a little too big about my Boilers chances next year)

What a solid game by David Thomas. He delivered a number of key first downs. Two, the Texas corners did not allow the USC receivers to get open for significant portions of the game. - Erich L.

The USC Trojans may have provided some of the most dynamic teams ever in college football since 2003 but, thanks to Texas, have now moved into BCS irrelevance. USC has had great teams over the three year stretch but has made it to the gloryland of the BCS championship game only twice, and won it only once. Like it or not, the BCS is the system that has been agreed upon by the universities to determine the national champion of NCAA football. With Texas' win, USC has amassed as many national championships as all of the other victors in the championship game since its inception…one. - Guy M., New Orleans, LA

"UT doesn't have the speed to keep up with USC." "Texas doesn't play with heart." "Coach February can't win the big one." No way Texas goes into the Rose Bowl and beats the greatest team of all time ("GREATEST OF ALL TIME" as Ali would say). Hook 'em - TR

Any Michigan fan who suffered through last year's defeat is familiar with the script…and second guessing Pete Carrol's fourth and two decision? Naaaaaa - KB

Pete Carroll seems to be escaping criticism for is ill-fated fourth down call instead of punting and pinning Texas deep in USC territory. Is it me, or is one of the media's two favorite darlings (Charlie Weis, of course, the other) getting a free pass? Please spare me the Kirk Herbstreit "Vince Young was playing so well Texas would have scored from anywhere" explanation. KO, Birmingham

An epic game with epic performances by both teams, and Vince Young was Zeus to the other gods on the field of play. - (no name)

Vince young was a man playing against boys. The Texas D at least contained USC stars where USC defense could not contain Vince Young. I'm a jersey guy and have followed Brian Cushing's career since his high school days. Cushing will be a star for USC at linebacker one day and he did make some nice plays but he looked like the true freshman he is playing against an NFL ready talent like Vince Young. - Michael A. W.

I must say, last night's game may have turned the occasional watcher to a college football regular! WOW! - Pete, Redding, CA.

USC got every break early and the refs seemed to review everything good that Texas did. USC's offense, especially Lendale White was national championship caliber. Texas never quit, not when their interception was ignored that would have let them go up 23-7 before the half and not when down by 12 with 6 minutes to go. Vincent Young is the greatest football player to play the game, I am absolutely sure he is happier with the Sears Trophy than he would have been with the Heisman. - NJ

I'm a lifelong Sooner fan but I gotta give my props to Vince Young. The single greatest football performance -- college or pro -- I've EVER seen. - BH

One of the greatest national title games of all time, not won by a tough Texas team, but by the greatest Texas football player in the school's history. The Trojans played a great game, but Vince Young, not the Longhorns, played even better. They deserve it more than any team has deserved a championship. But they are and will always be remembered as a one-man team. The game is over and will never change. But on a side note, why is it simply forgotten that one of Texas' first-half touchdowns should have been brought back to the 4 yard line after the player's knee touched the ground before he pitched it. - Donny C.

The game proved a few points to me. First, forced jubilation and hype for USC by a particular network which anointed them as one of the two best teams of all-time made me hate the Trojans. They now fall in the best #2 teams of all-time such as the 98 buckeyes, 82 Cornhuskers and the 86 or 02 Hurricanes (HA-HA!!!) Second a month off changes the dynamic of both teams. These are not the same two teams that played games on Dec. 5th. The game was sloppy in the first half which is typical of all bowl games due to the layoff. - Coach Jones, Cleveland, Ohio

"The USC Way" or not, anyone arrogant enough to go for it on 4th down 4 times deserves to lose. Anyone wondering if VY was still pissed about the landslide Heisman victory for Bush? Vince Young should officially own the rights to the Superman trademark…period. - Fenton, Atlanta, GA (Georgia Tech '04)

At long last, my throat has finally been cleared of a USC team the media had been cramming down my throat. Best team of all time? USC wasn't even the best team of this year; their mediocre defense was finally their downfall. Ding, dong, the witch is dead! - Kevin B.

Best game, best performance I ever saw. Bush's season will be lost, even with the Heisman, to Vince Young. White, Leinart, Bush all played incredible games. A case could be made for MVP honors for White. But Young played the best game I ever saw, on the biggest of stages and a massive microscope in his rear-end. - RK

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